Beauty Initiative: The Red Pump Project

Hey family!

I’m not sure if yall know this about me but one of my biggest passions is awareness. And that’s with anything. I like to keep you all abreast of what’s hot in the beauty world but I also like educating any and everyone about any and everything beyond beauty.

Seriously, I strongly believe that education can really save lives.

And so…I can’t say how honored I am to participate in the Red Pump Project
“Wait….’hole up, B. What is the Red Pump Project to be exact?”

Per the website:

“One of the main purposes of National Women/Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is to encourage women to take a proactive approach in their sexual health. One of the biggest ways that you can do so is to know your status. Nowadays, many health organizations offer HIV/AIDS testing at little to no cost to individuals, and some places even offer rapid and/or needle-free testing.”

Now how can you NOT want to support and be a part of something like this?

I don’t care who you are……
Where you are from……
What you do….


Tell you friends to get tested.
Your family members.
Strangers on the street.

Any and everyone.

This disease is taking our our loved one….especially our women.

I have decided to wear my red pumps today in honor of this special day.

Hmmm mmm…my Nine West pumps from DSW. And I also decided to rock a red lippie as well.

This is Stila’s lipstick in Dominique.

…..and let’s disregard the skin, mmmkay? I am still trying to get that breakout under control.

As should you with your HIV status.

You can find out more about this project at The Red Pump Project blog.

Stay healthy family,

  • BVB

    Brittany, what size do you wear? You might as well ship those shoes to me down here in TX so I can rock them tomorrow! But seriously, girl those are fierce!!!

    Thanks to you, I’ve signed up for The Red Pump Project! Yay!!!

  • Jaimie

    Great Cause, mami

    Love the lip

    Love the shoes

    And your face doesnt look bad, girl!

  • Red Pump Project

    B! Thank you SOOOO much for Rocking the Red Pump!!! We truly appreciate your participation.


    P.S. I will be uploading a picture of my red pumps soon, so watch out for it!

  • thefabulousgiver

    Even though Luvvie already commented…Thanks again for Rocking The Red Pump literally and figuratively! Those pumps are HOT! I might have to execute a spy mission to get those from you! :-)


  • Ms. Aja B.

    Hey B!

    Just like BVB, I learned about the Red Pump Project from you and quickly signed up Belle-Noir as well! I didn’t rock red pumps to work (I don’t rock pumps to work, period). But I *will* be rocking them on my outing tonight!

    Love ya, Sis! :)

  • Miss Yaya

    I’m going to keep my Wall St. trottin behind out of heels before I fall down those NYC subway stairs in a mad flurry to catch a train, HOWEVER!!! I did get tested last month and am proud to say that though my cholesterol is nothing to brag about, the rest of my bill of health is :)

    great cause, hot shoes, cute lipstick!!!!

  • Bella

    Red pumpers of the world…. unite.
    As a woman, we HAVE TO spread awareness and encourage all hermanas to get tested; and get regular checkups with the doctores.

    GREAT call for arms B!!!

  • Luvvie

    P.S. If you’re rocking redp umps today, you can upload a picture to the Red Pump Project Flickr group at

  • The Asian Girl

    As someone who originally declared her major as health education due to her desire to promote sexual health awareness, I highly commend you for this post. It’s terrifying waiting for test results, but it is definitely something that everyone should be aware of. Bravo, B!

  • Rachel

    You rock those pumps girl! Thank you for supporting testing awareness!

  • Lish

    y are those shoes so sexy B????


    oh girl i love red pumps but i cannot wear them right now. my muscles are sooo sore! but i will wear red :)