Amor de Lacquer: Zoya’s Summer 2009 La-Di-Da Collection

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Leave it to my nails to start acting a fool around the time these fabulous Summer nail polish collections are being released! I have been breaking nails left and right which has been making swatching virtually impossible. I have managed to grow them out so I can finally show off 1 of 2 Zoya Summer 2009 collections. Brace yourself…these polishes are so not for the weak!

But first…let’s have a photoshoot with the sexy six.

Note: Photographing neon polishes is craaaazy difficult. These polishes are a lot more vibrant in real life. My photos do not do them justice.

First up, Renee. This color is described as an ultra bright pink and honey…it is just that. I know this photo makes it look like it is a “safe for work” pink but it really isn’t. In real life is it is bold and the perfect summer pedi color.

‘ello there Pippa! Yep yep….it’s another yellow. Yellow nail polish is SO the color of the season. Pippa ain’t too shabby. As with most yellows, I endure some kind of application issues, but I didn’t have a problem with this one. And it only took two coats with minimal streaks. Loves it!

Say hello to my favorite polish out of the bunch. Paz is seriously the brightest color I have EVER seen. This ultra-bright neon orange polish had to force its way off of my toes. I rocked this on my toes for a good two weeks before it started to chip. If there is one color you need from this collection, this one would be it. It dries with a matte finish but with a good top coat, you can literally blind people with your toes. Seriously…

Dita is a soft dark pink berry creme. In my opinion this is the most “average” color of the bunch. Non nail polish wearin’ folx….this one is for you. Long gone are the days when colors like Dita make me swoon. Dita topped with glitter, however…..

America! I love the name of this polish. I mean…this is the ultimate red. I’m not a fan of red polishes but I can get down with this one. The creme finish is absolutely flawless. This is the kind of red that I wasn’t allowed to wear as a little girl. Wait—was I the only one who couldn’t wear red polishes until high school? LOL!

It’s my second favorite color of the bunch! Heyyyyy Ali! This color is so BRIGHT! It is an ultra bright neon pink that I found itself on my nails AND toes this past weekend. Ali is like the big sister of Renee. This is definitely a must have too!

Go Zoya! I am loviiiiing this collection. I didn’t have any application issues. Zoya polishes always apply flawlessly for me. I applied two coats for each color and I didn’t seem to have not one problem child. Pippa was a little tricky but that is the case with most yellows.

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Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • The Asian Girl

    I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until high school! The worst…I wasn’t allowed to shave until I was 13! UGH!!! Gee, thanks, Mom…*glares* Have you seen Essie Funky Limelight? That will REALLY blind someone IRL!

  • Askmewhats

    love colored polishes!!! they all look wonderful on you!!!

  • NaturallyNewbie

    I love all those colors I really love that yellow on you.

  • Gel

    Ali’s probably my favorite. I’ll choose between Ali and ChG’s Strawberry Pink :) Which one do you suggest?

  • B

    AG–> Okay yeah….glad I'm not the only one. I didn't start wearing eyeliner until I was 17! Wowsers! And yes, I've seen that Essie color. Got my eyes on it too. 😉

    Nikki–> Thank you, darling!

    NN–> Thanks sweets. I am so in love with yellow polishes.

    Gel–> I'm the wrong person to ask b/c I'm going to tell you to get both. LOL!! But seriously…Ali is NEON!!! Strawberry pink, not so much…and it has gold glitter pieces in it. They are both very beautiful and quite different so yeah… need both. 😉

  • Bella

    These shades are all beautiful on you! Lovely collection for sure.

  • Miss Yaya

    I love Pippa! Can you try it side by side with the Sally Hansen Lightening? It seems like a dupe from the pic.

    Also like America and Ali, though I feel like I have those colors somewhere in my collection.

  • Miss Yaya

    oh and your nails look fab. I’ve given up on growing them out and have learned to love them at their short and near stumpy selves.

  • Brooke

    I liked this half of the collection the best! Bright colors just call my name. I had no restrictions on nail polish growing up though, sorry to hear about yours! :)

  • adorepink

    I wasn’t even into nail polish when I was younger and I don’t think there were any restrictions….
    I love these colors. Except that orange. Orange isn’t going to fool me again. They always look great in the bottle but horrible on me…
    Ali and Renee are gorgeous!

  • lena

    HAHAH you crack me up!!!!! i wasn’t allowed to wear anything red when i was growing up. I’m 20 now and my dad still seems uncomfortable when i wear red nail polish/lips 😛

    i love the yellow on your skin!!!