Amor de Lacquer: Revlon’s Runway Collection Nails

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I had the opportunity to test drive Revlon’s Runway glue-on nails. I haven’t worn a pair of fake nails since early middle school. My Mom was sooo against me wearing acrylic so I would buy a pack of nails and rock them on the weekends. Giiiiirl, you couldn’t tell me nothin‘. Fast forward to high school and college where acrylics rocked my world. I’ve been acrylic free for almost two years but I have to admit…I LOVE the way these nails look.

The mess I made…

Let’s talk about the design…

French nails are so blah to me. I like how the snazzy glitter design jazzes things up a bit. I would probably never regularly wear a design like this simply because it isn’t my style but they don’t look bad!

Each box contains 24 nails in 12 sizes. Because I have such long nail beds, I just knew it would be a struggle trying to find a size that fit me. Buuuut….

I did! There were sizes for all 10 of my fingers. I loved how the length was not THAT much longer than my natural nails. I don’t like my nails looking super long.

The process…

I forgot how much of a mess applying fake nails can be. You really have to take your time. The glue STICKS and it does not budge. Which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Good because that means the nails will stay on for at least 7-10 days! I kept mine on for 8 days.

Bad because if you make a mistake with the initial application…girl, you’re in trouble.

I love the overall though! Don’t they look like I got them done at a salon?

I think they look good!

Whatcha think?

Would you buy a pack of these?

Polish Pretty,

[EDIT: I forgot to mention the removal process. Uh….don’t be like me and rip them off. They need to be soaked in pure acetone. Forcefully removing them results in 3 beat-up nails that will take months to heal. Not that I know from experience or anything. Hehe. I mean, *sobs*—Thanks Brooke!]

  • NaturallyNewbie

    I have 2 pack of nails I got from Sallys on clearance.. I havent worn fake nails in so long but after looking at yours I may pull them out the bag.

  • yummy411

    i love them!

  • Gigi

    I don’t mind fake nails. They make your nails look so even and neat without having to worry about breakage, etc.

    I have a question: why is everyone against acrylics and gelnails? I’ve never gotten any but wonder; is it b.c they are unhealthy for nails?

  • Askmewhats

    it looks awesome on you! very pretty! and you’re right, looks like it has been done professionally :)

  • antithesis

    you did a great job! way better than some of the crap ive gotten from a couple of shops. my mom was against me wearing acrylic in high school so a friend and i did that, too. since then, ive gotten acrylic a couple of times for special occasions but i do prefer my natural nails.

  • Crissy

    lookin pretty sweet.
    i’m gonna pick up a pack!

  • izumi

    niceeee. i heard there were lotsa problems w/ bubbles under the nail.. and for them being on for a week, i’m afraid to try ’em hahahaha ’cause i’m a perfectionist and if i messed up, i would wanna rip ’em off! but i love how they look on you :) i wonder if they have sizes for fatty nails?

  • Miss Pretty

    I have a love hate relationship with those nails. I love that they aren’t as harsh as acrylics but I hate that I cant put them on properly! I have air pockets and bubbles on every nail!

  • B

    NN–> It was such a challenge putting them on b/c I haven't worn fake nails in forever either!

    Yums–> I knew you would!

    Gigi–> Hey lady…I never said I was against fake nails. Especially since I wore them for many years. I think acrylic/gel/solar nail sculpting is an ART and I love it. I just prefer my natural nails and I enjoy maintaining them myself.

    Nikki–> Yay! I'm so glad you approve. LOL!

    Antithesis–> Oh yeahhh, acrylic nails for Homecoming dances. Memoriiiies. LOL!

    Crissy–> Go for it, lady! Can't wait to see how they look on you!

    Izumi–> I think I had the bubble issue on a few of the nails. They irked the mess out of me. LOL! Girl…I'm sure they do. My nails/fingers aren't exactly skin-ty. LOL!

    Miss. Pretty–> It takes hella patience!

  • MzInspiredMind81

    Wow, I’m a slave to the acrylic but after looking at those, I may just get press ons. I would be saving soooo much money in the long run!

  • Rachel

    I don’t “do” fake nails. I’ve worn fakes only once in my life and will never go back to them.

    I use OPI Nail Envy and keep a good set of long natural nails.

    The one upside I find to french manicures is that they go with any shade of lipstick =)

  • Miss Yaya

    I don’t know how you did it girl.

    When I put any fake nails on, they last max four days with me. I can’t take long showers. I can’t mess with my hair too much (and have you seen my hair? it loves attention…

    If I attempt at keeping it longer than 4 days, I inevitably get angry b/c at one point in the day the nails just start flying away without me knowing. Then I pop the nails off by my damn self and that’s not good for my nails and UGH! lol

    It IS fun while it lasts though

  • Brooke

    I want to know how the removing them process was???

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I like the look!

  • GS

    Pretty! they looks so natural they don´t look like fakes

  • Milan Angel

    Okay I might have to try some of these for my best friend’s wedding later on this year. I definitely don’t want to do acrylics anymore but I may need something a little more “elegant” for the affair. I’m afraid of the removal process though…I don’t want to damage my real nails.


    The nails look amazing, but I don’t have any pure acetone so I know I would end up with jacked up nails afterward lol.

  • Brooke

    Thanks girl 😉

  • Tysh

    Wow you did a good job with those nails.