Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!! That beautiful logo comes from an organization in Ohio (hi Grandma!) called Picture This. For 2 days, Central Ohioan volunteers will plant trees and clean up their beautiful grounds. I decided to feature this logo because wow….it says a lot!

I’m not going to pretend like I am a veteran Earth Day celebrator. In fact, this is my FIRST year really recognizing it. But better late than never.

I spent some time outside with Mother Earth yesterday and basked in her beauty. I don’t think I will ever take Floridian weather for granted–at least around this time of year. Every day is a beautiful day. When I think of Earth I immediately think of the colors green and blue. So I snapped some of Earth’s natural colors and also showed off my replicas of those colors via beauty products/looks. And of course the former poet in me had to drop cheesy haiku.

Yep. Our Earth is green.
Green like the land all over.
But are we green too?

Green polishes arguing about who will make it in the photo shoot…

They managed to get it together.Only my favorites made this cut.

Green MAC/Milani shadows had to make an appearance. Including that glittery Swimming. That was my 2nd MAC shadow.

The single soldiers…

Green eyes.

Oh blue is the sky.
Regal. Despite pollution
So is the sky blue?

(think about it…heavy, uh? LOL!)

My blue polishes are a little more civil than the green polishes.

A MAC palette of blues.

Blue eyes..

I am doing better with being eco-friendly. I recycle when I can, bring my own bags when I go grocery shopping and marvel at Earth a few minutes a day. And instead of buying a crap load of bottled waters, I now have a water filter. Earth takes care of us. Let’s take care of her!

A breen (brown and green, lol!) lady,

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  • Askmewhats

    happy Earth day B! I can still remember those looks! Wonderful!!!

  • …:::BEAUTIFUL…BROWN…SKIN:::… Bianca

    Only u can tie makeup into Earth Day!! Love it!! LOL!!

  • …:::BEAUTIFUL…BROWN…SKIN:::… Bianca

    Only u can tie makeup into Earth Day!! Love it!! LOL!!

  • …:::BEAUTIFUL…BROWN…SKIN:::… Bianca

    Only u can tie makeup into Earth Day!! Love it!! LOL!!

  • …:::BEAUTIFUL…BROWN…SKIN:::… Bianca

    Only u can tie makeup into Earth Day!! Love it!! LOL!!

  • jess

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  • adorepink

    Nice green polish collection. I dont have no, zero, nada, zip green nail polishes. That’s sad :-( I need to work on that.
    This is my first time recognizing earth day too. I’m really bad at buying a big, not 6, not 12 but 24 pack of Ozarka. I love and have got to have my water but I’m really bad about recycling the bottles.
    Also, that last picture of the blue eyes is gorgeous!

  • Brooke

    I totally got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vibe with the green eye’s shot, lol!! Blame my son for that one I guess :)

  • mzbrowneyez78 at yahoo.com

    Random comment:
    Hey! I’ve been following you a few months and I just want to say I loooove your blog! You’ve grown so much over the timespan that I’ve been a subscriber and I know the best is yet to come!

    I love both those MAC pallettes in this post. It sucks I just started upgrading my MAC collection over the last 9 months, cuz I missed out on those compacts!

    Keep up the good work and Happy Erf Day folks!

  • Miss Yaya

    i love the blue look and your palette organization, i probably need to get it together with it too

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Very fun post!! Green never looked so good! :-)

  • B

    OMGGGG, Brooke!! I so almost typed "I look like A Ninja Turtle" when I wrote this post. LMAO!!

    Mzbrowneyez78–> You like totally rock in every single way!

    …as do the rest of yall!!

    Happy Earth Daaaay!

  • Tamar

    Happy Earth Day!

  • juvenescent

    This made me smile. Holla B!

  • Missy

    Great post!!!! Also, just wanted you to know that I’m following your one gallon of water a day after your tweet on how clear your skin is looking. On my umpteenth bathroom break, I glance in the mirror trying to see if mine has cleared up any…it’s been one day! LOL Pray for me! LMBO

  • Tysh

    Your nail polish collections is crazy.

  • B

    mzbrowneyez–> You totally made my day with that comment. *hugs*

    Love you all!