Amor de Lacquer: Zoya Remove +

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For someone who polishes her nails every day I need a GREAT nail polish remover. No, I mean spectacular! I need a remover that not only gets rid of every bit of polish on my nails, but also conditions my nails and cuticles. It would also help if it didn’t smell absolutely horrid. I never thought such a polish remover existed until I tried Zoya’s Remove +.

I don’t think that I will EVER purchase another nail polish remover.

Here’s what Zoya says about Remove +:

Color Lock-Step 1: Big Flipper Bottle filled with Remove+.Three in one-The perfect remover, nail cleaner and nail prep product all together in on great solution. Great lavender scent.”

Here’s what I say about it:

-Smells so much better than traditional nail polish remover
-Conditions cuticles and nail beds
-Is a beautiful shade of purple.

I am kidding about that last bit but my 8 oz bottle is almost hittin’ the bottom.

My bottle was $9 and probably a little steep for a nail polish remover. However, I’ll spend the extra dollars to have my nails look the way they do after using Zoya’s Remove +.

To find out more information about Zoya Remove +, click HERE. What kind of nail polish remover do you use?

Polish pretty,

  • The Asian Girl

    I LOVED Remove+; it came with my Color Lock kit. However, I also have 2 gallons (one acetone; one non-acetone) of nail polish remover in a cabinet next to my desk so I won’t be ordering Remove+ anytime soon :(

  • Mel

    you have a typo!..I don’t mean to be finicky or anything just I don’t want you going around not knowing!LOL, you said “I need a polish that not only gets rid of every bit of polish on my nails” i think you meant remover!..hehe, its all love!! Coz i adore your blog!!!!

  • B

    Mel—> Good lookin' out, chica!! I appreciate it. :)

  • adorepink

    Oh man, Zoya Remove+ has to be the best remover I have ever tried in my LIFE. It is a bit pricey but I believe its worth it. I dont have to do all the scrubbing and rubbing to get polish off my nails, it just comes off. Wow. I’m painting my nails every day now and Zoya Remove + is a lifesaver. I used to dread taking off my polish.
    I’m going to stop now because I sound like a infomercial.

  • Brooke

    I really like those bottles, but I don’t purchased this one, how would you say this bottle compares to a regular bottle of nail polish remover?

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I generally use store brand removers like the CVS brand. The Zoya bottle looks cute though.

  • Milan Angel

    Love this stuff…

  • Anonymous

    Ugh please send an email about a typo! Geesh….

  • adriene

    I’ve always used Cutex or store brand removers. I always thought they were the same. I am kinda curious about Remove+. After zooming in on your pic, I noticed that it (the bottle) says “extended polish wear guaranteed”. I do my nails maybe once a week so that alone would be a plus!

  • Didi

    Oooh! I’m itching to give this a try. I totally with you when you say you need a remover that will condition your nails. Traditional removers make my nails look scratched up.

    I’ve only tried The Stripper Nail Lacquer Remover from the Lippmann Collection. Have you tried that one? How does it compare? Looks like they both use the same twist-lock cap – which I LOVE!

  • Organic Make Up

    This is quite a nice posting on Amor de Lacquer and their Zoya’s Remove +. Who would not want to try out such a wonderful product? :-)

  • B

    Brooke–> I would say that this one is slightly larger. I just love the pump action!

    Didi–> I've never tried that one. Hmm…sounds interesting.