Site News: Mascara Archive

Hi family!

In attempts to make mascara searching a lot easier for new and veteran readers of Clumps of Mascara, I am compiling ALL of the mascaras I have reviewed and putting them on a nice neat page here on the site.

This is long overdo, uh?

If you haven’t already, please vote on the poll to the left of the page. I want to get your feedback on how you think I should organize the mascara reviews.

I have already received a few opinions via email and if there are any tips and suggestions you have for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will be doing a ton of organizing and cleaning up around the spot so don’t mind my dust.

Later kids!

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  • Bella

    And once again… you are the answer to our prayers hermana!!!

    Gracias for the amazing job!!!

  • Rai

    I voted! :]


    gosh i really love this idea because mascara is probably one of the most hardest makeup products to ultimately find your “hg.” it took me a few months to do so and $. oh well. thanks for this B!