Tweezers Anonymous

Hey Clump beauties… Its Tamar your resident try any product once type of gal! I’m bringing you my latest find. If you don’t check your local Marshalls for the discounted beauty products you really should. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised. Check it out….

I have entered a 12 step program for my addiction. No its not drugs or alcohol…. Its tweezing!

I don’t know how this started or when it became a problem but my brows look sparse and lonely for fullness and sophistication. A couple of weeks ago while checking the cosmetic department at Marshalls I found this…

It’s so cute and when I saw the brand Anastatia (eyebrow artist to the stars)I got excited! It claimed to save my brows from my plucking hands! Look at the case it comes in…

This kit includes stencils (to help you figure out your brow shape)

Brow comb and brush duo (for blending and maintaining) Brow powder for brunette and blond women and enhancing serum to fill in those spots that just wont grow….

Now the serum is something like clear mascara at first glance…

You apply it day and night after you cleanse your face. I’ve been using it faithfully for about 2 weeks. I can’t say that they are growing out but I can say that my brows seem full of life now.

In case you were wondering yes it did come with a list of 12 steps and my favorite is #3 I made a decision to turn my will to tweeze over to the care of tweezers anonymous. After research I found that this kit retails for 55.oo at Sephora. (I paid 29.99 at Marshalls)

So am I alone? Is there anyone else out there that is guilty of over plucking/waxing? If so what steps have you taken to correct your brows? Please share!


  • Gemma

    I wish I could tweeze my own brows! But unfortunately: I can’t make them look neat and even and secondly it hurts and tickles my nose!
    I have my eyebrows threaded every 2 weeks. It’s the lazy girls way.

  • Connie De Alwis

    your brows look great! Sephora totally overpriced the set! I used to have nasty looking brows until I started to get them shaped by professionals (Shu Uemura) and I maintain the shape by plucking :)

  • Miss Yaya

    thats a cute kit. i am definitely guilty of overplucking the ends of my brows but only twice – after that i decided better to underpluck than overpluck and overall i prefer waxing!

  • Lady C.

    This is exactly what I need! I had to take my mom to a brow specialist because of her over tweezing. I will definately be picking this up asap!

  • glamazini

    tweezers are my friends! O_O LOL!! seriously, i don’t tweeze the brows, just dumb facial hairs. i’d love to try the stencils though!

  • Anonymous

    I too used to overpluck. For me, it seemed like a nervous habit. All I can say is, Keep the tweezers out of your car!!! You’ll find brow hairs that you never knew existed in normal house light.
    So because I was overzealous with the tweezers when I was young, now I have to fill in sparse areas that just won’t grow back – major ugh! However, I do use Anastasia products and they are great; the brow pencil, the clear brow gel. They also have a magic marker kind of thing for filling in bare spots. It’s supposed to be a universal color, and I thought it was the holy grail, until I got to work and saw that half of my eyebrow was my normal dark brown/black color, and the other half was a wierd brown! Yikes!

  • antithesis

    im so happy for you because your brows look GREAT!!!!

  • Miss Pretty

    @anon I noticed that he brow powder for brunettes really doesnt work for me either.

    @miss yaya Waxing breaks me out bad!

    I have tried threading about twice I liked the results but its just not convient for me to go get them done.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    your brows look very nice.

  • Lola AM

    I get mine professionally waxed, but I still think this is a great kit to have simply for the stencils! I can’t stand plucking/tweezing…that is too painful for me! LOL

  • Blackberry Molasses/The Rebel Intellectual

    Seems like an amazing little kit. I fight with my crazy brows and normally get them threaded… but shaping is a challenge. I’ll look in Marshalls but I’m almost willing to buy it at Sephora. I’m desperate…

  • GS

    Honey you´re not alone, Hi my name is GS and I´m a pluck-a-holic, I can´t stop plucking, if I can´t find my tweezer I panic… like for real, as a result my brows are in such a pitiful state that I can´t attemp to be seen in public with my brows unfilled… they´re really sparse and I can´t put the tweezers away… I´ll have to go get me some rogaine and let my brows grow wild for the next four months. There I said it!.


    whattt! at marshall’s?? now way! that’s amazing. well you have nice brows girl. love them.

  • Mineral Cosmetics

    This seems like quite a wonderful collection of beauty tools compiled in a kit to get a pair of wonderfully shaped eyebrows. I think this is nice but I am not good at using tweezers. :)

  • lena

    omggggg i wish i was a plucker, period!!! i simply CANNOT bring myself to pluck, ever! i get them waxed and they grow out and i’m embrassed for a week because i’m looking like a guy with my man brows and then i go get them waxed again. it’s a vicious cycle but i’d rather that than endure the pain of plucking!

  • alliev

    i too overpluck =( i gave my tweezers to my mom and told her to hide them lol what makes it even worse is i'm a natural blonde so my brows are almost impossible to see now unless you are right next to my face lol =( woe is me!most brow products are too dark for me to use to fill them in…any suggestions?i would love you forever =)

  • Miss Pretty

    @alliev Shoot me an email so I can have your contact info. I will make it my duty to give you some suggestions girl!