Amor de Lacquer: Zoya’s Color Lock System and Giveaway!!

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I can’t tell yall how much I love Zoya’s Color Lock Sytem. I love how each product works in conjunction with the other. I love when you use them all together, you can guarantee that your polish will stay put.

What Zoya says about the Color Lock System,

“Use Color Lock System Complete Kit from Step 1-5 to surround and protect great color to make it last! ZOYA’s unique color lock system surrounds polish with a protective barrier against moisture, bubbling, chipping and UV damage.” (source)

In each system you will get one of the following:

Zoya Remove + nail polish remover (OMG, it is the best EVER!)
Zoya Anchor basecoat
Zoya Get Even Ridge filling basecoat
Zoya Armor top coat & UV block
Zoya Hurry Up speed dry drops
Zoya Renew polish rejuvenator

I use each product ALL of the time. I find that they work well with all of my polishes but they work even better with Zoya polishes.

This system is not just for any ole’ polish wearin‘ lady. For $48 I think that this is an investment for the serious polish fiends out there. $48 doesn’t seem like a lot when you consider what you are getting. And who you are getting it from. Zoya is one of the best in the nail care industry.

You can find out more about the Zoya Color Lock System HERE.

Would you buy this? Let me know what you think.

(infomercial voice)

Shoot me a comment HERE including your name and email address telling me how much you want this and THREE lucky winners will snag this system. Only U.S. residents are eligible and you have until FRIDAY, April 3, 2009 (my Mommy’s b-day!) at midnight E.S.T. to get your entry in. Do not forget to include your email address! It is the only way that I can contact you.

Polish Pretty,

  • Witty

    I would love to try this! I love nailpolish but it never stays on…this looks like an awesome system.


  • Smell Goods Lady

    I would love to win this Zoya System, because of what it does- barrier for moisture, protects against bubbling and chipping. I am a mother on the go, who is very much a lady, and I love to have my nails looking good. I could definitely use this quality product.

  • Rai

    I really, really want this! I’m really getting into taking care of my nails and making them up lately.


  • Miss Pretty

    I would love to have this I dont wear much polish on my nails but I do have bi-weekly at home pedicure sessions. I only use a clear coat of polish when I self polish because Im usually on the move! I need this in my life!!!


  • Khadijah

    Hi Brittany!! I’m a regular reader and normally I don’t post…but for this nail care system–I have to chime I love, love, love taking care of my nails. I normally don’t get my nails done professionally, except for special occasions. But as a post-grad student with limited funds, this system would be crucial to my DIY arsenal. Pick me!!!…lol.

  • Umm Amirah

    OMG…thanks to YOU I’ve gotten hooked on I bought 6 and now i’m about to buy the Oh La La for a friend and more for ME!! I’d like to win…cuz I love Zoya products and B’s reviews…
    Umm Amirah

  • Mrs.Young_fashion

    OMG!!! Please please please.
    I’ve been trying to stay on top of the home manicures since i’ve given up on the acrylics but it’s so hard to do when every DAY it starts chipping on you. From the cheap to the expensive polish, they all chip on me.

    I really want to stick with it but it’s gone from doing something I like to doing a chore. If it really works, I’d love to try it out.


  • Lola

    Hello! New to the site,but been lurking for a couple or weeks, and I follow you on Twitter! You’ve come highly recommended by Miss Pretty! *whispers* Hey girl! LOL

    I would love to win this!

  • Lin

    Hi there!!! I would LOVE to win this… I just got a huge order from Zoya because of the exchange, and I love every polish… It would be so fantastic to have the Color Lock system to use with them… Pick meeee!! :) lin lin ong (a) gmail dot com


    ever since i started blogging, i have gotten into nailpolish and would love to try this out!



  • Miss Yaya

    lol ooo i love infomercials! I’d like to try this… just in time to use it with my switchbacks from zoya – which should be on their way i suppose. that’s my only reason hehe

  • Reiko

    This looks fabulous! I would love to try it!


  • anotheremptysky

    Oh I have been DYING to try the Zoya set!! Just too cheap, LOL – usually my polish chips or wears after a day or two!!

    L –

  • Judith

    My nail polish does seem to stay on for more than a day. I would love to win this and know what it feels like to have long wearing nail polish.

  • Lachelle

    Wow, I would love to win the Color Lock System, I did the Zoya Polish Exchange and I have plenty of amazing Zoya’s to try them out.
    Maybe, even just maybe it can help my polish ADD and I can keep it on for more than one day.
    Alsooooo, lol, I can stop staring at my chipped nails in my classes when I’m supposed to be listening to Dr.Jackson’s lecture…
    And…I’m a polish fanatic!

    my e-mail address is

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to try the color lock system. Love your blog!!!

  • Tam Tam

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Alejandra

    I love Zoya, just got a bunch of them from the swap. I would love to try this sytem with my new polishes!!


  • Paz

    Oh, I hear so many great things about Zoya’s products. I would love to try them.

    Thanks for offering a giveaway!


  • bedstuy chick

    I am dying to try this I have so many different products that promise to dry quickly & stay put… they never do. So they get used once and then banished to the nail polish grave. Save me some $$ during this recession and let me try out what sounds to be a great product!

  • L. Michelle

    i would love to be a recipient of the ZOYA system, because the more and more i learn what good nail care is about, the more i want to use the proper utensils to keep my nails looking great!


  • sunyblack

    I would love to try the system, simply because I’m always having to remove nail polish after a couple of days because of the chipping. I also haaaaaaaate waiting for my nails to dry, and have tried everything from sticking them in the freezer to ice cold water to speed up the process. It would be great to try, especially in the coming spring and summer months with all the new colors out there.

    P.S. loooove the China Glaze colors you put up the other day, I am definitely on the look out for those!

  • Perla

    I would love to win the Color Lock System because I’ve heard so many great things about each product (especially Remove +) but have still not been able to get it (unemployed at the moment). My nails are thin and weak, and they seem to chip right as soon as I put polish on. So I’m hoping product’s like these would help in making color last longer.

    Thanks Brittany for making this available to a few lucky readers! Happy early birthday to your mom!

    perlapalace81 at yahoo dot com

  • Milan Angel

    I would definitely love to have this! Please feed my addiction and obsession…i’ll promise you my first born child. LOL

  • LeiAn

    I would love to win this. I love, love, love zoya polish. I participated in their great polish exchange….I got 18 bottles of Zoya polish!!! It is a fabulous polish and their color selection is amazing.

  • Beauty Maintenance

    I would LOVE to try this out. You’ve seen my nails. You know I LOVE polish (you did know that right?) And I’ve never tried Zoya before. I would LOVE it, really and in these tough times I have to space my fill appt. out further which means I need to do my own polish changes to pretend that they are fresh and new again so a new color would be just what the doctor ordered! :)

    gypsydancermacaholic @

  • sandra

    How much would I want this Zoya Color Lock System???..I have had MY eye on it for a while…and since I got 24 nail polishes from the exchange program, this would be a good addition to the set to keep my polish on even longer…PICK ME. Great blog!



  • Anonymous

    I would love to try this system.
    I have tried many different base/top coat combinations and I can never make it more than 24 hours without a chip or a peel, and since I’m very particular about my manis I basically have to do them every night. I’d love to be able to wear polish for longer and have always wanted to give the color lock system a go.

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Sarah

    My nails are very important, I try to always keep them fresh! I would be ECSTATIC to win the color lock system and would use it all the time with love. Ive been eye-balling it on but havent had the $$$ to splurge. Super cool of you to do this, for whoever gets picked!!! (ME)
    Thanks, Sarah

  • izumi

    i would looooove to win.. mostly because i can’t stand a messed up mani yet i mess it up mostly every single time. i get tip wear after 24 hours (or less).. and it makes me sad because i spend so much time on mani’s but they don’t show me the love back. if this stuff really makes your polish last.. i want it! super hesitant on buying it on my own since i don’t know if it actually works–i’m very skeptical, since nothing seems to work! 😐 maybe this will be the miracle i’ve been looking for.

    thanks for the awesome giveaways (all of them!).
    Sarah :)

  • aquaracer

    i love trying out new products and i’ve been hearing so many rave reviews about this. please let me have this love pack 😉

  • Sydni

    I would love love LOVE this! I change my polish almost every day…even when I really like my manicure, because it always chips or flakes. I use Seche Vite and Base currently, but I’ve heard good things about Zoya Color Lock.

  • Cali

    I would so love to score this Zoya prize pack. I own lots of polish but no basecoat or topcoat! Shameful, I know!

    myerscalista at gmail dot com

  • hi

    Oh B, you got me hooked on nail polish ever since your sista show off of nail polish blogs. I never knew that there were so many blogs dedicated to nail polish and now my collection has grown from 3 to about 20! [That's not nearly enough. Im gonna have to start picking nail polish over makeup *gasp*] I don't have a good nail polish remover, and I heard Zoya's was amazing! The one I have just dries out my nails so I would lovv to win this giveaway. Gosh;; you spoil us. Such a sweet giveaway. Plus, I've never tried zoya.. I'm still trying to pan through OPI and ChinaGlaze. I would love to expand my "horizon!"


    PS my mommy's bday is April 10th. So many April and October birthdays!

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love Zoya nail polish! After learning how their nail polishes are free of toxins, I knew I had to have them…so, I got my first Zoyas from their amazing polish exchange!! :] I can’t believe how amazing Zoya is and I am now wanting to try their color lock-in system. Thank you for holding this contest and Happy Early Birthday to your mother!


  • SchalaKid

    Well crikey…this is crazy because I was JUST watching a vid (from Pursebuzz) on the Zoya color lock system and drooling over it. I *rarely* bother getting my nails done because the things start chipping in no time flat (what can I say, I’m an active ladybug!! ^_^), and seeing as how I’m not made of money, this poses quite the conundrum. This system provides an excellent solution! Cuz nail color can be so much fun, especially in them warmer months!!!

    Alisha S.

  • FrostedCouture @tpf

    I would love this because I’ve read great things about it and I could use each of these products especially a really good top coat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mykeshia

    I just went to bath and body works to get their top coat and they don’t sell it separately. So I am in need for some new nail stuff.

  • christian Ohonba

    I want this kit because i know that it will help my manicure last for a while and being in college worrying about your manicure is the focus when you have finals.I like to keep myself looking the best I can so by being one of the lucky winners I will be able to keep fresh manicure and give fashion while studying.

    christian ohonba

  • Blkbderfly

    I would love to try this system. I am a make-up junkie, but I a nail polish virgin! Lately I have been picking up polishes for my new venture…at-home pedis – and you should see how tore up my toenail polish is after a day of work in pumps! What am I doing wrong! LOL

  • Blkbderfly

    Whoops, forgot my e-mail

  • divaqueenie

    I love wearing nail polish, but rarely do. I work so much with my hands, polish doesn’t seem to last on me. I hate the chipped flaky look, and am always looking for a way to make the polish LAST!

  • T.R.

    I have been wanting this system since Nov. I’ve been salivating for it everytime I go on the Zoya website. LOL. I had hoped they would give us break and have a sale but to no end. So I’ve been waiting patiently.

    I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!!!!!!!!!!! :O)

  • Trish

    i have never heard of this, thanks for opening my eyes to a great new product!!

  • Jacie

    I’ve been meaning to get for forever but it’s kind of pricey, so I keep putting it off!

  • Shefali

    B – I could so use this!! I’ve been studying since January of this year and have one test left to take next Friday…I already passed one. If I pass next week I’ll be a licensed therapist…and exhausted with ugly nails. I could use this to freshen up :)

  • cdziuba

    I definitely want this! I made a resolution on Jan 1 to stop biting my nails, and I am enjoying that they’re polish-ready, nice and long. Hope I win!

  • rmcandlelight

    I really need this system. I am such a nailpolish junkie right now. I need to make sure I have the best system to help my 200+ polish to dry quickly to keep my polish from chipping and to have the best manicures ever 😀

  • Nicki

    Girl, you are going to get me fired. I saw your giveaway and screamed in my office. LOL!! I am desperate to win this! I really need my polish to last longer. I am a recruiter and talk with my hands. Chipped polish is a no, no but I don’t have time to do my nails every other day. I want this so much that I would pay my own shipping so you don’t have to pay it.

    Pick me please!

    mrslevans at hotmail dot com

  • Brooke

    I need this for a couple of reasons, the main one being I’m on a No-Buy right now and I neeeeeed something new and nail polish related :)

    Second, I havn’t wanted to shell out the moolah but have always wanted to try this system!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Brooke B.

  • nivipa

    I would love this system! It sounds faboo, anyway, but the Zoyas I have don’t seem to last too long on my nails, but I’ve heard if you use their base/top coats, they wear like iron!


  • Tess

    I would love any products that can really give a long lasting, chip-free manicure. These may be the ones.


  • ladybuggg

    i would love to try this, i always have problems w/ nail polish staying power, esp. on my fingers. thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Jace

    I’d love to win Zoya’s Color Lock System!!! Thanks to baby sister, I’ve resently become addicted to all things nail polish. I’m in need of something to keep polish from chipping as soon as applied but am on a self-imposed buying freeze. Apparently, my kids like to eat.


  • antithesis

    i wanna try this. i dont have any good new nail polish colors.

    ashleya1002 at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    Hi: I would love to win these. I am a nail polish afficionado. Hehee


  • Stargirl

    Why I want this:
    1) I’m crazy about having polish on my nails every day! I hate the look of naked nails.

    2) I am forever having problems with my nails chipping. (this causes problems with reason #1)

    3) I’m a college student and could never afford this right now. Or anytime in the foreseeable future.

  • Michele

    Thank you for the giveaway! I try to paint my nails as well as my daughters nails but, the polish comes off within a couple days. I’d love to try this system.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    In this harsh economic times, a lady must do what she can to save money blah blah blah….lol. Forget it, I just like winning free stuff especially nail polish–my favorite cosmetic.

  • Lisa

    Unfortunately the fact that I really, really want to win this does not diminish from the fact that others want to as well. And we probably have the same reasons: never tried it, bad nails, great product, low on income…
    I actually only started wearing nail polish too so I’d like to do this right.

  • kimchix3

    /end obnoxiousness

    ok. i really need this because I suck at keeping my nails chip-free. Like I have tried everything that I can find in drug stores (I have no credit card, and my parents refuse to enable me) and nothing works! I’ve been eying this set forever!


  • Puja

    I’d love to have this Zoya Color Lock System.
    I’m a student, and free time isn’t something I get often. I still love a great fun set of nails, though. Being able to lock in my nail color without having to do touchups or start all over several times a week would be a great time-saver for me!
    Not to mention, being a student in college leaves you as a broke joke! =/

    Hope I get the opportunity to try this out.

    Thanks for all your wisdom!


  • durberville much do i lust after this nail care set?! I have problem nails, dry, brittle…full of ridges! UGH!! The ridge filler and color lock sound fabulous!!


  • Miss Meadows

    I am dying to try this! I went into the place that I usually buy my Essie and happened upon a two pretty pretty Zoya colors, Meadow and Amber and I fell so in love. I am make up, hair, body, and nail crazy and lately I have been moisture obsessed…the summer is comin and nobody wants to be crusty! lol so with that said I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to try this system!

  • Claire

    Oooh, I’d love to win this! Thanks for having these fantastic giveaways!
    : )
    stuffofthatsort [at] rocketmail [dot] com

  • Lucy

    I really need to win this Zoya system. I have a very big collection of nail polish. I read on nail blogs and YouTube how good this system. I have a big investment in polishes and would like a good system to keep them on.

  • Kae

    I would love to win this set, looks awesome!


  • Stasha

    Would love to get this system because I need my polish to last, and last and last a long time. YaknowhaImean. Please let me win!!

  • Nelsby

    Thanks so much for the generous giveaway…I would be SO thrilled to win! I am a nail polish fiend and I love trying new brands and colors. Unfortunately, I was recently laid off…so my budget won’t allow any extra spending right now.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  • DaniNico

    *looks at nails* I need this in my life!!!! LOL

  • Deborah

    I want this more than I want chocolate! My name is Deborah and my e-mail is asthenight at gmail dot com

  • Amelia

    Oh, I want this set SOOOO BAD! I have never invested in a good basecoat, ridge filler, topcoat,etc. and these are the products that make a manicure last and look awesome!! I can only afford the store brand polish remover so the Zoya remover would make me ecstatic and a polish rejuvenator would be HEAVENLY!!


  • taterbug

    I have to redo my nails about every 3 days. It would be awesome to actually own quality nail polish. The products look and sound wonderful. Thanks for the great giveaway!


  • Caitlan

    I would totally never buy that unless I worked on, like, the home shopping network with cameras pointed at my hands all day. I use a base coat to keep my nails from getting stained but rarely a top coat, and my polish looks great for 3-5 days, at which point I am definitely ready for a change.

    I mean, I wouldn’t reapply the same eyeshadow every day for a week, why would I want my nails the same?

  • Lynne

    I’ve never heard of this but would really love to try it.