The Makeup Show NYC: Free tickets!

That’s right! You read the title correctly. I am giving away not one but TWO tickets for either day of the The Makeup Show NYC. Before you get crazy excited, here are the deets.

  • The Makeup Show NYC is on Sunday, May 17th and Monday, May 18th.
  • Each winner may bring one guest each (WOW!)
  • The Makeup Show NYC will be in New York City (duh) at the Metropolitian Pavilion.
  • I will be there!
  • …..and so will many other fabulous make-up artists, bloggers and brands.
  • Contest ends on Monday, May 11th at 12:00 a.m.
  • A winner will be selected at random.
  • Winners MUST email me directly.

All you have to do to win is….leave a comment in this post with your email address. If you prefer to email me you can do so at No need to submit a sob story….but I would love if those who can actually ATTEND this event be the ones that submit their information.

C’mon yall…if you know you can’t make it (ahem, Motherrrr…) give someone else a chance.

If you DON’T win…you can still purchase tickets to The Makeup Show NYC here.

Ticket information

Advance Tickets
One Day Ticket $45
Two Day Ticket $70

At the Door – If Available
One Day Ticket $65 – Tax is not included
Two Day Ticket $85 – Tax is not included

Good luck!! And happy Friday to all!

  • Kitty

    Hi! My e-mail address is Thanks for having this giveaway! :)

  • Logan


    I would love to attend. My email is Thank you.

  • Jaded

    Sounds like fun and I’d totally be able to attend! So…

  • IbisCaraib

    Lord help me this is the only way I can afford to attend this… If I win, I will totally be able to attend!
    Email is ibismakeupmymind (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Izzo

    I would LOVE To attend.

  • Nuratu

    OMG!!!!!!!! Hold on cause I just fell on the floor and hurt myself in sheer excitement and utter delight. I.MUST.BE.THERE. The end. So my email addresses are AND And for good measure
    Kay now choose me. ‘Preciate ya

  • chunkee munkee

    omg. i wish i lived in newyork.


    aw sucks for us in cali!

  • Umm Amirah

    …Pick me pick me!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d be able to attend ! It’s

  • rita

    I would love to attend and would be able to :) my email is . Thanks so much :)

  • Vicky in nyc

    wow!!! amazing My email address is Thankyou for doing this!!

  • Anonymous

    I can attended either day and would love the opportunity to meet you. My email addy is

    Safe travels…

  • Covet Deschanel

    I love the blog and would LOVE to attend. I’m available on both days. My email is

    Thanks so much!

  • Miss Yaya

    I shouldve done this before I bought my ticket LOL

  • Adrienne

    wow this is amazing!! theres already SO many great cosmetic places in the city, but this event def puts it over the top!

  • Mary

    I am local and would love to go

  • Nan

    I would love to attend. In fact, I already put in for the day off even though I don’t have a ticket


  • Product Junkie Diva

    Hey B
    thanks for doing this contest
    heyyyyyyyy makeup show!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I want to go to this show sooo bad! Havent been able to purchase tickets yet. But if I can win them That would be even better! Crosisng my fingers :-)

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure I’m the only guy on here but my girlfriend would love to go to this show so i’m entering in hopes to win tickets to take her.