Amor de Lacquer: Golden Gloves will save your nubs

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Be honest…do you use these?

I can’t even remember the last time I have touched a dish or any household cleanser without wearing my golden gloves.

“B, did you say golden gloves?”

That’s right. If I didn’t have these things, I wouldn’t touch a dish.

Okay, I’m lying. I am crazy when it comes to cleaning so not touching a dish is not an option for me. Wearing the golden gloves have dramatically changed the condition of my nails and hands.

If you aren’t quite sure why your nails aren’t as strong as they could be, submerging your hands into into dishwater for minutes at a time may be the reason.

Playtex has golden gloves on sale at Wal-greens for only $0.99 now until Saturday, April 4, 2009. Better stock up now! It even makes cleaning more fun.




I’m kidding about the latter but say it with me, “Golden gloves will save my nubs!”

Somebody out there is laughing with me…ahem, or at me.

Do you wear cleaning gloves? Please say you do! Oh…and don’t forget to enter the Zoya Color Lock System giveaway. CLICK HERE!

Polish Pretty,

  • Lachelle

    Oh wow, I know that I’m supposed to wear gloves when cleaning and washing dishes, but I don’t. Most of the time I put the dishes in the dishwasher and then I clean without gloves. Bad I know….

  • Anonymous

    i so with you on those gloves. but i wear them bec my fam has a penchant for leaving food on dishes, which turns into slime.

    i don’t do slime.

    hence gloves.


  • Hijabi Apprentice

    I’m horrid I know but I never wear gloves. Actually the only time I glove up is when I henna my hair. I will change my wicked ways!

  • SoHo Accessories

    Sometimes I do wear “golden gloves” but they are too bulky. I have taken to wearing physician gloves that can be bought in any drugstore. They are very thin.
    Just a hit to good nails. Rub Vit E oil into the cuticle…feed the cuticle it feeds the nail.

  • csarah718

    Gloves are truly a mani’s best friend. They protect and prevent chips, wear, damage! My grandma is the one who was hounding me to use them beacause I have severly dry hands due to my obsessive hand washing (cringe) and they help my hands from drying out and my mani’s to last longer. Love them! I am a Golden glove wearing painted tips lady for life!! Love your blog so glad I stumbled across it!!! Have a nice day

  • B

    Lachelle—-> Girl, you better grab your golden gloves!

    Anon—> LMAO! Ewwww, not the slime. That's funny.

    Hijabi App—> You too, missy. Get some gloves!

    SoHo–> I agree….they are very bulky. Great tip!! Moisturizing the cuticles while wearing the gloves. Loves it! Thanks for sharing.

    csarah–> My Grandma passed this one down to me too. Yay for the Grannies! Savin' our nails…thank you so much for stoppin' by.

  • GS

    Arrghh I find it so uncomfortable to work with these, my hands are claustrophobic LOL… I put them on only if I´m using something dangerous like some acid or tile cleaner…it´s no wonder my hands are so ugly and my nails destroyed.

  • Milan Angel

    I wear them when I clean and do dishes. I can really tell the difference in my nails and my manicures last much longer!

  • rmcandlelight

    Oh yes…I do wear them. I also have a pink pair. I don’t do nothing without my gloves. I also have a pair of garden gloves to pull up the weeds 😀

  • Smell Goods Lady

    Yes, I do. I will not clean without them. I have several pair in every place that I need them.

    P.S. We have the same dish rack.