Amor de Lacquer: MAC’s Peppermint Patti

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How crazy is it that my last two MAC purchases have been nail polishes? Could it be that I am more into nail polish these days than eye shadows, glosses, liners and blush? Maybe. But I am having so much fun playing around in another area of beauty.

I am in love with MAC’s Peppermint Patti nail polish. It looks absolutely divine! I have gotten quite a few emails about this polish and how it looks on brown skin.

As pretty as it may look, the application was just awful. It took a good three coats. Like most creams, it is streaky but I also found that it was a little watery as well. It wasn’t fun to put on but it being so beautiful on my nails made up for it. As soon as I take China Glaze’s Caribbean Blue off of my toes, good ole’ P.Patti will go on. I think it is a beautiful Spring color.

My eyes may have been playing tricks on me but when I first saw Peppermint Patti, I thought for a quick second that it may look a little like China Glaze’s For Audrey. Opps! I was way off.

(first 2 nails are P.Patti, the ring finger and pinky are For Audrey) Peppermint Patti is more green whereas For Audrey is more blue. They look nothing alike and both are total must haves, in my opinion.

You can get Peppermint Patti at any MAC store or counter. It is currently sold out online.

Polish Pretty,

  • Jaimie

    I like it too, but damn it was very very watery

  • Miss Yaya

    makes me think of kiwi, cant wait to put mine on!

  • The Asian Girl

    I love it. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. It really does look awesome on dark skin; I couldn’t keep my eyes off of my nails when I had it on. I am now craving a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  • Askmewhats

    the color works so well on you, but If I have to apply 3 coats to get that color, I will definitely rethink, and runny polish is not my thing :)

  • B

    Jaimie—> Yep! Just can't get down with that.

    Yaya—> Yuuuum, kiwi!

    Ms. AG–> Giiiirl, don't get to talkin' about sweets up in there. LOL!

    Nikki—> 3 almost 4 coats. It is such a hassle to deal with but totally worth it.

  • rmcandlelight

    Yeah, I got this one to. Can’t wait to try it on. Looks good on you 😀

  • Milan Angel

    I LOVE this color! I have it on my nails right now and I can’t stop staring at them. Its beautiful. I agree…the application totally sucked but the color was well worth it. This will be a staple on my nails and toes throughout the spring and summer. *swoon*

  • Perla

    Have you tried OPI’s Hey! Get In Lime!? I’ve been hearing it’s a good dupe for this.

  • Lachelle

    It’s totally okay to love nail polish, its awesome. That color looks great on you. Hopefully I can pull it off??? Anyway, thanks for the pics.

  • hexennacht

    3, almost 4 coats of polish is exactly right!

    It looks great on you. My skin is lighter and it makes my hands look red by comparison, but oh, today I don’t care. It’s too pretty.

  • dominican enigma

    beautiful color.

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