Beauty Review: Organix Hair Products

NOTE: When it comes to hair care reviews, my opinion best fits women who have natural 4B-type hair. I have no way of knowing how well this product will work on other hair types and textures. Find out more about hair types here.

Ahhh yesss, Organix products. I remember first seeing these in Target and immediately being intrigued.

What first drew me to Organix products were their SULFATE AND PARABEN FREE labels. I am extremely picky about what I put in my hair and products with sulfates and parabens in them are definite no-no’s.

Now that I think about it….my loctician would be rather disappointed in me if she knew I was using products without her approval. BUT, something tells me that she would be okay with Organix Vanilla Silk Shampoo and Conditioner.

Uh oh….a closer look at the ingredients forces me to think otherwise.

I am also “supposed to be” -cone and alcohol free.

HOWEVER, my hair seemed to like both the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo didn’t suck the moisture out of my color treated hair and the conditioner replenished what little was removed. I am surprised!

Because my locs are only 4 months old, I am not supposed to use conditioner as to prevent slippage. I was careful and only applied it to my scalp.

The result?

Shiny and happy locs!

I’m impressed! I think I’ll stick with all-natural method while trucking along on my loc journey but I highly recommend these to other ladies seeking moisture in the hair department.

Organix products are found at most drugstores, Target and Wal-Mart. Have any of you tried any of these products?

Whatcha think?

  • Miss Yaya

    I never knew about the hair types chica! I read the page and I am a 3B or a 3C “reader suggested” category lol.

  • Miss Yaya

    oh yeah – and I was pretty happy with Organix too. :)

  • *stars*in*my*pocket*

    Im a 3a-3b curly girl. I really like the organix Tea tree and pepermint hydrating conditioner. This line is a great transition to all natural products. It does have the alcohol and -cones, but its a great stepping stone in the right direction. And I LOVE the smell of all their products!!

  • adriene

    Ever since I saw one of your Youtube vids in which you mentioned your hair type, I've been curious about what my hair type is but, didn't know where/ how to find out. Thanks for the knowledge B! <3

  • NaturallyAlise

    I learned something new today… my hair 4a, and i saw that the things on their list are some of the products that work for me. I have tried the conditioner for Organix and i like it (and it smells so yummy) haven’t done the shampoo though bc i only co-wash….

  • Organic Cosmetics

    This is quite a comprehensive review of the range of hair care products from Organix. It would surely help us to decide on any product. :-)

  • adorepink

    While shopping for shampoo and conditioner in Target about a month ago,I was immediately drawn to these. I walked up and down the aisle debating if I should get them or not. I decided to get my usual Herbal Essences. I knew I should have gotten Organix! Dang…
    Next time.

  • Lori

    I’m a 3B/3C girl, and I really enjoy the coconut milk conditioner. Also, just a sidenote- alcohols such as cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol are actually fatty acids. They’re very emollient and moisturizing, derived from fats and waxes, and not drying at all. Those are actually good to have in your products. The bad, drying alcohols are SD-40, alcohol denat, and isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

  • sabrina

    I use the Coconut Milk conditioner fairly regularly and I really like it.

  • amy

    I’m giving away 5 sets of the Coconut Milk shampoo/conditioner at my blog – and I believe Organix is giving away Coconut Milk stylers at their blog in the near future :)

  • B

    Lori–> Thank you so much for the knowledge, lady. I really do appreciate it!

    Amy–> Shucks!! I seemed to have miss the giveaway date. :(

  • Avril

    i'm interested in trying their products, I've been natural for 5 years, 3 1/2 having locs which has recently been cut…when it comes to rebates it does not come from the company..the company outsources a 3rd party company to do the work for them..the problem is with the rebate company….some people from what I've seen has gotten their rebates, while others have not. I'm still going to try the product :)