Sista Show-Off: More hot blogs, mags and artists

Welcome to another post from the Sista Show Off series! In this series I like to show some love to other companies, blogs, businesses, organizations or just regular ladies like myself who are paving the way for women everywhere! Let me feature you! Shoot me an email at

  • What do you get when you combine a hubby that shoots and a wifey that bangs out make-up? None other than K&T Makeup Artistry. I love love LOVE family businesses but it especially warms my heart when it is a husband/wife operation. That’s just a beautiful thang. In the DC/M/V area and needin‘ to spruce up your portfolio? Check out the fab duo’s MySpace page for more information.
  • Sommer, the head lady behind the electronic publication of Gemini Mag is quite the inspiration. Sometimes I forget that the average size woman here in America is a size 14. Yes girl….it’s true. Gemini Mag focuses on the beauty and lifestyle by and for plus size women. I love it, I love it! Yours truly has contributed in the Beauty Department of the magazine. Rock on, Sommer! Just remember moi when you land on the newstands. Check out the most recent subscription here.

  • I envy her brows somethin‘ serious. She had me itchin‘ to try henna. This beautiful Indian lady has such a wonderful spirit that is captured beautifully in her blog. She is Saimese.
  • I call Miss. Yaya my Brooklyn angel for a reason. Never mind that we spend time shipping off goodies to each other…..she also has a bomb ass blog! I Will Be On My Own Judge talks about everything from celeb fashions to hair reviews, drugstore polishes and everything in between. And don’t you judge her..because she will be her own judge. Ha!
  • Sweet Life Magazine is everything and then some. Beauty, fashion and entertainment galore! Magazine Editor Michele has an inviting and beautiful layout that makes visiting the e-magzine feel like you have just left reality and entered a paradise. Yours truly has also contributed to this fabulous publication. So sweet!

I hope that you visit the following blogs, websites and magazines. I love love LOVE supporting any and everyone in any way that I can. These women are inspiring in so many ways. I can’t stress enough that NOW is the time to make your dreams come true. Got a passion? Turn it into a career. Got a cause? Make sure your voice is heard. Got money?

….shoooo, I don’t. But don’t let that stop you. Go ‘head and do things that make you happy, lady!

  • Saimese

    Thanks for mentioning my blog.. you are too cute! I’ll be checking out the other sites. Thanks for sharing the love

  • MzInspiredMind81

    Ohhhhhhh thank you girl for sending these blogs our way!

  • Miss Yaya

    Fancy finding myself here! I have to agree on feauturing miss saimese. Will have to check out all the other sites as well. Good looking out!

  • Krasey Beauty

    Awesome idea! Thanks for pointing out some cool new sites 😉