Brown & Blushin': Blush Application 101

How long as it been since we’ve seen a lovely post from the Brown and Blushin’ series? Giiiirl, it’s been a minute. I know, I know. Like Jamie Foxx says, “Blame it on the alc—I mean, acne.” Seriously. A 2-3 month acne break-out can make a sista not even want to look in the mirror much less apply blush. But I can only go so long without applying one of my favorite beauty products.

For quite some time I have gotten a ton of requests for blush application for newbies. I can’t believe I haven’t done a post on this yet! Especially since it took me forever to figure out how to correctly apply blush.

It really is quite simple and there are several ways to do it.

You can apply blush just on the apples of the cheeks to get a nice flush of color. And all you have to do here is make a big ass (sorry Mom, had to say it..) Kool-Aid smile. Like this…

Dab just a little blush on the cheeks. A little blush goes a long way so it’s best to apply a little at a time. I am using MAC’s Full Fuchsia blush. I like to swirl the blush on the apples of my cheeks to make sure that I have an even distribution.

And viola!

Another one of my favorite ways to apply blush is along my cheekbones. To do this, I make the fishy face. You know, like this…

And I apply a generous amount of blush from my jawline to my hairline.

I usually use this technique with bronzers and lighter blushes such as MAC’s Sweet as Cocoa.

Of course there really aren’t any rules. Do what works for you. As long as you use just a small amount of blush at a time…you really can’t do any wrong.

I have a video to go along with this post. Yes, there are 298 bloopers. Per usual. HA!

Because brown people can blush too,

  • Askmewhats

    lol I love the “Blame it on the!” i nearly laughed !!!! this is a lovely series I missed so much!

  • Saimese

    Hahahaha at blame it on the ACNE! I had the hardest time figuring out how to blush properly. Your video is great for beginners. I love how you added “Because brown people can blush too.” I can’t stand it when people say that brown people don’t blush!

  • samsyu

    Writing a simple, but solid and contain, I am interested in reading it. I try more often you read any posts. Thank you my friend.

  • Amina

    Full fuschia looks amaaazing on you!!this is my favorite series!

  • Hijabi Apprentice

    Yay! It was you (and Erin) who helped me fall in love with blush and now I wear it nearly everyday!

  • Milan Angel

    Good post. LOVES me some blush! :-)

  • Jennifer

    I’m just getting into blush so this is very helpful!! Thanks so much girl!!

  • Krasey Beauty

    I always look so goofy when applying my blush! Thanks for highlighting proper technique 😉

  • Jayme

    I love this post, it shows me a way to wear brighter colors of blush with out looking over the top