Amor de Lacquer: Tracey Reese for Sally Hansen, Spring ’09

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to I really wanted to save this post for the week of Amor de Lacquer but I just couldn’t help it!

Zoya’s Spring collection, Twist, may need to scoot over and share positions as my favorite Spring ’09 nail polish collection. Tracey Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2009 is sick! I have no words for the beauty of this collection. There is a little something for everyone. For the conservative nail polish wearer and for the lady who doesn’t mind rockin’ crazy colors.

First up, my favorite in the collection….

Night Hydrangea

Well of course it’s going to be my favorite. It’s purple. As I’ve mentioned before…every nail polish addict has a color preference and mine will always be purple. This may be the BEST purple I have ever seen. Seriously. And look how beautifully it photographs. I don’t have any color even close to this so I just love it!


Ohh, pretty. I actually wore this color a weekend or so back and didn’t even want to take it off for work. It is such a fun color. I can’t wait to rock it on my toes.


Try pronouncing the name of that bad boy. I love this color! My swatch is a little unclear. I’m not sure why I had so many issues photographing it but don’t let my picture quality discourage you from snagging this one. If this doesn’t scream “perfect summer pedi color”, I don’t know what does.


What’s with the names of this collection, SH? Maybe there is some hidden meaning that I don’t know about. I LOVE this color. I have a thing for yellow polishes. Maybe it’s because they are unexpected. And since I LOVE being the exception to any rule, I just adore this one. Brown skinned babes, you better not utter, “But I can’t wear…” Yes, you can. Didn’t President Obama teach you anything? Okay, I’m lame. Moving on….



I don’t like gold polishes. There, I said it. I don’t like their foil finishes. I don’t like how they look against my brown skin. Zoya’s Richelle is almost okay with me but for the most part I don’t like golds. BUT…..if I did, I would love Tassel.

I used only 2 coats for each color and each one applied beautifully–as all of my Sally Hansen polishes do. These babies don’t come out until later this month and when they are released, you better run like a mad woman or man because it is hard as Hades trying to find Sally Hansen’s newest nail polish releases. Of course they are at drugstores and will run you a good $6-$8.

See any must haves? Tell me!

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

[EDIT: Thanks Ma’at for letting me know that most of these polishes are named after flowering plants!]

  • izumi

    i absolutely love honeydrew! and second would have to be night hydrangea.

  • L. Michelle

    I must first tell you that I am so happy that I found your blog. You have reinvigorated my love of fingernail polishes!!!! Every time I go into a store, I MUST go by the beauty aisle just to see what colors they have!!!! I can’t believe this is me!!!! I love all of the colors you reviewed. Your nails are sooo pretty!!! I agree with you on gold!!

  • Ma’at

    Britt…. with the exception of Tassel and Honeydrew, they’re all flowering plants. That’s the nerd in me.

  • The Asian Girl

    I agree about gold polishes! I HATED Zoya Richelle on my skin tone! That’s partially why I passed on Chanel Gold Fiction.

  • Askmewhats

    I love all the colors, all the colors you swatched are non-dupeable :)

  • rmcandlelight

    I love them all but will not be getting tassel. I have enough golds. Please please help me find these. I wonder will they show up at our walgreens or CVS?

    I’m still waiting on Sally’s to bring in the ChG summer collection. Now I want all those 😀

  • Anonymous

    I love Honeydew. I have to have it!! Are these sold at CVS?

  • Miss Yaya


  • Amanda

    I love those colors…all of them! I hope I can find them around here! Stupid SH and her shady distribution!

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I love them ALL…except the gold one, for the same reason as you. Gold is the ONE color that doesn’t look good against my brown skin. I usually pass them off to my lighter complexioned friends.

    I think I saw these in Target the other day. I may have to scoop up a couple of them. Add them to the 52 Flavors line up! :)

  • Shen

    love the colors.. :) hei, i hope you can join my contest.. :) been reading your blog for the longest time. :)

  • Anonymous

    where did u buy these? i’ve been searching forever

  • Anonymous

    haha my inner horticulturist was about to call you out on your ignorance! ma’at beat me to it.

    forsythia is such a beautiful, vibrant plant-i love it. when the bushes in my yard start to bloom i know that spring is here!

    and the colors are quite accurate to the flowers they describe. way more creative than essie’s half assed puns (like “well red”? come on!)

  • shay

    Ohh I love the polishes girl they are cute and nice springy colors also keep em going! Lol

  • Nessa

    I want the first 2 soooo bad! WHERE CAN YOU GET THESE?! I have been hunting for them everywhere and can’t find them. Any help would be great!
    Thanks for the post!

  • post-itnote

    My goodness… your post has encouraged me to wear nail polish more often! Love love love the first three!

  • SuzieC

    Forsythia is my fave! That would be a hot pedi color. I don’t like golds either. It just looks funny on me.

  • Lachelle

    I tried to love gold polishes, I tried…I got Zoya’s Richelle and it was sooo pretty in the bottle. I HATED it on my nails, it didnt go well with my dark skin. I do want to pick up the purple from the Sally Hansen collection.

  • Enchantress

    Honeydew!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I’m ready for summer!

  • NaturallyAlise

    If Honeydew were a man I’d marry it and have its babies (I’m dramatic, shoot me, I’m a poet, lol)