Beauty Review: Victoria Secret’s Pink Body products

I love trying to predict what cosmetic companies are going to come out with next. It’s like a never ending game that us beauty editors like to play. But if you would have told me that Victoria Secret’s was going to drop some organic, 100% vegan, eco-friendly products, I would have given you the “WTF face”.

But they did….and they have truly given me another reason to adore Victoria and her secrets!

Nourishing Body Wash
with Organic Shea Butter

4 out of 5 (each bottle is $12 or 2/$20)
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

What it claims:
“…..our nourishing body wash is ultra rich, to moisturize and replenish as it cleanses. Infused with Organic Shea and Cocoa Butters to help heal and hydrate, plus a shot of U.S.-sourced Grape Seed Oil for antioxidant protection.” (source)

The truth:
I have since purchased 2 more of these body washes. They are incredible!

What I loved about it: I love the light fragrance and how it left my skin super smooth.

What I didn’t like:
Err, what’s not to like?

Overall: This body wash is fantastic! I really don’t like body washes with overpowering scents. This baby does the job with minimal fragrance and leaves my skin silky smooth.

……and ANOTHER wonderful product.

Soothing Hand Cream

Price: 5 out of 5 (it was $8)
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

What it claims:
“Our intensive cream deeply moisturizes to restore softness without feeling greasy. Enriched with Organic Oat Extract to calm, plus U.S.-sourced Soy Milk to fortify.” (source)

The truth:
This hand cream is a stable in my make-up bag right now.

What I loved about it: It’s not greasy!

What I didn’t like:
I liked everything about it.

Overall: Now when it comes to hand creams, I am pretty picky. I like creams that don’t leave any residue, don’t have strong scents and are actually GOOD at tackling my ‘off the chain’ ash factor. I found it with this hand cream. It leaves NO sticky/film-y/greasy residue. My hands soak up all of the moisturizing agents of this cream. And guess what? An hour later….my hands STILL feel soft.

….oh, and guess what else?

That’s right! Paraben free. *does the Cabbage Patch*

I am so impressed with you right now, Ms. Victoria. Products for decent prices that are organic AND actually work well? Heyyyy!!!

So what do you think? Have you seen these products? Would you be interested in trying them out?

Tell me!

  • Miss Yaya

    well look at that – and here I was all skeptical… guess I’ll have to head over to VS

  • chanel

    I love VS… I always try and catch them during sales and such… and I love coccoa and shea butter products do i’m definantly feeling this

  • Shayna’

    I work at Vicky Secret.
    ALl the organic products are great..i love them!

  • Amy

    oooh! i went in to use this coupon:

    and got PINK organic body lotion instead! i threw it in my purse w/o thinking twice ima dig it out later and check it out! yippie for free products!

  • amor y libertad

    so nice that they are made with peace, love and happiness, that’s the part i liked the most

  • Askmewhats

    Havent’ seen this product but this is really interesting!

  • Bsquared86

    ooo sounds cool! I am on the market for a new body wash, too.

  • Lachelle

    I was in the mall this weekend and I thought I saw a sign up outside for this and thought my eyes decieved me. I mean there is a Bath and Body Works next door and I thought it was an accident. Oh well, might have to smell this in the store before I commit.

  • Anonymous

    Hey B! I'm a first time poster, but I've been reading for about 4 months now. I work for VS part-time, and if you love that, you'll absolutely fall over, roll around, smack the ground 3 times, and die for the newest line. I wasn't a fan of the Pink Line (sorry ;)), but the new Naturally VS line is paraben free as well, and it smells better! Try the Acai berry & Magnolia…or the Grapefruit, Lime, and…something (I forget). Trust me, you'll love it!

    –Letitia :)

  • Alaska

    I love Bath & Body Works fragrances ! beauty products reviews..Thanks for the review.

  • george

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