Mascara Monday: L’Oreal Voluminous mascara

Happy happy Monday! This Mascara Monday almost didn’t make it. I spent the weekend back home with friends and family which means good food, too much fun and sleep-less nights from having too much fun. Sleep deprivation has hit me hard but alas beauty news must go on!

Now this is one mascara that I have previously owned but never reviewed for Mascara Mondays. Once upon a time, I had major tude with this mascara. Has it since wow-ed me or do I still want to fight it in the streets? Peep the review!

L’Oreal Voluminous mascara

Price: 5 out of 5 (I got this for $3.99 at Target. Steal, baby!! )
Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

What it claims: “Uniquely formulated to resist clumping, soften lashes, and build lashes to five times their natural thickness. Patented Volume maximizing brush thickens lashes evenly and smoothly, leaving them soft with virtually no flakes, smudges or clumps. Exclusive carbon black pigments provide up to 2x the intensity of classic L’Oreal shade.” (source)

The truth:
Dear Max Factor Volume Couture, I love you and all but I think that someone else may just take your place. Don’t take it personal. It’s a lashes thing. Always, B.

What I loved about it: OMG WTF! Is what I first said when I saw the volume that this mascara gave me. So yes….it’s the volume that I love.

What I didn’t like:
The wand. Perhaps it could have been a little smaller? And thinner. Um yeah…this wand needs to go on a bit of a diet.

Overall: Wow! So first things first….if you have ever played around with a mascara and found that it just didn’t work well for you, try it again a few months later. Or even a year later. I HATED L’Oreal Voluminous when I first tried it. Granted I wasn’t as knowledgeable about mascaras then as I am now but I literally talked trash about this mascara to every one I knew. For me, I found that it transported me right to Clump City. But I get it now….

….to really get the BEST out of this mascara, use only two coats. More than that and you may find yourself in some trouble.

Because it coats your lashes somethin’ serious, you may endure smudging and smearing if you constantly rub your eyes. The waterproof version of Voluminous fixes that problem. If you are really looking for dark and dramatic lashes, this mascara has yo back, sis.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

It really is great stuff. It is easy to find and has different formulations (waterproof, carbon black, etc).

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely!! I would recommend this to any and everyone that is seeking insane volume!

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A crazed mascara reviewer,


My girl @allysonnewell on Twitter says that L’Oreal is buy 1, get 1 free this week at Walgreens. And guess what? The same goes for CVS! Get your drugstore shop on, yo!

(photo source)

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  • yummy411

    woo hoo! my favorite mascara got a 5 from you even though you didn’t like dior show. hahaaa! i wonder what you’d think of loreal voluminous natural. i’m about to try that one. also. i had covergirl lash blast luxe which i wasn’t feeling as much as the original, but gave it to my sister and she LOVES it. may have to revisit that one…

  • Askmewhats

    wow..your uncurled lashes looked curled! :) I love your review!!! I have never found a HG mascara so I’m enjoying all your mascara posts :)

  • GS

    Ok, I´m gonna follow your advice and gonna try it again because I currently hate this mascara!!! I think that after great lash this is one of my least favorite, it clumps like hell on me… so in a couple of months I´m gonna buy a new tube and see if I get a better experience

  • Saimese

    It’s my fave mascara!

  • Nicole

    This is my go-to everyday mascara. I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I agree about the wand, its very annoying and gets the “mascara poop”. But the formulation is divine.

  • ladebelle

    i think i shall retry this as well but i’m still hooked on the lash stiletto…

  • Nessa

    B, I totally agree with you! The last time I tried this it was clump city to the max! I haven’t tried it since, maybe it’s worth the $4!

  • Tionisha

    Hey Brittany! "OMG WTF!!" is exactly what I thought when I first tried this mascara as well…This has forever been my holy grail of mascaras. I completely <3 the carbon black one. I've been using it for about 5 years now, and I'll venture out into other ones from time to time, but none of them give me volume like this one. And I loooove the fact that the carbon black gives me the blackest lashes ever. It's sexy!!!

  • Tonisha

    OH…And I totally just misspelled my own name…It’s Monday morning and I just want to go back home…

  • Product Junkie Diva

    COol thanks B. This is on my list.

  • Deez Nailz

    I have been using this for 10+ plus years, I have tried others, lancome, Estee, Most the drug store brands….

    I will never bother with anything else, again. The formula is good, it has densely packed bristles which get to every individual lash… The length of the wand is a little longer which is good.

    Don’t waste your time -or money- on anything else!

  • Connie De Alwis

    thanks for the review and pictures! this mascara is on my wish list definitely! 😀

  • Milan Angel

    I love this mascara! I’ve been cheating on Lashblast with this one!

  • adorepink

    Wow, your lashes are beautiful with that mascara!Would you recommend to a mascara newbie?

  • B

    adorepink—> Absolutely!!

  • Apasara

    Yay you tested my fave daily mascara! Carbon black version kicks bootie too. With just one coat it gets lashes daaark and cuuuurled. I wouldn’t know about it if it weren’t for you. Thank you B! -MadameSoybean

  • Glamouricious

    Your foundation looks great. :)

    Actually I always loved the Voluminous mascara. Probably the best volumizing mascara I’ve ever tried (even though I can count the mascara’s I’ve owned on my fingers/limitd mascara experience).

    I need new mascara so I’ll be trying this one again. I have the lenght.. all I want is the volume and no clumping.

  • Tish

    Hi there. Been following your blog for some time. I just barely leave comments. hehe

    I recently wrote a review on the same mascara and I’m totally head over heels with it that I’m kinda giving Max Factor’s 2000 Calorie mascara a break. I love your mascara series, by the way.

  • Rachel

    Well, you’ve tried one of my standby mascaras. I liked this one, it’s what I was using prior to making the switch to CG Lash Blast.

    My only problem with it is that it clumps BADLY as it ages. I’m wondering how the CG is going to act when it reaches my 90 day limit (I toss them all after 90 days since mascara grows bacteria faster than any other face product). I’m hoping the CG brush, unlike the L’Oreal one, will keep the clumps from becoming an issue.

  • Anonymous

    your lashes to amazing!

    i bought this yesterday at CVS for 4.99

    there was a sign that says BOGO on l’oreal mascara but when i went to the counter the cashier said “no, this one (bare naturale) is more expensive”

    i’m wondering if i’ll be able to get another one of these free if i take my receipt to CVS and point this out?

    What do you think?

  • B

    Anon–> Hmm….I don't get that. If that ad doesn't exclude THAT mascara then you should be able to get another free one. Take it back just in case and double check.

  • yours truly

    gah there’s a Revlon sale in my area coming up soon and I wanna get this. But I’m loving Maybelline’s XXL too much right now to let it go (plus I have a couple others just collecting dust in a corner somewhere, lol). Keeping this in mind when XXL finishes though.

  • Anonymous

    This used to be my favorite mascara, the only one I'd ever buy. It's been a while since I've used it, as I've gotten distracted by trying some of the newer mascaras on the market w/ the plastic bristles that are such a trend these days. Of those types, I love Cover Girl's LashBlast. Reading this review, though, has inspired me to give my old favorite Voluminous a try again to see if I want to rekindle the affair. Love this website! Just discovered it today and will probably never buy a mascara again w/o checking here first! I've wasted too much money on major duds over the years!

  • kittieb0o

    I've read this review a gazillion times so i HAD to go out & buy it, i was a steal at 3.59 @ super-target. But, i was really disapointed, i mean yeah i had darker lashes but i have curly love full lashes and this mascara weighed it down, i even had to CURL my lashes for the first time in 5 years & my eyelashes wont even fit in a curler when i don't have mascara! Didn't like it but ehhhh i can't complain for 3.59

  • Les’Nspired Expressions

    I really really liked this mascara. I tested against the volume couture and felt this one came over as more thick and heavy on the lids which I love for volume. Still, the volume couture was alot cleaner on the wand and the eyes and removing it was easier for me… you can check out the review here:

    Thanks for this review!

  • Anonymous

    One of THE WORST mascaras i've ever tried!! Totally clumptastic, not loving it at all!

  • BehindtheSeen…

    As a professional make-up artist for 12 years now in the Los Angeles area, I have tried MANY different mascaras. MAX FACTOR 2000 Calorie was one that I used for a long time…unitl I found L'oreal Volumonus(I use Carbon Black). I am in love with this msacara. Of course, I use it with disposable wands, and it still gives me the most incredible results. I also personally use it.

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  • Jen M.

    Love this mascara! When I first purchased it in 2009, I hated it, but I realized that’s because the formula was too wet! My recommendation for those who have issues with clumping: leave the brush out for a few minutes, so the tube gets a little air in it. Once the formula dries out a bit, you won’t have any other issues. The other option is also to take a clean paper towel and wipe the excess off the brush. The formula itself is genius, but having too much on the wand can cause an inaccurate portrayal of the product. In my case, I bought it, hated it, and accidently left it in the car for a few days. When I refound it, I tried it again, and it had dried out a bit, and was PERFECT. Subsequent tubes got perfect right before the two-week mark, so I realized it had to do with air exposure, etc. Another rec I have is PRESTIGE’s My Biggest Lashes. I heard about it from NOUVEAUCHEAP, and I am a big fan. Am on my 3rd tube! =)