FOTD Friday: The just some liner look

Hi family!

It’s Friday—ohmigoodness, I totally love short weeks. Actually, no I don’t. They go slower than regular weeks. Don’t ask to try and explain that either. I know someone out there knows what I’m talking about. HA!

Before I drop the one-photo look for today, I wanted to update you on what’s going on via Clumps:

  • I will be traveling for all of next week. Don’t fret! Posts will still air as usual however I will not be able to respond to comments immediately. This year’s family vacay is back to the Bahamas. You know I will take tons of photos!
  • The Makeup Show highlights will take a brief intermission next week but will resume shortly after.
  • I will be attending the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event on June 7th. If there is anything you would like for me to check out, shoot me an email and let me know!
  • Clumps will celebrate its two year anniversary on Friday, June 12th. It will be quite the celebration ‘roun these parts! That means giveaways, giveaways and more giveaways! Maybe some contests and other surprises. Stay tuned. Anyone want to be on the party planning committee?
  • My fellow blog sister and friend Kia at Yummy411 celebrates a birthday on Sunday, June 7th so shoot her some Happy B-Day love!
  • The lovely Tamar will be babysitting Clumps while I am away so feel free to email any housekeeping questions to her at

I think that’s it for now, jello pops. Will ya’ll miss me? *tears* Because I shall miss you!

And now for my look:

….and that’s it! I’m serious. I’m supporting some liner, gloss and of course, mascara! I was getting a makeover at D&G Cosmetics in New York City and this was the BEFORE. Nothing special here, uh?

Off I go! Have a wonderful week, lovelies!

  • adriene

    Have a fun and safe trip!

  • Miss Pretty

    Have fun and wear sunscreen along with your swimsuit!!!! Pick me up something cute :)

  • mzinspiredmind

    Ohhhhh have fun for me in the Bahamas! I’m so jealous! LOL

    I want to be on the party planning committee!!!!

    Also, I concur…yes short weeks are longer than regular 5day work weeks! SIGH.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Have a great well deserved vacay!

  • Dwana

    I just returned from FL a few weeks ago. HOT!!! You can tell who’s a tourist and who isn’t. Shhh FL residents don’t sweat. Girl, everyDAY I looked like Shabba Ranks! I want to know how many geckos and bugs you had to dodge. I have a HUGE phobia of insects! No flies, butterflies, ants, spiders, gnats, NO BUGS!!! FL was killing me and I was everyone’s joke. I was told that I reminded them of Smokey from Friday (when he was tripping.) Ha ha…blank stare. Just watch your back Diva, have a safe flight, and have fun!

  • Mama Mish Mash

    Sounds fun! Enjoy!

  • Rere

    ur still a sexy bitch with minimal makeup!

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  • Andrea

    I love the look! It's so clean,fresh & easy breezy… Great for the summer:)
    Be safe & have fun!!!

  • Leigh

    Oh, wow, where’s your sweater from? I love that color. (Sorry, I get distracted easily.)

    Have fun in the Bahamas. I am so jealous!

  • Andrea

    Ooooooooo Leigh,you are right!! That sweater IS cute….
    OK Clumps,give up the goods–(smile!) Who are you wearing & where did you get it? :)
    Great color too!

  • ~J

    Hey, I’m a nailtech in Baltimore and I’ll be at Premier too. I’m flying out Saturday morning from BWI.


    liner just finishes everything. it looks great by itself. have you tried stila's kajals? great for just a liner look because its so smudgy that by the end of the day, it looks like you have a smokey eye but a pretty one.