Clumps goes to New York!

Or back to New York, I should say. All posts from here on out will come from the handy dandy Blackberry. I plan to share my entire experience while in New York and at The Makeup Show NYC with Clumps of Mascara readers. Don’t mind the randomness that the blog will take from now until next Wednesday. It won’t be routine, but it will be fun!

The Makeup Show NYC contest winners have been contacted. Are you one? Check your email and email me back ASAP.

-Are you going to be in the NYC area around the same time that I will be? Heyyyy! Let’s meet up!

-Keep the emails a coming! My responses may be a little delayed but I will respond!

-A guest post or two may pop up. Don’t be alarmed. She’s great!

… I go, family.

Stay beautiful!

  • Kitty

    Welcome to the big apple!

  • Connie De Alwis

    I wish I was there :( Why do I get invited to all the cool places that I can’t go? that’s just MEAN!!

    Have fun!!! *hugs*

  • Miss Yaya

    see ya soon chica!

  • Brooke

    Have fun and stay safe :)

  • Tysh

    Hope I see you at the Makeup Show, will be there bright and early on Monday.


    have fun!

  • Pumps and Gloss

    Have fun for me…:-D