NYC Mobile Post

Hey family!

I’m just shootin’ you some quick photos of my time so far here in NYC. I so wish I could spead all of my photos out instead of ALL of them ending up at the top.

Ah well…

All pictures were taken with my Blackberry so if they look a little fuzzy….that’s why!

First photo is of New York City, of course! I was hangin’ out at a cafe off of 42nd and Lexington. Or something like that. Ha!

Next up is a darling little flower ring that I got from a wholesale shop for only $3. Actually…..I got A LOT of little goodies for only $2-$3. Blame those purchases on Miss. Yaya from I’ll Be My Own Judge; fellow beauty/fashion blogger.

My hair is LOVING Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk. I will do a formal review on this one but I just wanted to share with my family how much I love it. I am also supporting a mani I got done at Avanti Spa with Adina from Nail polish fans…can you guess the color? Hint: it is a OPI color. And you thought it was Zoya’s Malia, uh?

Can you believe I only brought TWO palettes with me on this trip. What can I say? The NARS Bridal palette and Urban Decay (omg, what is it called again?) palette have everything I need! And as far as that Dove deodorant. Wow!! Stay tuned for a review and giveaway of that baby!

….and then of course, it’s me throwing up the deuces. Why do people do that? And why do you feel like you have to wear shades when you do it? Lol…craziness!

Today I will be at Saks off of 5th Avenue swooning over the work of celebrity make-up artist Pat McGrath. Right after is the Blogger Preview at The Makeup Show. And after that? Who knows? Sushi? Thai? Shopping? I’m up for anything!

I hope that you all are having a great weekend!!

Special love to my girl Tamar is has been holding down Clumps beautifully!

Stay beautiful,


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  • Miss Pretty

    I wish I was there!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like fun! If you see Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics at the show, PLEASE grab some lip tars. People have raved about them and I’d love to see how they look on brown skin.

    Have fun!

  • Polish Earthgirl

    Is the color Parlez-vous OPI? BTW i love your pictures!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the new OPI violet or lilac. Too dark to be Done Out in Deco.

    Have fun in NYC!

  • Anonymous

    BTW–which wholesale shop for the ring?


  • Nicole

    That ring is TOO adorable! Ammo palette from UD, I have the same one and love it. Yes, I would be curious to see what those OCC colors looked like on you, I’ve only seen them on Jude Rivera who is probably a shade darker than me – I bet those bright colors would be HOT on your skintone!
    I’ve been following your fun on Twitter! So awesome.

  • Patty

    It’s either A Grape Fit or Done Out In Deco. Or Parlez-Vous OPI. Love the pictures! And definitely let us know the color!

  • Lori

    nails- gotta be A Grape Fit!
    I’ve always wanted to try the Hair Milk… sounds like I need to buckle down ASAP!

  • Askmewhats

    Enjoy sweetie!!!! you are having the time of your life! i missed you! But this is still a nice place to visit with nice people helping you out on COM!

  • jasmineleann

    i love that ring!!!
    and I am looking forward to the hair milk review…i have been wanting to try it for awhile but wasnt sure of it.

  • Belle Du Jour

    have fun in nyc! I will be at the makeup show tomm. Fun! loving your blog. Come check out mine if you get a chance! hope to see you around.
    xx belle

  • my_makeup_mania

    Gorgeous flower-ring! Looks fabulous!

  • Miss Yaya

    love the nyc love :)


    ooh i like that flower. hope you’re having a great time.

  • xxxx

    hey whats the name or location of the wholesale shop that you went to for that ring. i will love to check it out!

  • B

    xxxx—> I soooo can't remember. Ack! I'm sorry! :(