Beauty Review: MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass

I have always had a thing for MAC’s Dazzleglass. I remember when they first came out. I was in LOVE.

But the $18.00 (a year ago they were $16.50!!) price tag just doesn’t sit well with me. I mean really? $18.00..for lip gloss? Not exactly a recession-friendly purchase. I probably would not have made it had it not been for a Nordstrom’s gift card.

I already own two Dazzleglasses (a review of me in Get Rich here) and I absolutely LOVE them. Granted I don’t wear them all the time but I love how they are nice additions in my make-up stash. Every lady needs a little glitter wear for the lips. Especially a bright magenta one!

Let me introduce you to Funtabulous…

….I decided to have a little photo shoot outside. See….inside it looks glitter-tastic and under control.

But when the sun hits it…

Oh.mi.glittery goodness. This color is a work of art! Of course layering it over your favorite lip gloss or lip stick will really make it pop but I don’t mind wearing it solo. Especially on make-up free day.

Oh, wondering why I have the concerned face?

A little black snack decided to pop his head up over the bushes. Earlier, he slithered by my head while I was laying on the grass. He and other creepy crawlers are reasons why I am not so much of a nature girl. *trembles* So much for make-up shots outside. I’m done.

Do you own any Dazzeglasses?

What’s your favorite one, chica?

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I do own a dazzleglass, one of the brown ones cant recall the name.
    A snake YIKES I like them but that may be too close for comfort!
    Happy monday

  • Miss Pretty

    A snake? I hate the outdoors but only because I have allergies.

  • Kimboo

    I like the dazzleglass and I bought some. I have dark pigment lips and when the gloss wear off it leave all that glitter, thats what I hate about it. Do you have any suggests?

  • GirlAboutTown

    ooo i loveee like venus….its such a pretty shimmery pink!

  • izumi

    i own smile :) haven’t used it yet, hahahaha. wanted to get “money honey” and “moth to the flame” but BUDGET! ahhh budgeting sucks ;P that lippie looks fab on you though! i’ve never tried purple tones.. i think.. they would just be a little weird.

  • adorepink

    Oh wow, a snake…photoshoot over and done. I’m with you on that one. LOL
    But that dazzleglass is nice…I want it. I think my 2nd beauty obession is lip gloss. But the 18 dollar price tag is hurting me…

  • Askmewhats

    I don’t own any dazzleglass but WOW! that looks nice!

  • Miss Yaya

    I own plenty… I love them. I get the other glosses too though, and i love the sparkle for every day as well lol the prices def hurt my heart though

  • Tysh

    I love Dazzleglass, I have the one that you are featuring, I would say I have about 8 of them, I don’t know the names right now, I am kind of falling asleep at the computer. LOL

  • yummy411

    loves my moth to a flame!!

    ok so dazzleglass for daytime but you think loreal voluminous is a night time mascara? i’m confused brit! =p

    both can totally be pulled off during the day!

  • Lavendar

    I own three, but Date Night is my absolute fav!

  • Starrlite

    I bought the same color and I was a little unsure. But I absolutely love the gloss it self and the color. I will be getting more of the Dazzleglass gloss.

  • Milan Angel

    You look GREAT! I love Funtabulous as well. Its one of 3 dazzleglasses that I own.


    LOVE IT!

  • Anonymous

    i heart funtabulous. it was the only dazzleglass that i was really impressed with.