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[NOTE]: The majority of this post will be in Spanglish—so brace yourself if you aren’t familiar with reading the Spanish language]

Soy Fashionista!!

Cuándo era una niña, yo hablé mucho español. Muchas personas no comprendieron por qué.

“Brittany,” ellos dirían.

¿”Estas Latina?”

“No,” diría.

“Soy solo una chica Negra que habla Español”.

Whew…that was hard. I can talk in Spanish all day. But writing it es muy dificíl para mi. Oh well….but as you can see, I have a little connection with my Hispanic family. And not just because I can speak a little of the Español but because I recognize the rich culture and heritage surrounding Hispanic ladies… is the case with ALL women of different backgrounds.

“Soy Fashionista is about sharing and interacting on personal views, style, stories and advice. Become informed, connected, inspired and entertained. Engage in our Social Community developed for Latinas, by Latinas. Soy Vida, Amor, y Orgullo…SOY FASHIONISTA.”

Soy Fashionista is unique because it caters to mis chicas Latinas out there. It is a one stop spot for beauty, fashion, culture, music, and ohhh laaa laaaaa, sexo tambien!

Sandrini, el Presidente de Soy Fashionista works with 8 other Latina ladies to bring members articles from each area. Perhaps you too are a Latina lady with a passion for beauty, fashion, culture or music.

Head on over to and check out the digs. Beautifully impressive, if you ask me.

Pase un buen dia,

  • Miss Yaya

    i dabble a little just like you! this is a nice site, will have to pass it to todos latinas on my gmail email list hehe

  • Product Junkie Diva

    that design looks pretty

  • Miss Yaya

    .. put up another award for ya on my blog

  • Tammy M

    gave you an award chica!!! Check it out on my blog!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    Ohh yay! I love the Hispanic culture. My grandma is Dominican but she married a Haitian man and back then that was a BIG no no so her family basically disowned her. Needless to say my mom didn’t learn spanish. but my uncles (the younger kids…there 7 of them) learned and I learned from them and school. And Vogue Spain. haha.

    So I can read it pretty well but speaking is much harder