Amor de Lacquer: Zoya Summer Collections 2009 revealed!

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On Tuesday I posted one of 12 colors that Zoya released to only 12 beauty bloggers. We have now collected all of them and what do we have?

Two hot collections in one.


(6 – bright and sunny creams)
, Dita, Renee, Paz, Alix, Pippa


(6 – gorgeous metallics)

Katy, Tallulah, Midori, Goldie, Emme, Ginessa

I can’t wait! Yellows are popping up in so many Spring and Summer nail polish collections. Is it crazy that I want to grab each and every one of them? And that sparkling green called Midori shall be mine!

Oh yes, darlings…for you, “I don’t really wear nail polish” ladies out there, I guarantee you that you will want at least one of these babies. We have a little over a month until the become available but in the meantime check out what other colors you can grab for $6/bottle at

What do you think?
Excited about this upcoming collection?
Not so much?

Tell me what you think!

Polish pretty,

  • Miss Yaya

    yay! all on one page now :). I have never tried a Zoya polish – I guess that is all coming crashing down to an end now though lol

  • Anonymous

    anybody have any idea when china glaze’s summer nail polishes are coming out? i have to get Zoya’s and china glaze’s summer collection! I MUST AHVE IT!! lol sorry. zoya releases in a month when does china glaze release?

  • Hijabi Apprentice

    I love Zoya polishes! Thanks for posting!! I definitely want Midori!!

  • B

    Yaya–> If you haven't noticed already, Zoya polishes is one of my favorite brands! I think you'll be breaking down and getting one or two or 6 with these collections. :)

    Anon–> Hiya! China Glaze's polishes can be purchased at I already hauled three of the beauties. I am not sure when they hit stores though.

    HA–> Yay! Another fan…yes, Midori is divine!

  • Makeup by ReRe

    I am a yellow polish lover too!! By the way, go vote for my makeover!!!

  • Umm Amirah

    I make my first ZOYA purchase last month. Althought I have YET to try them…I’m already HOOKED. I am LOVING Talulah and Midori. I only wear polish on my toes..but they will need lots of LUV in the summertime!! Thanks for the post!!