Amor de Lacquer: Yuck colors on brown skin, part I

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Well well well….finally! I have gotten around to start doing some posts on nail polishes that aren’t so flattering on brown skin.

Now don’t think for one second that I came up with this idea. Yall know that I think that us brown skinned people can wear any nail polish color. And I still believe that. But after rummaging through my stash, I have come across some colors that just aren’t so flattering on brown skin.

They aren’t bad. But they aren’t gorgeous either. In fact, I call them “Yuck colors”.

Here’s Yuck Color #1
Misa Hot Couture with flash

No flash

Don’t even try to make me feel good about this one. This color is just awful. I’m not sure how it would look on any skintone really. It’s just funky and I think I purchased it JUST to prove a point. I knew I wouldn’t like it.

I would best describe this color as “browning honey mustard. It takes only two coats and I like the finish but that’s all that I like about it.

Yuck Color #2
OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques

I don’t care what anyone says…this color looks terrible on me. My sister, J over at Betty Brown Beautification shares the same sentiments. In fact we laugh and say that this color looks like dirty mop water. Tis is true! I am all for uniqueness but this looks gaudy and extremely unflattering on brown skin. See what I mean…

And it looks far worse without the flash…

I don’t even feel pretty with this color on my tips.

Yikes! I know someone out there is wanting to throw a dagger at me. I know this is a highly coveted color. And while the application is to die for, the color itself is not. I am all for uniqueness but I would rather rock 1 inch french manicured nails than You Don’t Know Jacques.

LOL…it is that bad. And I have yet to trash it.

What do you think? Think these are “yuck colors”? Find them flattering? Or do you think I’m loca? Tell me!

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Your fellow nail polish junkie,
  • Milan Angel

    I actually like You Don’t Know Jacques…although I do find that I have to be in the right “frame of mind” for that one. When I want that kinda grunge nail look…I go for that.

    I don’t care for that first one you posted though.

  • Jillian

    Hmm…I’m white, and I can’t say those colors would look good on me, either! These colors are just generally “yuck”!

  • princessvalecia

    Ive been thinking that about you dont know jacques for the longest Im glad someone agrees with me

  • Askmewhats

    LOL at the YUCK color, I know what you mean, I’m guilty of it coz I own one, exactly the same color as the YUCKY brown but different brand, that’s why I painted nail art designs on top of it! hahahaa :)

  • Anonymous

    For that you YDKMJ color without the yuck factor, I find Metro Chic is better.

  • chanel

    i don’t digg any of those colors…

  • Lachelle

    Wow, I didnt even know that Misa color existed. I’m going to have to agree with you, thats a pretty wierd awkward color. Sorry…. :-)
    BUT OPI YDKJ is a pretty interesting color, I wouldnt write it off untill I tried it, but its pretty low on my lemming list. I do think it looks nice on you though.

    Can we extend Amor de Lacquer week, I love it! But I’m not sure how other non-nail polish fanatics feel about it…

  • SchalaKid

    Not sure what to think about YDKJ. While it’s not going to win any awards, it’s certainly not an absolute “No” for me. That said, I’d probably only rock them as a toenail color.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with you completely on the OPI shade. I am rocking it right now as I type this post and I am loving it. Great shade for the office if youre afraid to roll with the blacks or deep deep browns….as for the Misa shade, chuck it…that color is definitely a NO! NO!
    Good blog…keep up the good work.

  • rmcandlelight


    I have to disagree with you. I love ydkj. Don’t you dare chuck it…hand it over right now. It looks good on you. The one from misa looks good to. I feel like its best to were browns in the fall. Do you like browns on your toes?

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I agree, B. I tend to stay away from browns and clay looking colors because they wash out against my brown skin OR they just look dirty.

    Send your readers to my blog so they can be featured in my series “Dark n’ Lovelies”! *wink*

    Thanks for this week of all things “lacquer”!

  • B

    Milan Angel–> Maybe that's it….I mean, I don't mind the nail grunge look but this one makes me throw up. LOL…me and my dramatics.

    Jillian–> I'm co-signing with you, sis!!

    PrincessV—> OMG, thank you!!!!!

    Nikki—> Only you, Nicki….only you can turn such horrid colors into masterpieces via nail art. That's why I love you!

    Anon—> Hmm, I think Metro Chic was an exact dupe. No? Maybe I'll check that one out.

    Chanel—> *cheers*

    Lachelle–> Really? You like it?
    I think the only reason I own YDKJ is b/c I think that one day in the future it will be worth a pretty penny….and we are in a recession sooo…LMAO! You have been a dynamite supporter so I appreciate your participation in all things lacquer this week. I might loose some readers if I did ANOTHER week of nail polish. Although I wouldn't mind it myself. :) You are the best!

    Schalakid—> Noooo, then it may make my toenails look dirty? LOL! You don't think?

    Anon—> Okay, you know what? You're right. YDKJ will work for the "safe polish wearin' folx". I didn't even think of that. Thanks for stoppin' by!!

    rmcandlelight–> LOL, Auntie Candle Light, you're somethin' else. You don't have YDKJ? Seems like you would. Well when you get back from ATL, we're gonna have to do a swap! I'm starting to think I hate brown polishes altogether.

    The PBG—> You know I got cho back, hoooomes! LOL!

  • Shana

    Hmmm I dont mind Hot Couture, its an awkward color but sometimes I like those, now as for You Dont Know Jacques, I searched high and low for that polish and its the worst! I like OPI for Sephora Metro Chic MUCH better than that. YDKJ is right up there with MAC Fresh Brew lipstick for me – HUGE thumbs down.

  • GS

    I don´t think that Misa one looks good on anybody! is really hideous. The OPI one would look good on someone light skinned… is not a color I could see myself using.

  • The Asian Girl

    I HATE You Don’t Know Jacques. That color looked AWFUL on me. I also really dislike dark golds/bronzes/coppers on my skintone. I detest Zoya Richelle; a color I was kind of excited about. Another color I’m not a fan of on my skintone is Chanel Haute Chocolat; I was REALLY disappointed (and if you pay 20 bucks for a polish, you should NOT feel that way!!!). It only looks halfway decent when I’m lighter (winter months) but I spend a lot of time out in the sun during the other three seasons so it just does not work out.

  • Missy

    I actually kinda like the first one….don’t judge!! LOL

  • Fashion’s Darling

    haha I love You Don’t KNow Jacques! I saw it on a fellow blogger during fashion week and have een searching high and low for my own bottle haha

    that Misa one looks bad tho lol

  • Anonymous

    I am so with you, You don’t know jacques looks horrible on me. Sometimes it’s so hard to follow nail trends. Many times they don’t look good on brown skin. Does anyone have a suggestion on a good dark vampy color for brown skin? the usuals look a hot mess on me

  • traca

    ya’ll r so gonna hate me, but i love all of those. they look clean and professional. where did u find that brand of nail polish, i havent seen it where i live?

  • Miss Yaya

    Giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrlllllll you know it took me like six months to track down that OPI!!!!! Pass it ova hurrrrrrr

  • Miss Yaya

    P.s you can always try to franken a polish

  • SweetBonita

    can i just say, i’m SO SO happy you reviewed “you don’t know jacques”…i have heard so many bloggers RAVE about it, and was tempted to purchase it. but i’ve had a change of heart since your review. it’s not the WORST color i’ve seen, but certainly nothing to write home about. thanks for the info, miss!

  • Danielle

    Eek.. love the finish, but I don’t care for the colors on you. Some colors really are just YUCK on certain skintones! I definitely can’t wear hot hot pink. It just looks like death on me. Hot pink death.

  • LOL I just applied Hot Couture today and I love it – I’m around Foxy Brown’s complexion though so maybe that yellow only flatters the darkest skin tones.