Beauty Review: EcoTools brushes

Hi darlings!

I am already getting ready to pack my cosmetic bag for my trip to L.A. next week. Yes, I am excited and glad that I finally have travel size cosmetic brushes. I had the opportunity to test drive EcoTools earth-friendly brushes.

Honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about these brushes. I don’t have ONE bad thing to say about them.

-Earth friendly
-Great quality
-Um, did I mention affordable?!

I mean, check out how many products you can get for a little under $30.

Ching ching! Not bad considering some brushes cost $30 alone.

I have already packed my 5 piece travel brush set. How darling are the bamboo handles?

Okay, I only have four sitting here but when I tell you these brushes are incredibly soft, I’m not lying! I have been using the blending brush religiously. Not bad for only $9…for all 5 brushes, I mean.

And then there’s my favorite product out of the bunch, the darling kabuki brush.

Made with recycled aluminum, this retractable kabuki brush retails at $7.99. Ohmigooodness, the bristles are so soft. Even softer than my MAC 182 brush retailed at $45. No exaggeration here, kids. This brush is PERFECT for powder and blush application. And honestly….on days that I don’t wear anything on my face, sometimes I just run this brush on my face because it just feels so good against my skin.

And then there are the cute bamboo mini brushes, powder puffs and sponges. All ranging between $1.99-$3.99 I have these packed in my cosmetic bag too.

I am so impressed with EcoTools, the company and the products. You can snag these babies at any drugstore. I have already hauled some other goodies from EcoTools. I am truly a fan.

Have you ever tried anything from EcoTools?

Stay beautiful….and green,

  • Jaimie

    I loveeeee eco tools brushes, girl! They’re so good. I love em cause they are synthetic and i use them for most of my gels and paint pots and such.

    Don’t forget to check out my new Lady Gaga Look Contest!

  • Askmewhats

    I’ve been reading nothing but RAVES about these brushes, I’d love to try them, I will wait for online stores to sell them :)

  • Miss Pretty

    I see these all the time at walgreens! I may try them out!

  • Harlem Loves…

    I hope they sell these in the UK. I’m on the hunt now.

  • Anonymous

    Brittany, i am soo glad you decided to try them. I fell in love with them immediately because they are so soft and of course Earth friendly. I need to go get the whole she-bang. LOL thanks for reviewing.

    -Paula L.

  • Makeup by ReRe

    crazy….i almost bought some of these at CVS last night! now i definitely will =)

  • Miss Yaya

    I love those mini brushes. I will have to keep an eye out for them.

  • Tammy M

    Brit, I LOVE these brushes! I have the same set! The face brush is my HG, even though I have brushes that cost a lot more…great quality, great price and GREEN!!!

  • Melanie

    EcoTools brushes are ridiculously soft. I’ve never seen the kabuki in stores though.

  • B

    J–> First of all, your avatar is beautiful. Great work. EcoTools brushes are the best.

    Nikki–> These would be great for personal use and for your kit as well. :)

    Miss Pretty–> Get them! I promise you won't be disappointed. And sometimes they go on sale. *cheers*

    Harlem Loves–> They should. But if you have a hard time finding them, let me know and I will be on the hunt for you. :)

    Anon–> Love you lots, Paula. Thank you for the love, support and inspiration. Yes girl…you deliver it all!

    Rere–> You will love them!

    Yaya–> Aren't they cute? Perfect for touch-ups!

    Tammy–> Look how cool you look. LOL, loves it. I saw you review some of these a while back to so I know you're lovin' 'em too!

    Mel–> Insane, uh? The kabuki is hard to find….it seems to always be out of stock. That means it's good though. :) I hope you find it soon!

  • Hijabi Apprentice

    I have and love the Eco Tool brushes but I now want their Kabuki brush!!

  • Anonymous

    I am sooooo glad that you reviewed this brushes…I RAN…yes…I RAN to the store when you said $9 and I got the whole damn set and I absolutely LOVE them…They are great for the VEGAN girls and women out there…very economical, no animals harmed and they feel so good…and cheaper than MAC…Thanks for the review…

    Tell me what to do to sign up for this blog….you are AWESOME..!

  • Yvonne

    The only one I have in my arsenal at the moment is the flat shader brush. I’ve been wanting to try all the others as well since the one I have works BEAUTIFULLY for packing on color. The only other ones I see in my local Rite Aid is the travel set. Rite Aid needs to step their game up so I can get some of those mini ones!

  • Umm Amirah

    B— my lover Tar-Get carries there..I saw the last time he talked me into my Sonya Kachuk brushes..They will be mine next. Thanks for the review.

  • Earthtoned Glamgoddess

    I see these all the time, I will definitely have to pick up a few.

  • The Lush List

    Thanks for doing this, I’ve been wanting to buy a few of these for my vacation.

  • Nudiemuse

    I love Eco Tools. If you get a chance pick up the big fluffy face brush with the darker bristles it is freaking heavenly. I am going to pick up that little buki brush for my travel make up bag, thanks for reviewing these.

  • Fabuless Beauty

    I’m a huge fan of EcoTools.

  • Shen

    o men, i gotta find a way to get my hands of these beauties!!! i want them but i’m from the asian country, philippines!! :)

  • Anonymous

    just purchased the kabuki brush, luvs it- its so funny that i find this review today, 2 days after piurchase

  • Amina

    thank you for reviewing them! I wished i found out about them before i splurged on MAC

  • Krystina

    Just picked up the travel set today! :)
    I was looking for a good travel set since I travel alot and was sick of hauling all my brushes with me.

    Needless to say, I love these brushes! :)

  • Harlem Loves

    yay i found them apparently they’re in tescos or superdrugs in the UK

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    I have always liked organic cosmetic brushes because they are softer and they apply the make up more evenly. The brushes are made from natural products and they glide across your skin without coating the make up to thick.

  • organic lipstick

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  • roxy_jaz_gurlie

    Where did you buy the 6 mini brushes??

  • roxy_jaz_gurlie

    Where did you buy the 6 mini brushes??

  • Frann

    My mother bought one of the sets once and I tried the powder brush and LOVED it.

    They are so full, soft and fluffy!

    I haven’t had any problems with shedding or roughness or anything of the sort with these. I wash them frequently and take care of them as they were my babies. They feel nice and sturdy and the quality is so good, they doesn’t justify their inexpensive price.

    Ended up getting the mineral brushes set,
    then the Alicia Silverstone set (because of the cute case and the stippler brush <3)
    and the eyeshadow brush set.

    Also snagged the angled liner brush from my mother's set for the sake of having one of each brush. xD

    Haven't bought any of the single brushes, but I might get that kabuki if I find it. There's also a single stubby stippler brush now @ Walgreens.