Beauty Bubble: 13 Worst Mascaras

Check out this article from Do any of your worst or BEST end up on this list?

I am shocked to see Maybelline Lash Stiletto on the list. That was a dynamite mascara! And can you believe it? Of those 13 mascaras Maybelline Lash Stiletto was the only one that have reviewed. I am certainly thinking twice about reviewing the others.

What do you think? What is the WORST mascara to date?
The 13 Worst Mascaras

Did a Maybelline, CoverGirl or Revlon mascara top the list? Read on to find out!

It’s official — we’re obsessed with mascara. So we were bummed to find out that the ones on this list gave our readers lack-luster lashes (try saying that three times fast). See which ones you should steer clear of — unless you want flaky raccoon eyes?!

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  • Rai

    I don’t go by on what others say.
    What might not work for some, might work well for others. :]

  • Princess Mina

    Yay, mine wasn’t on the list! Lol. I use Maybelline New York Lash Stylist.

    I’m still going to try Lash Stiletto. I don’t really listen to most reviews because people often expect miracles from products and set expectations way too high.

    I only pay attention to reviews when photos are involved or it’s someone who’s opinion I trust…like yours! Lol.

  • *jimaie.marie*

    the only one of those that I’ve tried is Revlon 3D Extreme and i HATED it, i coudlve written that review myself!

  • Lunesse

    I'm very confused as to how Lash Stiletto got on the list but Volume Shocking didn't. TBH, I found most of the reviews in the article of poor quality. :(

    Also, I love your site and your reviews! <3

  • Fall04Ace

    What the heck? Stiletto is still my favorite EVER and I don’t care what they think…it will be in my makeup bag until Jesus returns or calls me home!

  • xlovefromrussiax

    I also HATE:
    Lash Blast/luxe
    DEFINE-A-LASH waterproof
    avon mascara's
    dior show stins to!

  • kmg

    Have you tried Scandal Eyes by Rimmel already?Please don’t.It’s the worst mascara ever.

  • fkh1986

    worst ever is Revlon DoubleTwist. It’s like glue, stuck to the brush and does not get off the brush to get on your lashes! The bristles are all spread apart uneven and major clumps. I was so diasappointed…