Beauty Bubble: The Top 10 Best Skin Cities…

Is your city on the list? None of the ones I lived in are.

And who picked New York City? C’mon..I love NYC like every one else but how can one of the world’s most polluted cities have residents with the best skin?

I mean honestly—I was there for a week and broke out like mad.

What do you think?

Peep the article! And see if your city is on the list.
The Top 10 Best-Skin Cities

These towns all have perfect conditions for smooth, clear, wrinkle-free skin

In a perfect world, we’d all have flawless-looking skin. In reality, few of us are that lucky. However, some of you are fortunate enough to live where the conditions are ideal for skin. We looked at pollution levels, amount of sunshine, tanning beds per capita, humidity, number of smokers, stress, diet and more to find the places best suited for your skin. Check them out, maybe it’s time to relocate?

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  • Miss Yaya

    don’t hate on nyc! there are plenty of areas with better air than in the middle of the 212 AND we have so many opportunities and products for skin care, etc. that we are the playground of beautiful people! :)~

  • B

    LOL!! I’m just sayin’….er’body in NYC isn’t going to get facials every Friday. Ah well—maybe I’m just hatin’. HA!

  • Anonymous

    I gotta say, I’m pretty sceptical about that list!
    I kinda agree about NYC too, you gotta work extra hard for nice skin when there!

  • Mo

    i've lived in ny all my life and everytime i return from somewhere out of the state, my skin & lungs die a little bit each time. :-/

  • My Fashion Frenzy

    HAHA, great post !!

  • Anonymous

    Actually NYC doesn’t make the top 10 in most polluted cities. The majority of New Yorkers take public transportation, there aren’t a bunch of factories pumping out all that gunk and we care about our health. Besides there being millions of us on this small island and “the city that never sleeps” I wasn’t surprised NY made the top 10 (or at least the top 20).