The Makeup Show-Day 1 (mobile post)

Okay fam…keep in mind that I will do complete coverage of The Makeup Show NYC when I make it back to Florida. These are just teaser posts. If you have questions about anything in particular don’t hesitate to email me at Responding to posts via mobile is crazy hard!!

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen some of these photos already.

Oh! Whoever guessed that the polish I am wearing in the previous NYC post was from OPI’s South Beach collection and called Done Out in Deco was absolutely right!

First up!

I absolutely love the idea of Mommy Makeup! Until I do a formal review of these products, you should check out their site at

What in the powdery colorful goodness are these? Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics pigments! You know you want one…. And yes! I got not one but TWO of their lip tars. Can’t wait to review them.

Crown brushes!! Amazing quality—insane price. No really….insane. As in good, I mean. Be on the look-out for a giveaway!

Blogger girls in the house! Yummy411 and Her Royal Poshness (who was visiting the states for her first time ever—-and alone!) and I took a few minutes to get cute for the cam!

It’s YouTube make-up guru Koren and Oscar-award winning make-up artist Eve Pearl! Both are extremely down to Earth. And yes I was begging Koren to jump on Twitter. Did you know he has launched a website? Hotness!!

Whoa whoa….beautiful shades from Make Up For Ever. Sooo pigmented!

Tis it for now, friends. You can get more coverage of The Makeup Show NYC from me if you follow me on Twitter (@ClumpsOfMascara)

Anything you want me to check out? Let me know!!

Stay beautiful!


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  • chunkee munkee

    *drools..* look at all those goodies!!!!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    HUmph…we didn’t get to cross paths yesterday :-( but that show was AWESOMEEEEEEEE. I loved naked cosmetics and AJ crimson—divine.
    Have a blast during day 2.
    Take more pics than I did, so I can link to your post…lol

  • Pau F

    MAn by the time i got to OC cosmetics their booth was almost sold out of everything :( the only lip tars remaining were blue and yellow. They’re the new hot brand 😀 their airbrush foundations are to die for! even without the airbrush!

  • izumi

    oo those swatches look beautiful! but not as fab as you 😉

  • Anonymous

    did you pick a winner for the beautyticket giveaway?

    can’t wait

  • Amina

    I wished I could be there…It shows that you had a blast!!

  • Jamaya

    I had a BLAST at the show! Those OCC lip tars are the ish! And my MUFE eyeshadow pallette is soooo pigmented. Have fun at day 2 and get lots of goodies and deals ;)I also saw Makeup Geek (Youtube) at the show.


    koren is so awesome! that’s a great idea about mommy makeup. i really want some OCC products lucky you!

  • Marina

    thank you for nice post! can’t wait for the “big review”:D
    too bad I couldn’t make it there

  • Yinka (VexInThecity)

    Love those MUFE swatches. I need to get my hands on some of their e/s)

    ( )