Amor de Lacquer: Shades by Barielle, Summer ’09 Collection

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Summer collections already? That’s right! And I couldn’t be more excited. This is my first time playing around in nail polishes by Barielle. Their Sugar Rush collection reminds me of delicious candies and satisfies my chronic candy cravings. And guess what? I am impressed with all of the colors!

And guess what else? There are a ton of creams. Yall know I love cream finishes. Brown girls who only wear different variations of berry colored polishes, brace yourselves for this one. While these colors rock my socks I know others may think they are “too bright”.

I’ll start with the safest color first. LOL!

Cotton Candy

Yum yum! Forget the rides at the fair, just buy me 3 big bags of cotton candy and I am good to go. I am pretty much addicted to the stuff. This color makes me want to lick my nails. HA! I’m not even kidding. It is a fun pink and I thought it was pretty boring in the bottle but it turned out to be fun against my brown skin.

Swizzle Stix

Wow oh wow!! This robin egg blue is the FIRST color like this in my collection. It is absolutely stunning. The application was a little wonky—which can happen with a lot of Big 3 Free polishes but I just adored the outcome. I can’t wait to wear this one on my toes!


I wasn’t initially impressed with this color. It looked just “Okay” to me. After rocking it, I have decided that I love it tremendously. What an awesome color! If you can’t quite wear blues or greens, Decadence is the perfect place to start. It isn’t too CRAZY but shows that that you don’t mind “funkin’ up” your polish game a bit. I like it!

Grape Escape

Oh….mi…..goodness! It’s another purple cream, kids. My favorite kind of nail polish ever ever ever ever. Yall hear the echo? Oh yes, this color looks good enough to eat. It seriously looks like a piece of candy. The application of this polish was exceptional. Or maybe it’s because I am bias. I don’t know. Anyway, it is definitely my favorite out of bunch.


First off, please excuse the application of this polish. There is something about yellows. They always seem to drag down to my cuticles. And clean up is never easy. But honestly, it’s worth it. This color was my official “Makeup Show LA” color. Every time I travel and every event I go to, there is a nail polish color that corresponds with that event. (My birthday-Zoya Tart. Inauguration-Zoya Marry J…see what I mean?) Lemondrops is absolutely beautiful against the brown skin. I think it’s my favorite yellow yet. It’s not TOO bright but isn’t too dull and ashy either. I have to show some colors against clothing or other objects so that yall can see it in a different light.

Go yellow!!

Sweet Addiction

Now this is a different color. I don’t think I have one like this. It reminds me of the ocean. LOL, don’t ask why. Polishes with cream finishes make me so happy. Don’t get me wrong, I am becoming a glitter lover and I can deal with shimmery finishes every now and then but at the end of the day, creams steal my heart. Sweet Addiction is no exception.

I used only 2 coats for each color. I found that some of the polishes were extra thick. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t fun to deal with. I had to use some polish thinner to get a better formula and once I did that, everything worked out fine! I like Shades by Barielle. They don’t contain any of those yucky chemicals in their polishes (safe for the preggo ladies!) and are $8 a bottle. You can snag them HERE. Expect to see more of their colors from me!

So what do you think? Any of these colors makin’ you swoon?
Tell me!

Your fellow nail polish junkie,
  • Askmewhats

    girl! you can work it out with ANY nail polish color!

  • Miss Pretty

    I like grape escape and I Love Lemon drops. It reminds me of one of my favorite cocktails…. Lemon Drop Martini!

  • rmcandlelight


    you are killing me. You know I am lemming all of them:)

  • Latinminx79

    The yellow is HOT!!!!!

  • Bombchell

    I like a lot of them!!!

  • Lachelle

    What a wonderful collection, where do I begin?

    Cotton Candy reminds me of Zoya Barbie, so I’m wondering if I need it? It is pretty though.

    Swizzle Stix-I really want that color, what a pretty blue

    Decadence-I love that in the bottle and on your nails, how pretty!

    Grape Escape- another beautiful purple, I’m afraid I’ll have too many purples and I want diversity

    Lemondrops- sigh, where do I begin. I tried, I bought Zoya Creamy and it looked terrible on my nails! I’m pretty dark skinned and it was a horrific streaky mess. And I could see my nail lines with 2 coats so I had to do three. I haven’t given up on yellow, I’m going to try pale yellows.

    Sweet Addiction-I’m going to try and wear this to my school’s football game next season, we’re green and white. I can do a team-spirit mani,lol

  • Nessa

    OOoo Grape Escape and Sweet Addiction remind me of those 2 colors from SH Tracy Reese Night Hydrangea and Honeydew! Maybe I would have an easier time spending a dollar more on these (+ shipping) then finding those from the SH Tracy Reese!!

  • B

    Nikki–> Thank you, chica!

    Miss Pretty–> Grape Escape is my favorite! Actually….I don't even know if I can choose a favorite. LOL! Ohhh, I need to try that martini. Girl, I could use that right about now.

    rmcandlelight–> I know you are. Better go and get 'em so that the lemmings don't haunt you at night. HA!

    Latinminx–> Ain't it? Great for summer! Thanks for visitin', mama.

    Bombchell—> I know, me too. I don't think I can choose my favorite.

    Lachelle—> You are don't need Cotton Candy if you have Barbie. Lemondrop is officially my FAVORITE yellow. It isn't streaky and looks good with one coat. It takes some work but it's worth it! Everything else–you need. The end. LOL!

    Nessa—> Girl, you crack me up! Sad but true. Those SH polishes are soooo hard to find.

  • Milan Angel

    I have all of these except for Cotton Candy and I’m in love. I will be rocking these straight through the spring and summer. I have Swizzle Stix on my toes right now.

  • Amina

    I am not a nail person yet I am looooving all the colors especially cotton candy

  • Lish

    I see your putting me on to a new line….I loved ALL of the colors….and it has the exact teal and yellow I was lookin for!