NYX Cosmetics 10 Year Anniversary Sale

Oh.mi.goodness…check this out!

One of my favorite brands NYX is having a 10 year anniversary sale.

50% off of EVERYTHING from May 1-May 15

Use code: NYX50

For U.S. online purchases only

…and get this: if you click HERE, they have eye shadows singles for $1.25!!! Whaaat?!

If you have ever been interesting about trying this GREAT recession-friendly brand….now is the time. I think I’m going to indulge this time.

What about you?
Passing it by?
Already at the website?

Click HERE to get your shop on!

…..congratulations to Naimah! She is the lucky recipient of a $50 gift certificate to BeautyTicket.com!

  • blackform

    I am soo upset, i saw this yesterday, and i placed my order but the shipping killed me 50 dollars (yes i live in canada)! And my total order was only 21 dollars. Sigh, hopefully another time.

  • blackform

    oh, by the way cherryculture also has 50 percent off and its free shipping over 40, only in the states though

  • dethkloth

    I knew about the sale but I wanted to tell you I love reading your blog so much! It makes me so happy to see someone is out there telling other women like us that we aren’t limited to boring browns and dull reds. I spent way too much money on this sale!

  • Miss Yaya

    i keep saying i will check it out but subconsciously – if i don’t get to it and miss it – then i save money and it’s meant to be….right???

  • adriene

    Thanks! You know I’m already there!!

  • B

    Blackform–> Really? DANG!!

    dethkloth–> Thank you sooo much for the support. It really means a lot!

    Yaya–> I love you for that. Haaaa!!

    Adriene–> I'm right behind you, lady!

  • Milan Angel

    I hauled some stuff…about 25 things to be exact and only paid like $45. LOL! Love!

  • Tonisha

    Thanks for the heads up B. I plan on ordering mine from Cherry Culture though since the NYX site limited their color choices. Plus the free shipping over $40 lured me on in. Stay fabulous B!!!