Beauty Bee-haviors: Just Dealing With It

Welcome to another post from the Beauty Bee-haviors series. In this series we have open discussions about any and everything in the beauty world.

What feature of yours used to frustrate you
but NOW you accept it?

Yall know that I am the FIRST to admit that I have jacked up brows. Three days out of the month these bad boys look good. But that’s it. By the 4th day, I’ve got hairs sprouting like crazy. The arch has disappeared and I’m back to talking about eyebrow woes with Bert from Sesame Street. I’ve stopped trying to attack them and draw them on. They are what they are and that’s that.

I can say the same about my hair. I used to work against it but now I work WITH it.

What feature of yours used to bother you?
Or does it still bother you?

It better not because you KNOW you’re gorgeous.

Tell me!

  • Jillian

    My nose! It’s larger than I’d like, and crooked, but it separates me from the masses! My hair used to drive me crazy, too. It’s really thick and curly. I’ve come to embrace it, though. It’s wild, just like me, and if someone doesn’t like it, they probably won’t like me, either! (It’s a good filter that way.)

  • Connie De Alwis

    Hmmm… I would have to say… my mole. It has been made fun of for as long as I can remember. Some people said that it was beautiful but I wasn’t convinced. I’ve even thought of getting it removed. But I’ve come to accept it. I don’t love it or anything. I just don’t mind that it’s there.

  • Shayna’

    I have to agree with the eyebrows, mine have been through so many trials and tribulations the past couple of yrs.
    They usually end up on the thin side so in an effort to make em thicker, I havent had em done in a month & a half. I just twease the end of the arch. The worst part, my left eyeborw has a mind of its own!!!!!!! Its always thinner & takes forever & a day to grow back.

  • Glamouricious

    thick brows, nose, hairline lol. i’ve come to terms with all and brows i’ve found ways to tame. the hairline i just make sure to choose hairstyles which make it look less noticable. the nose obviously is something which cant be trimmed nor styled to look smaller but it makes me… ME.:D

  • adriene

    my big eyes! People have teased me about my big eyes since middle school. I even avoided using eye makeup because I felt soo weird about my eyes. I’ve come to accept my big ol’ eyes and.. from time to time, I even wear eye makeup!!

  • GetMarried4Less/LadyT

    I used to think I had a large forehead. i wore my hair only in styles that covered/partialy covered it up. i dont know who’s beauty flaw i adopted but a few years back i realized that there is nothing wrong with my forehead!

    back in the day i hated my upper arms. wouldnt wear a sleeveless top bc i felt they were sooo fat. then i gained 60-70 lbs, and wore my arms out without caring. i’ve lost some of that weight and realize life is too short for this foolishness!

  • chanel

    I have three things my forehead, my cheeks and my gap, all are things i cant change but gotta accept.
    Well my forehead is kinda large, i just try to wear alot of bangs but i’ve most recently been more comfortable wearing pontails without bangs.
    My cheeks are chubby like a lil girl. It makes me look larger in head shots. I try to stay in shape to keep my face from looking to bloated but i assume that when i’m 35 or 40 i’m going to appreciate it.
    And with my gap I just figure as long as my teeth are white and my breath is fresh no one should care lol.

  • Krayoni

    My booty…still bothers me to this day.
    No matter how many wonderful comments I get from my boyfriend or admirers…It still irks me that it is just SO BIG.
    Maybe one day, I’ll sculpt it to look like Serena Williams!

  • GS

    My nose. I never liked it, I used to say and still somedays I think about it “why didn´t I get my moms nose, is perfect!” I was mocked for it as a child, I even thought about having surgery… but now I´ve learn to accept it, I still don´t like it but I think that if I get surgery I will look different because ugly and all, this one is the nose for my face, I would look weird with a diferent one and I made peace with that.

  • Bsquared86

    I have the biggest head/face lol . . . but I learned to accept it.

  • SchalaKid

    Really, the one that’s always gotten to me has been my teeth. I have small gaps in the first four teeth, and from the time these suckers grew in, I’ve had staining on the front two, which is genetic but doesn’t make me feel any better. I used to have this odd looking smile so I could avoid showing them, but whatever. I try to think of Madonna when I get down on m’self about it; girlfriend’s been rockin her pearls for AGES as if that gap was straight up the STYLE!! :o)

  • Askmewhats

    I am super conscious with my arms when I was younger because I call my arms another Human being on its own! LOL but now, I’ve got to deal with it! I do wear sleeveless now compared to before! :) yes you are right, everyone should be confident because we are all made gorgeous!!! Muwah 😡

  • adorepink

    Man….I used to stuggle with my hair sooo much. Not that its perfect now but I dont fight with it so much. I let it do its thing and simply try to support it,lol. I’ve stoppped getting perms so often and found that has helped me tremendously with the thickness and length and of my hair.

  • Brittany

    My short hair… back in the day..hell even to this day all the long haired gals would get a holla except for me, people would ask me why I cut my hair, and blah blah blah. i thought that i looked crazy b/c whenever i’d pop some zillions in, the compliments would keep comin. But now I enjoy the fact that I don’t look like everyone and that I can experiment with all types of styles b/c i’m not afraid to be different

  • Miss Pretty

    It has to be my too thin to win eyebrows! When you did the post about your french nails last week I though I had a twin because my brows look exactly like that half of the time. I wish some mystery product would fall out of the sky to grow them quick! Since thats not gonna happen I choose to fill them in with smashbox brow powder and dream about nice full brows!

    Oh and let me not forget about these awful strectch marks I got from losing weight and giving birth but I just embrace them cant cry about it! :)

  • T.R.

    Hmmm, mine was my butt, my boobs and my hair.

    LOL now at my age I love them all. I have things people pay a TON of money to have a doctor sculpt and inject. I learned to love my body.

    Krayoni girl I feel ya. LOL you look young (in your pic) so give it time. Trust me for years I HATED pants/skirt shopping. Between my butt and thighs I thought I was cursed. LOL now I just love the junk in my trunk. :O)

  • dominican enigma

    my eyes, they’re enormous. Now i love them though.

  • ShanSoPink

    my legs…my right leg is two colors all the way up there is like splotches of a lighter color all over it used to hate it. When I was young I put sunblock on every part except those light areas because I wanted it to get darker :) lol it never did and I got over it

  • Shanta Fabulous

    My forehead used to be a problem but now I accept it. It’s big but I’m still fly and I don’t need bangs to cover it up.

  • Lola

    As I get older…little moles are sprouting up on my face and neck. I’ll probably opt to have them removed.

  • Sabrina

    My nose and and monolids. The monolids are kinda self explanatory. My nose, however, is tiny and pointed upward. And it seems to turn up little by little as the time goes on…. one day it’ll be turned up so far up I’ll be sniffing the heavenly angel’s feet from the sofa!

  • Anonymous

    i used to struggle with my hair…i have wavy/curly hair that frizzes & the curls wouldn't last long but redken fresh curls fixes the problem for now along with biosilk :) i still struggle with my high defined cheeckbones & my uneven eyes tho :/ one of my eyes are different from the other due to when i kept getting stye & allergic to stuff;it took a big toll on one of my eyes. i feel like my cheeckbones make my face look wider

  • Jaz

    I've had a lot of beauty trials with my face and body. But the biggest things right now are probably my nose, brows and my body. My nose is SO HUGE. UGHHHH. It has a HUGE nose bridge and wide nostrils too. >:[

    My brows are just like yours, BUT yours actually have an arch and seem tamed. Mines on the other hand, have no arch. I don't think I've ever had an arch. They're just flat, bushy and weird looking. 😐
    I'm thinking about getting them waxed again just to make a shape. Or at least an arch!

    My body is just blah. I'm insanely skinny and it drives me nuts. I know people try to be skinny all the time, but trust me people. Embrace the weight you are now. You DON'T wanna be so skinny where you can see your spine, ribs and hip bones all popping out. I have a very fast metabolism so it's not like I try to be this skinny.