Amor de Lacquer: Improved storage for polishes

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Remember HERE where I showed you all my terrible nail polish storage? I thought and I thought and I wrecked my brain trying to think of a neat polish storage solution. I didn’t want anything that took up too much space.

Here’s the thing about me….I don’t like clutter. And I don’t like owning a lot of anything. Books are the only exception. And while I love my nail polish collection, I didn’t want it to keep growing and eventually push me out of my own closet.

I remembered having the SAME issue when I was in college and living in dorms. For my freshman and sophomore years I had to share itty bitty closet spaces with my roommates.

I don’t know how I did it but it really wasn’t that bad. I ran to Ikea (the best store in the WORLD…after Sephora….and Office Depot….and Best Buy….and Whole Foods) and found the exact same little closet organizer that I used in undergrad.

Ta da!

I had one in the dorms and used it to store my shirts, shoes and belts. It was perfect because everything was confined to just THAT one spot. It also works best for polishes. Here’s how it looks in the closet.

It works! I found cheap little crates and organized my polishes by colors. Say “hello” to the purps.

On the side of organizer, I labeled each cubby hole like this:

That way I won’t have to waste time pulling them out trying to figure out where each color is.

After I finished organizing everything, I realized that I still had 3 remaining cubby holes (I love saying that…it reminds me of kindergarten. HA!) left. I found uses for them!

The bases, topcoats, nail/cuticle treatment department

The Design Corner…can’t find my Konad scraper. :(

The Tool Box

Everything works out perfectly and is neat and nice. If I find out that I am outgrowing any of my crates then I start giving away polishes.


Or….I’ll just buy another closet organizer. But hopefully it won’t get to that point.

I don’t think.

Well….it shouldn’t.

Anyone find an ideal way to store polishes?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,
  • GS


    Could you do a post on those Konad thingies? I know they´re some sort of nail decorations women in MakeupAlley go crazy for… but not much else

  • BabyJanny

    only other “smart” idea i can think of is getting one of those nailpolish display thingies that they have at the nailsalons (the rack kind ones that hang on the wall)

  • Vanessa

    I love nailpolishes too and I agree Cubbies sound so much better!

  • Katie Kermeen Swisher

    This is a great idea! I have been trying to figure out the best way for me to store my polishes too, but never thought of this. I use an organizer like yours to store my purses in my closet. My polishes are organized on a 3 foot tall wire shelving unit I got at Target. One side has two drawers on it, and I store my tools, hand creams, scrubs, etc. there. The other side is shelving, and I have separated my polishes according to color, put them in plastic Sterlite shoe boxes, and stored the boxes on the shelves. It works out for now, and I even have some room to grow. The only trouble is that it’s hard to find a spot for the shelf. I think your idea would work much better for those who have limited space.

  • izumi

    this is a great idea :) but i definitely have way more makeup than nailpolish.. and not that much makeup in general. i’m jealous of your stash, girl!

  • rmcandlelight

    Great Idea!! I want to get a Helmer from Ikea. Its a 6 drawer cabinet. I only plan on buying one than I’ll have to stop buying nailpolish. I hear 100 bottles can fit into 1 drawer.

  • Miss Pretty

    All that polish! Im moving in next door……

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Wow, you’re a true nail polish girl!! I hardly have any bottles of polish so I just store them with the rest of my makeup. :-)

  • Anonymous


    This was the BEST idea I’ve read on CoM so far! I am so heading out to the Container Store this weekend!!

    I love this blog! Can’t say that enough!

  • B

    GS—> If I can find my scraper, I will. I haven't used that thing in so long.

    BabyJanny–> Yeahhhh, I pondered over those for quite some time. But then I wondered if all bottles would fit in it. You know, some are bigger than others. Hmmm…

    V–> Giiiirl, look at you lookin' so hot and fine in that photo! Chow!

    Katie–> Ohmigoodness….your set-up sounds crazy functional and organized. It's definitely right up my alley! You're right…what I have works for small spaces. I hope I don't grow out of that little spot. LOL…probably will.

    Izumi–> Don't let me fool you. My make-up organization is another story. 😉

    rmcandlelight–> Yeahhhh, nail polish ladies everywhere are snagging that thing. I wouldn't know where to put it. I don't think I ever want to fill that thing up. Especially with me constantly moving house to house and city to city.

    Miss. Pretty–> Come on!! The condo next door is unoccupied so if you need the landlord's info, let me know. :)

    BBG–> It's your make-up stash that is probably to die uh? LOL!

  • B

    Anon–> You rock my world!

  • adorepink

    Okay, the closet organizer sounds like a good idea. My storage system looks like your “before” picture. I bought a purple bin from Target to store my polishes in for about 4 dollars. That was before I knew I would start a polish obsession and I would need waaaay more space. I want one of those plastic bins with the drawers but that hunk of plastic cost sooo much! I’ll have to just give in and buy it.

  • Milan Angel

    I love this storage solution! I’m trying to get my makeup area under control. Once I figure that out I’ll have to tackle the nail polish thing because right now I have all my polishes thrown in a gigantic red wicker basket…I have a horrible time finding anything in there.

  • Nessa

    This is such a great idea, B! This is much cheaper than getting those high-end drawer-cabinet-thingies. You are soo creative!

  • Jalaea


    Sweet storage idea! Such a nailpolish junky..hate to say that all of my bottles are in shoe boxes, lol. May have to steal this idea

  • K&T Makeup Artistry

    Love this idea! I can feel a nail polish addiction coming on and the nail polishes are so cheap..much cheaper than my makeup addiction

  • K&T Makeup Artistry

    Love this idea! I can feel a nail polish addiction coming on and the nail polishes are so cheap..much cheaper than my makeup addiction

  • K&T Makeup Artistry

    Love this idea! I can feel a nail polish addiction coming on and the nail polishes are so cheap..much cheaper than my makeup addiction

  • K&T Makeup Artistry

    Love this idea! I can feel a nail polish addiction coming on and the nail polishes are so cheap..much cheaper than my makeup addiction

  • Amina

    I feel like shopping in your stash!