Beauty Sales: Stila’s Stimulus Plan

Hey mamas! Remember when I did the review on the hot Foxy?

You can get her at…but for 20% off and you can free shipping! Chow!

Spring is here and Stila wants to gift you with the opportunity to update your beauty wardrobe with the Stila Spring Stimulus Plan!

Stila is offering a 20% shopping discount & free shipping on any order you place on our site from now until April 11th! No minimum orders, no red tape… 20% off and free shipping! What more could a Stila Girl ask for?!

So… get shopping! Go to the Stila website at
Barbie Loves Stila products are HERE.

Just use code STIMULUS when you check out!

Happy shopping, fam!

  • Miss Yaya

    well alright for everyone ponying up a stimulus plan

    my job is doing the same (we do trade shows) for exhibitors… lead by example mr obama!

  • Shen

    wow! great stila haul from sephora.. :) hei! care to join my contest? :)

  • Shrinky Inky

    okay, i was stimulated :) thanks for the code – i got my 1959 Barbie Loves Stila at a savings of 15.95 (discount and FREE SHIPPING) weeeeeee!

  • Sadako

    Cool, thanks! I love Stila and this is an awesome discount.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Aww Barbie looks cute!