Amor de Lacquer: First Look at Nfu-Oh Polish

It’s Amor de Lacquer week!!!! All posts will be related to nail polish and nail care!

If there is one brand that nail polish enthusiasts go gaga over, it is the South Korea brand Nfu-Oh. I remember first checking getting a glimpse of these beautiful babies at The Nailphile. I was in total awe. I had to have one. Or two. Or three.

Once upon a time Nfu-Oh polishes used to be extremely difficult to get a hold of. Most were shipped from Hong Kong and you can imagine those shipping fees. Luckily, I have found a little angel who lives in the States that ships Nfu-Oh polishes.

Today I will be introducing you to Nfu-Oh #51. I don’t even know how to describe this color. It has a neon purple/blue base with red/gold/green flecks and red glitter. This is a polish with personality, yall! I mean….just look at it!

But then if you photograph it with light…it looks different.

I will tell you now….it is beyond difficult to catch the essence of Nfu-Oh polishes. They are BIPs to the max. BIP meaning better in person. I’m not kidding. Let’s move on, shall we?

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about how beautiful the bottle designs are.

The corset style bottles are not only darling but the handle makes for easy application.

Speaking of application, because this particular Nfu-Oh polish is so sheer, I like to layer it on top of a color. The best thing about the flecks floating in this polish is that you can get a dozen different looks depending on what color you use as a base.

For this look I used Zoya’s Colbie-a burgundy polish with beautiful shimmer.

Just watch how the Nfu-Oh transforms Colbie. We will use this finger to watch the transformation.

After 2 coats of Nfu-Oh, look what we have!

You MUST click on the picture above to see all of the 3D-esque dimensions of this polish. More beautiful shots of Nfu-Oh #51 in action.

Are you in love yet? I absolutely love what this polish does and plan on adding more to my stash. You can snag these from They are retailed at $12.50 and shipping is free. Click HERE to order #51.

So what do you think? Is this not the most amazing polish you have ever seen?
Not impressed?
Tell me!

Polish Pretty,

  • izumi

    WOW.. i don't think i've wanted a polish this bad since i saw revlon's khakizing! that's an amazing color <3

  • Askmewhats

    wow.this polish is UNIQUE!!! Love it!

  • Ma’at

    It looks great, makes me wish I could properly apply polish, but I do wish you’d have given us a shot of just the Nfu-Oh you know for comparison…. yes I have to be difficult 😉

  • GS

    That´s a very pretty nailpolish!!

  • B

    Izumi—> LOL, you sound like me when I first saw this polish!

    Nikki—> Isn't it greeeat?

    Ma'at—> LOL, you suck. Nfu-Oh's will be back on Clumps but trust me when I see they look a hot sheer-y mess when applied solo.

    GS—> I love it!

  • rmcandlelight

    I love those nfu-oh polishes. I have 2 of them…will be ordering #51. The info I got at makeupalley nailboard if you email and ask to become a member the polishes are $10 including shipping 😀

  • Nessa

    I’m glad you finally got them, B! But you could have got them for $10 each (including shipping) if you become a member of their page. :) Read here for info.

  • Lachelle

    Maybe I’m the odd one out but I’m not that amazed by these polishes and I’m a polish addict.
    I just saw them on the Polish Addict’s blog and I wasnt happy there either so it’s not just you.
    I’m very picky with my glitter and contrary to most nail polish enthusiasts.
    I like fine glitter not chunks. Maybe I havent found THE ONE yet.
    Anyway, I’m still loving Amor de Lacquer week!

  • Jillian

    I’m not into nail polish so much, so I usually just skip by these posts, but I neeeeeed this nail polish! I’ve never seen anything like it!

  • Miss Yaya

    that looks good. i like the effect it has

    and i’m loving that purple cover girl… don’t act like i didn’t catch it!

  • T.R.

    Brittany are all the polishes like this? I went to the site but I couldn’t tell. It is pretty and the bottle is sexy as heck. Hmmm I might break down and spend the $12.

  • SchalaKid

    Oh my wow! I have GOT to have this polish, it is just too imperative, the possibilities with this lacquer are just endless….I see it already….

  • SchalaKid

    Aw, dang… I turned my head for a second, and when I looked back I noticed that I ordered three bottles of Nfu Oh polish. Crazy! :o)

    (Shades 51, 105 and 120)

  • Anonymous

    so gorgeous!!!
    but are they sheer? I’m interested in 41 which is a gorgeous passion fruit yellow! And 85… And 52…