Amor de Lacquer: At Home French Manicures

It’s Amor de Lacquer week!!!! All posts will be related to nail polish and nail care!


Welcome back to another post from Amor de Lacquer week here at Clumps of Mascara! This is a reader requested post that challenged the mess out of me.

But yall know I love challenges.

Any French manicure fans out there?

I can’t say that I’m one. I used to rock them like crazy in college, though. I would get pink and white gel nails done religiously. See!

Focus on the nails, kids. Ignore the brows and mess dorm room. Here is another French manicure shot.

Oh yes….I wore it out! And I think one of the reasons why I don’t care for the look any more is because I wore it so much. That and I change my polish every day. But I still like to do it on my toes!

There are many ways to do at-home French manicures. While some like to purchase the kits, I find that I can do the same thing that the nail techs do!

Here is what I use:

-White polish…I love Sally Hansen’s InstaDri polish. The enormous wand is great for all-over coverage on the nail.

-Pure Acetone

-A firm brush (I use MAC 212 SE). I got this brush in a gift set and never used it. I found that it works perfectly for french manicures AND polish clean-up.

For this tutorial, we will be polishing these two bare nails.

Start off with polishing the tip of your nails. Don’t worry about neatness here.

Dip your brush into a little acetone…make sure that the brush isn’t TOO wet. You don’t it dripping but make sure that at least the tip of the brush is wet.

At this point, I turn my nails so that they are facing me (uncomfortable, but it works!) and move the brush upward to clean whatever mess I made in my initial application. Because my nail beds are longer, I like to have a significant amount of white on my tips. It just looks better to me.

And viola!

It is really is easy! I think I may play around with different colors on the tips, just for fun. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a tropical manicure and African manicure…the latter really does exist. LOL!

Are you a french manicure kind of girl or not so much? Oh…and don’t forget to enter the Zoya Color Lock System giveaway. CLICK HERE!

Polish Pretty,

  • izumi

    happy birthday to your mom 😀

    i looooooove french mani’s! they’re my definite weakness, though there’s this asian fad going on called “gradation nails”.. i don’t have any videos/links right at the tip of my fingers but i’m sure you can find it quite easily.

  • Askmewhats

    happy birthday to your mom!!! :)

    I love French Manicures! I love love love them and I rock any color combis! Your tutorial is super helpful!

  • Miss Pretty

    French is my go to color! Its so safe one day Ill venture off.

  • Queen

    Thanks for doing this!!! I have attempted to do my own french manicures but was unsuccessful… ur way seems much more easier :)

  • *Jen*

    morning B! first of all i had to say i LOVE photo #1!

    and of course i’m going to have to attempt a french manicure your way, since my way doesn’t relaly work so well for me =X.

  • Lachelle

    This is the first time I’ve seen a french manicure done this way, nice tip though. I will have to try it. I love french manicures, I don’t do them often because I’m used to full color on my nails and will get bored with them easily. Last time I used Essie Pinking Up the Pieces and OPI Oh So Glam, it was so cute to me!

    I’m going to get a bachelors and a masters in Social Work and I want to be a nail technician sometime in my life. SMH lol

  • rmcandlelight

    I don’t care for french manicures. In my acrylics days I have never gotten a french manicure. I rather use a sheer iridescent color and have my tip show through. I never heard of an african manicure. Is that using color on the tips? You did a great job. I may try this.

  • B

    Izumi—> I looooove gradiation nails. Now I can definitely get down with that. Nikki from (she's below you) does INSANE gradiation nails.

    Nikki—> Okay your french manicures are like in a different league, chica. LOL!

    Miss Pretty—> These things take time, my love. It took me awhile to leave the world of french mani's too.

    Queen–> Yay! Glad I could help you. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

    Jen–> Hey babes!! LOL @ my throwback. Good ole' college days.
    Good look with your attempts. :)

    Lachelle–> Ugh @ myself for not having any of those colors. I would like to try your combo. Oh well, I suppose I can find dupes. Giiiiirl, tell me about it. I could so be a nail tech right now.

    rmcandlelight–> Yeah, frenchies ain't for everybody. They seem to be so prevalent. African manicure—-I think I made this one up. It's creamier white as the tip and a gold as the base….but a very sheer gold. You then apply a gold glitter liner under the white line. I like it! Not sure if I'd do it again though…HA!

  • The Asian Girl

    I love french manicures! I used to rock pink-and-white ALL through college until my (2) senior years. I would leave my nail beds natural then use different colors for “Frenching”.

  • Miss Yaya

    i wanted to say u look like ur sis in the pic…

    i love french nails but i like doing funky colors on funky colors (i.e. hot pink line on yellow) so i always just need get some me time and some patience… its always easier on toes