Amor de Lacquer: Polishes for Cheap

In continuing with a week of “Amor de Lacquer”, I would be loca to not tell you where I make my polish purchases.

People ask me all the time.

“B, how in the world are you able to afford so many polishes?”

Friends and family, if yall haven’t noticed already, I am cheap. LOL, seriously. I like nice things like most people, but I am always trying to stretch a dollar.

Nail polish purchasing is no exception. I do the majority of my nail polish purchasing online at the following e-tailers.

I highly recommend them ALL. I honestly don’t have a favorite because customer service, and product availability is superb with all of them. And chances are if one of them doesn’t have it, the other two probably do.

AND….they release nail polish collections waaaay before they hit stores.

AND…the prices are usually 30-50% less than what you would pay in stores.

For in-store nail polish purchasing, I

stalk visit Ulta. Sometimes their clearance racks have insane discounts on China Glaze, Ulta brand and Essie polishes. I’m talkin’ around $2.99 or so.

Other cheap in-store nail polish spots?

Drug stores: Wal-greens has Sinful Colors’ polishes for $1.99. Wet ‘N Wild and Milani are ALWAYS on sale for under $3-$4.

Dollar stores: I have found some wonders in The Dollar Tree and those 99 Cents stores.

Swapin’ with friends: Honestly, how many polishes can you stand to get rid of? Chances are a girlfriend of yours does too. Swap!

See! You don’t have to spend $10 on OPI (I never have, ha!) to sport beautifully polished nails.

Where do you generally make your polish purchases?

Polish pretty,

  • Lachelle

    I haven’t ordered polish from those places yet (surprise surprise) but I’m compling a list so I can order about 10 at one time.

    I’ve been a big supporter all week because A) nail polish fanatic B) I have a job that allows me to waste time on the internets all day

    Trade Secret sent me a 5 dollar off any purchase coupon and I’m going to use it to get an OPI from the South Beach collection or check if they have Colorcopia.

    Have a good weekend fab chica!

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I have ordered from I love what products they have and the prices are great but their shipping is ridiculously expensive.

    I get a bunch of cheap polishes from Target, Wal-Mart and little ‘hood beauty supply stores. Sinfuls are so easy to find in my neighborhood. And I found pretty good obscure brands as well looking around in these stores.

    I make good use of my Sally’s discount card when I want to buy China Glaze or Orly polish. That $5 card was a good investment for a polish fanatic like me. It paid for itself w/my first purchase.

    This reminds me that I need to go put together a haul post on 52 Flavors! lol!

  • Missy

    Great post!!!! I’m checking out the sites NOW!!! You totally rock for this.

  • Mykeshia

    How about for Zoya? Besides the manufacture’s site.

  • Miss Yaya

    Now I have yet one more reason to shop?! And I have to admit I have spent plenty a retail some on my OPI addiction

  • rmcandlelight


    I shop anywhere I can find a polish. (I’m so addicted) I have chanel to nyc. I even go to the beauty supply stores. I ordered from 8ty8 once and got the color club holos. I may have to go ahead and order the ChG summer collection since I haven’t seen them yet in Sally’s.