Mascara Monday: L’Oreal Bare Naturale mascara

Happy happy Monday! And I hope all of the Mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I spent mine in Miami Beach visiting my parental Grandmother. Remember when I talked about her here? Oh yes….she is a remarkable woman. As are all of the women in my life. And check out the view from the Eden Roc hotel…

We treated Grandma to a little vacay in her own city and she loved it. As did I! Miami is my original hometown and yet I had never been to Miami Beach. Wow! I most certainly will be back.

Time for another mascara review….

L’Oreal Bare Naturale mascara

Price: 3 out of 5 (I got this for $7.99 at Walgreens)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What it claims: “…the first mineral-enriched mascara from L’Oréal’s Bare Naturale. This innovative formula contains 86% natural-origin ingredients, shine-enhancing minerals and is both paraben- and fiber-free. It provides your lashes with flawless volume and length, with a weightless feel that is absolutely clump-free. The brush is made with naturally-based soft bristles that delicately brush through lashes without tugging. Your lashes will look positively flawless and feel fresh and weightless all day long.” (source)

The truth:
Not bad. I mean…for some reasons my expectations were low but this mascara delievered.

What I loved about it: You do get a nice natural look with this mascara. I have always been desirous of crazy volumized lashes but I really like this one.

What I didn’t like: The wand’s bristles weren’t as defined as I like them. Boo.

Overall: I like the idea behind this mascara. At first glance of the word “naturale” you may be like me and assume that the mascara is supposed to give you “natural looking” lashes. No ma’am….the “naturale” comes from what is in–or not in–the mascara. This mineral enriched fragrance-free, paraben-free, fiber-free mascara is formulated with jojoba oil, aloe and Vitamin E. It lacks a great deal of the harsh chemicals that some mascaras tend to have. The fact that its performance is still pretty decent….says a lot!

Now it’s not OMG-totally freakin’ awesome. I would have liked a tad bit more volume and length. But overall, it did a pretty good job. I can see my Mom with a mascara like this. It gives you enough length or volume without going overboard.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

Would I recommend it?: Sure. I’m impressed. And I am quite the advocate for being a little more “green” in the beauty world. This mascara is certainly a better step in the right direction.

Skipped on the video review this time around

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A crazed mascara reviewer,

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  • Fashion’s Darling

    I LOVE this mascara! My only issue is the clumping- if you hve shakey hnds like i do then be careful.

    but i wear this everyday and get really upset if i can’t find it.

  • SoulCry

    I’ve been using this mascara for a while and love it as well.

    My only problem is that it dries out pretty fast.

  • Starrlite

    I am glad you did a review on this, I am currently using this and I like it a lot. But if I’m not careful it can clump.

  • max.fabulous

    Britney can you do a review of L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara? I’ve been watching it for a minute and need your definitive word on whether to buy it or not.
    Hope you’re having a fruitful time in NY!


    i love your lashes. they’re so curly. i haven’t been a fan of l’oreal because of a past bad experience. but this mascara looks promising.

  • B

    MaxFab–> I did a review of that mascara! Check it out here:

  • Yum Yucky

    I found some "mom mascara" to try out! oh crap. I'm getting old. 😛

  • Cathy

    Why did I get a curved brush in the Bare Naturelle mineral-enriched mascara. Black-brown ? It doesn’t say anywhere that it’s curved.