FOTD Friday: 90’s Challenge look

I’ve got another challenge entry!

If you’ve been around Clumps of Mascara for quick lil‘ minute, you know that I LOVE doing beauty challenges with my fellow beauty bloggin‘ sisters. I participated in the 80’s challenge, a Politically Pretty challenge, A Women’s History Month challenge and now it’s time to break out and do somethin‘ from the 90’s.

I am SUCH a 90’s baby, yall. Granted I was born in ’85 but I don’t remember anything about the ’80’s. I was a Spice Girl lovin‘, Family Matters’ watchin‘, Giga Pet havin‘ kid of the 90’s. And I am proud! A great deal of my older friend love picking for being so young but hey…I am a 90’s baby…and therefore I am cool.

The end…

My girl Amina over at Coup de Coeur spearheaded this challenge and she requested that we do looks inspired from 90’s girl groups. Dude, I didn’t even know where to begin because I LOVE so many. But I wanted to go with a group whose music I not only loved but thought that their images were somehow similar to mine—or vice versa.

I chose…

Now in case you aren’t familiar with the dynamic harmonization that is Zhané, pronounced Jah-Nay, check out the video.

One of my college girls and I would sit and sing this song over and over. We could have been the next Zhané. Oh y’all didn’t know I could sing? Well uh…I try, I try. Teheheeee.

The ladies of Zhané have beautiful features that are never overdone with make-up. Did you watch the video? They have a bronzed look with brown lips. Their brows are defined with very little action goin’ on in the eye department. I tried to do the same but added my own little POP to it.

NARS Albatross highlighter (browbone)
MAC Cocobeach pigment (lid)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
L’Oreal Voluminous mascara

Cargo Bronzer in Dark

MAC Chestnut lip pencil
Kiss My Face Sheer Organic shine in Topaz

They are earthy ladies and since nature seems to hate me (see why in a post coming soon), I had to use my fake tree to get in on the action.

I am a M-E-S-S. But I had such a good time strollin’ down memory lane and….playing in fake trees.

Rock on, ladies. And may the 90’s live forever!!

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  • Shana

    muy bonita!

  • Askmewhats

    Very pretty honey! I specially love the last photo :) :) :)


    this is beautiful! i love it. awww snap zhane! “hey dj keep playing that song, all night. on and on and onnnnn”

    love them!

  • Miss Yaya

    lmao at the strolling in the bushes pic

    this sounds like an interesting challenge – i might try it if i have time

  • yours truly

    i love love love zhane. Was just listening to that album yesterday. it would be so nice if they still put out music. great duo.

    love how simple the look is too. great job.

  • MzBrowneyez901

    Girl you crack me up! I was with you……til the picture in the leaves that “tree”.

    As usual…. love your blog girly!

  • Tonisha

    Ahhh the memories!!! Great look on you Brittany! I always love that polished look that simple makeup can give. I may have to give this challenge a try and channel that Xscape “Tonight” look… Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Milan Angel

    I used to love me some Zhane! This is a beautiful look girl. Great job! :-)

  • B

    Shana–> Eres muy amable…muchas gracias, mi hermana!

    Nikki–> Thanks doll. LOL…I knew you could appreciate my silliness.

    Jen–> Girl yesss….isn't that a fab throwback? So my jam!

    Yaya—> Yes! Join in. The deadline is the 12th so you still have some time.

    Yours Truly—> I knowwwww. I would LOVE for them to come back.

    MzBrownEyez–> Yall know a post ain't a post w/o me doing/saying something goofy. Gotta make you laugh on this Friday! :)

    Tonisha–> Thanks sweets…it's amazing what bronzer can do to the face. And I hope I'm not overdoing it by applying it all over. I just LOVE that look.

    Milan–> Thanks hon!

  • Connie De Alwis

    B, you’re not matte enough for the 90s! Maybe it’s because your skin naturally glows…. 😉 You’re lookin’ great!

  • Willa

    I used to love love love Zhané
    90's hip hop and r&b was the best
    This or it's my 28 years old that makes me too old… o_0

  • yummy411

    girl that was my FAVORITE zhane song ever!! yeh the 90’s was hot! swv was actually touring with guy and some other 90 guy groups (jodeci, keith sweat,etc.) i wish they would do an all girl tour!!

    ok, you are truly a mess this time around taking pics in the trees!!lmao!!

    great job girl, may the 90’s live on forever!

  • Amina

    yay!!! you look amaaazing!!
    I looove zhane too!! off to add this to the blog :)

  • Stefanie

    Lol, at the nature pose. You are a mess for real!