FOTD Friday: Little Sister Edition

Happy Friday, beautiful people!

This week flew by like crazy. Is it just me or is it extremely difficult to get back into the swing of things after a trip? When it should be 3:00 p.m. it is really only 11:00 a.m. Exactly how does that happen? Is that some cruel trick that time plays on us?

Those are obviously rhetorical questions. But speaking of time, who remembers being 19? I do! It was 5 years ago and I was not as jazzy as my little sister (Courtney, you can pay me later for that compliment). I certainly wasn’t into make-up. My sister is taking over FOTD Friday this week to show you some of her best looks.

A sweet swipe of shadow over the lids is perfect for the young adult who wants to be chic and sophisticated without looking too grown.

A dab of gloss on the lips and what more does she need?

Me at 19 years old?

Yes yall…my brows have always been butchered. Only recently have I gotten them under control. HA!

Did you wear make-up at 19 years old?

Let me know in the comments.

Happy Weekend!

…..and Courtney too.

  • yummy411

    aww look at zee twinz!! too cute.

  • Askmewhats

    aww your sister is HOT HOT HOT! Just like you B! Gorgeousness goes with your genes!! gosh!!! at 19?? NO make up at alL! and bushy brows too!

  • izumi

    i’m 19 and i wear makeup! :) you guys are such pretty sisters~

  • Fashion’s Darling

    aww nice looks! Ya’ll look so much alike its not even funny lol

  • Amina

    your sister is soo pretty!!
    I started wearing make up at 21

  • Zmaga

    I’m 18 and I wear make up occasionally, when I go out or something like that. Mascara is enough for school in my opinion, with maybe some light eyeshadow.

  • Not ur sister


  • Wes

    OMG I was a makeup BEAST in high school, not so much in college. When the movie “Clueless” was popular, I remember Alicia Silverstone’s character, Cher, mentioning something about how girls in high school wear too much makeup and then when they get to college they wear less. I thought that was a crock of bull, but its really true. I hardly wear makeup nowadays, unless I’m going out OUT.

  • B

    Yums–> Girl, you and YOUR sister. OMG, yall reside in Twin City.

    Nikki–> I totally had bushy brows in high school but chopped them off by the time I was 19. Yikes!

    Izumi–> Enjoy your youth, babes. LOL, seriously…being 19 is great!

    FD–> You think so? Neither one of us even see that. Wowsers.

    Amina–> Yeeeep, me too. 20 or 21, somethin' like that.

    Zmaga–> Sounds like me! Although I don't even think I wore mascara. Keepin' it simple is the best way to go, lovely. Keep it up!

    Not UR Sister–> You need to stop.

    Wes–> First of all, I freakin' love that movie. My sisters and I literally watched it every day for like a year. I'm the other way around. Didn't wear anything in high school and barely wore it in college.

  • Ms. Aja B.

    At 19? If I wore lipstick, it was national news. LOL!

    Other than lip gloss,I didn’t start wearing make-up until I was *gasp* 30!!!!

    If I’d had great beauty blogs like Clumps of Mascara, Afrobella, Yummy 411, etc. back then? I’d be a true GLAM DIVA now!!!

    Have a great weekend, B! :)

  • Not Ur Sister

    I will be looking for my check in the mail

  • GS

    The three first pics are the same girl?? your sister is a chamaleon!! she´s really pretty! and in the last one she looks a lot like you.

  • Bella

    OMG!!! Your hermana is ANTM material B!!! WOW!!!

    Back when I was 19 I was weird and wore waaaaaaaaaaaay too much makeup. well, blame it on the 80´s!!!

  • Anonymous

    Girls now wear lipgloss at 5. (I know a lil girl who does, and it amazes me, because she comes from a very middle class home, where you’d think they wouldn’t allow it.) I’m 16 and started getting into makup at about 12/13. I was the exception though. I was always asked why I didn’t wear makeup by girls at school.

  • CrazyNails

    I did started wearing makeup when I was 12 and not much just mascara.
    So when I was 19 I did where makeup but not to often because I hade terrible acne problems

  • itzzzkimmm

    Your sister has great style and I love her hair! Wow you looked a lot different at 19! aww such a little cutie.

  • Glamouricious

    Wow you 2 do look like each other. Specially in the first pic at the top.
    I have worn make up (by that I mean powder to lightly conceal zits and ocassional eyeliner) since I was 16 lol.
    At 19 I think I was wearing the same. Now at 23 I wear foundation to conceal zits, powder, blush and bronzer. Sometimes eyeliner, browhilighter and mascara.

  • Miss Yaya

    my mom is an aesthetician and it was forbidden to wear makeup until i was… i dunno she probably doesn’t like it now either…. however it did instill the natural look for me … i started wearing makeup more regularly around 18/19 b/c i found out mascara did wondrous things lol

    very cute sisters btw! are ya’ll the only 2?


    aw your sister is pretty like you :) i didn’t wear makeup at 19. i started at 20

  • B

    Miss Yaya–> We have 2 others sisters.

  • Alex.

    I just recently turned eighteen and I wear make up. I have been since I'm like thirteen years old. I'm obsessed! Haha. Love your blog. <333

  • nubianqueen89

    I’m 19 and I wear makeup. I really got into it over the summer and i guess i’m what you call a fast learner cause i can shape my own eyebrows perfectly and when your a broke college student, that’s $7-$10 i could be spending

  • Lish

    you two look just alike!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL.