Beauty Bubble: Best of YouTube ‘How to’ Videos

Happy Saturday!!

I hope you are enjoying it! In the event that you are bummin’ around and not doing much, check out some out the article below to see Total Beauty’s Top 10 YouTube ‘How To’ videos.

I don’t do much YouTube watchin’ (only posting) so I am not too familiar with these ladies. What do yall think? Fans? Were you able to learn from them?

Tell me!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Best of YouTube: Top 10 Beauty How-To Videos

From a perfect execution of Angela Jolie’s classic make up look to a two-minute updo — these videos are the ones to watch

These 10 web stars have got their hair styling, make up and camera techniques down — so watch them! You may learn a new trick or two.

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  • Tashina

    I am familiar with almost all of them (6 0r 7/10 I think). My favorite is panacea81. She does her videos very well.

    I can’t believe they didn’t at least have Scandalous Beauty up there. She is such a great youtuber.


    wow they missed a lot of good videos. but the ones they chose are really good. love makeupgeektv, xsparkage, and pursebuzz!

  • Miss Yaya

    i love makeup geek too.. her videos are great – she suggested putting a strip of tape in a diagonal from your eye corner to the brow to train yourself to only color “in the lines” :) i thought that was clever

  • christian

    all the ppl they picked are good..there only one i dont like bc of here attitude..other than that the best is makeup geek

  • Erica

    I knew that Makeup Geek had to be one of them. She has some great tips. Great post!

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I’m a bit “meh” on those videos. Not relevant enough to me and what I know I look like, although, I am subscribed to julieg713. I think she’s so friendly in her videos! :)