The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 1-Around the city

Here we go! Time to start cranking out posts from The Makeup Show NYC. I have so many things to share with y’all that is just may take a week to get it all out. But something tells me you won’t mind. At least I hope not.

First up….random sites of the city. I’ve been to New York City several times before but I always felt like a “tourist”. This time, however, I didn’t stay in a hotel. I moved around via trains, buses and taxis and I didn’t even get lost.

Okay, that’s a lie. If you followed my tweets you know that I got crazy lost on the bus from NYC to Jersey. And not once, but twice. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is by far the most confusing creation ever!

Pero, I digress…on to the shots!

My first dinner in the city was in Harlem at Amy Ruth’s with my good friend Jasmine.

I love some good soul food. I’ve been to Sylvia’s and B. Smith’s before and I think I would rank Amy Smith’s as the best of the three. The salmon croquettes were seasoned to perfection.

And just because I love art in all forms..

While roaming the city aimlessly I found myself in Time Square.

But I didn’t stay there long. WAY too many tourists <--- says the tourist. On our way from a D&G Cosmetics event, Miss. Yaya and I ran into a street festival.

I wanted to hang around but we were on a mission. We grabbed a gyro and chicken-on-stick and jetted. My last few shots….

Fast forward a few days and my friend Nuratu, blogger Wes and blogger Mariyah and I all went to Sea Thai Restaurant.

Thai is one of my favorite cuisines and I have been to a dozen Thai restaurants. Um….this is so my favorite. Panang tofu is one of my favorite dishes and this was so good that I can still taste. Seriously!

Tis all for now. Stay tuned for the next installment of my experience at The Makeup Show NYC!


  • Dwana

    I’m always in the city. Too much of you ask me! I seen that you mentioned chicken-on-stick. LOL They are so good they would put the fear of God in you! I LOVE them.

  • Askmewhats

    eeekkk I hate getting lost and looking for places but that’s the adventure part I guess :) great photos! You obviously enjoyed art of all forms! that’s so creative!

  • Yinka (VexInThecity)

    I went to Amy Ruth’s for the first time a couple of wks ago too. My boyf’s Mum recc’ed it after we had not-so-great experience at Sylvia’s which has quite frankly gotten too big for its boots.

    The service and food in AR was on point! Def going back when I go and visit my man again. So glad it’s a 5 min walk from his parents house – result!

    I HEART NYC, can’t want to emigrate once and for all!!

  • IndiasWorld

    nice! i love me some ny too. i could have suggested a ton of things for you to do. sea is a great thai restaurant. did you go to the one in williamsburg. next time try peeps. you will fall in love with thai food again!!! i’m going next month w/out my kids. i’m not going to sleep a wink.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    If you think you saw many tourists you would hate to be on 5th ave during the winter holiday season…GRRRRRRR
    Ok so I am here in NYC an I have yet to visit the and Amy’s sad right??? Looks like you had fun!

  • adorepink

    I hate being lost! I would probably go crazy in New York but I dont think I would even mind because it would be new and exciting. I can only imagine NY during the holiday season…O.M.G.

  • Adrienne

    can’t wait to read how the rest of your trip went!

    btw are you from the miami area??

    i’ll be going there in about a week and am looking for some places to go to for nail polish dustying and splurging

  • A

    New York definitely misses you! I am convinced I need to kidnap you back 😉

  • ishtastic

    Amy Ruth's is pretty good. I remember my first time there, we stood in line for about 45 minutes. While in line, I discovered the ladies standing behind us were from St. Louis (my hometown) and worked at AT&T w/my Mom. We finally got in the door and I saw it was merely a hole in the wall like any other hood joint w/good food. We sat smack in the middle of the dining area. I couldn't even start my meal b/c the baby was crying and I had to nurse him on the spot. As I'm nursing him, Jennifer Lewis walks in and smiles at us.

    B. Smith's is also good. When we lived in DC, we'd go there on special occasions.

    Miss Tootsies in Philly is THE BOMB! Girl, the sweet tea is off the chain.

    'till next time…

  • B

    Dwana—> I am now in my 2nd life. After eating chicken-on-a-stick, I died from happiness. They are SO good!

    Nikki—> Next stop—Manila!!

    Yinka—> Isn't it goooood? The cornbread was just like *moment of silence* kinda good! I'm with you, sis! We will both be emigrating.

    IndiasWorld—> I'll be back in September. Guess who I will be hitting up? LOL!

    PJD—> Seems like the locals don't do the things that us tourists find amazingly wonderful. Like 1/2 of yall have never been to the Statue of Liberty. That's like me living in Orlando and never going to Disney World. LOL!

    Adorepink—> I love the city during the holiday season. Macy's Day parade, ice skating at the Rockefeller Plaza, Macy's madness, I love it!

    Adrienne—> I am originally from Miami but don't live there now. I will actually be going there this and next weekend so I will email you!

    A—> Please do! I promise I won't be mad. :)

    IshTastic—> Girl, you sound like a global soul food spot finder. LOL! What do you think about Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in LA? Just ehhh to me. Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles in ATL, however, love it!! Sweet potato cheesecake=love!


    that thai food look soooooooo good. i love it so much.