Sista Show-Off: Pieces & Blessings

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I have always been an enormous fan of jewelry. See….most women like diamonds and pearls (I’d like them more if I could afford them, ha!) but I don’t mind funky jewelery. You know the kind where people say,

“Ohhhh girl, your ring is so pretty! I’ve never see anything like that.
Where did you get it from?”

Yeah love the uniqueness that a great deal of my jewels have.

Pieces & Blessings has the following….

-Loc jewels

Each piece of jewelery is hand made intricately and with love.

And I must say….working with Samantha has been absolutely wonderful. I received my shipping notification the SAME day I ordered and my package was in the mail within 2-3 days. And yall know I’m not a big fan of waiting for packages to arrive.

Samantha’s Story of how Pieces & Blessings came about:

“Well, I started when my lil girl decided that she wanted to get locs! I was so proud of her. I asked her why did she want them and she said that she wanted to be closer to her heritage. Very impressive for a (then)10 year old. Well, when she did begin to loc I wasn’t able to find many cute things to adorn her hair. I didn’t want her to begin to equate natural with not cute or plain. I wanted her to continue to feel like the same lil girl. That’s when I began to make small jewels and then I made her earrings to match. People began to make comments and request pieces … : ). I am self taught through my love for working with my hands, love for my daughter, fashion, and natural hair.”

Check out my purchases!

I LOVE this ring…I get so many compliments on it. It was only $7.

And my baby locs are supporting jewels too. $5

Right now Samantha is offering FREE SHIPPING!!! Stroll on over to her site and see what looks interesting to you. Rock on, Samantha! You womanprenuer, you!

Peaces & blessings,

  • Umm Amirah

    NIIICEE..i’ve been lookin for expensive loc jewlery…much preciated beauty.

  • Atiyah

    Thanks! I will be ordering tonight!

  • Enchantress

    Thanks for giving her some shine!