A Surprise for Brittany… Happy 2yr Anniversary Sis!

Hey Clumps family! Tamar here and as you know this week is Anniversary week!! It was so important for me to do this post simply because I Love Brittany and ClumpsOfMascara soooo much! Have you ever met a person that you clicked with instantly? A person that is always willing to help you and not complain? Well I have met a few of those kind of people in my life and I must say Brittany is one of them!! Don’t you agree? I knew I wasn’t alone so I asked some of her blogging sisters to help me out to surprise her. CHECK OUT WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY….

“I love Brit for her charm, wit and go get it attitude. She’s a positive voice for America’s brown girl and I’m glad she’s a part of my life! Love ya sis! Keep up the awesome work!” -Kia, Yummy411

Brit is a blogger who clearly enjoys all that she has been able to do. She has already found her favorite mascara yet she still posts her “Mascara Monday” segment- that says so much about her! Brittany is friendly, real and considerate. I wish you continued success in all that you do!!!!!

Clumps of Mascara is one of my favorite beauty blogs. Brittany is a true inspiration with a beautiful spirit. I had the pleasure of meeting her back in March ’09 at The Makeup Show LA and it was like hanging out with an old girlfriend. I appreciate her fearless love of beautiful, funky makeup and bright, bold nailpolish! Happy Anniversary, B!!”
Milan Rouge Beauty Blog

The most important thing I can tell you is to STAY FEARLESS… We’re in the beautiful struggle right now but it’s all good :-)
Thanks again for the book- it was just what the doctor called for.

I totally love Brittany’s writing style and her PERSONALITY. She is the
Ms. Congeniality of bloggers! She always finds positive things to say
about people and their “beauty” style and she is an asset to the blogging
community. YAY CLUMPS of MASCARA!!!!
– Charu Suri

What do I love about Brit? What’s not to love? She’s intelligent, eloquent and kind-hearted not to mention gorgeous. She reached out to me when my own blog was just starting out and made me feel like I had a place in this massive blogosphere. She’s truly a kindred spirit, and a fellow mascara addict to boot! Happy Anniversary B!”~Jen
A Beautyful Sentiment

Congratulations Brittany on your 2-year anniversary of Clumps of Mascara!!! You are a true gem and extremely talented. I’m so glad to have you as one of my blogger friends. Keep up the good work and see you in the magazines soon! :-)
All the best,
Karla aka
Brown Girl Gumbo

“I love me some B. Brittany is one of the first beauty bloggers to reach out to me and give me encouragement and compliments when I first started my blog. She is one of the nicest people I know. She is very business savvy, a connector, determined, and creative. She is an excellent writer and I love her fresh approach to writing product reviews. Her blog is a must read everyday! “
“I had the pleasure to meet B in Atlanta and we hit it off instantly. I know we will be friends always! ‘
Happy Anniversary B!

Happy Birthday Clumps! We are so proud to have been with you these past two years and watch you grow. Now that you’re entering your terrible two’s, stay sassy and spunky because we all know that makes your mama Brittany the most happy! Cheers to another wonderful year and I can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays/anniversaries with you!
xoxo, Lilan Thedailycookie

“Brittany’s enthusiasm for all things beauty is contagious, and I absolutely love her energy. You definitely feel it reading her blog! A very special congratulations, to Brittany and “Clumps of Mascara”, on reaching the 2nd Anniversary! I’m looking forward to many, many more!”
Best, Kitiya

“I love how real Brittany keeps it on Clumps of Mascara. Her mascara reviews are always on point! But aside from maintain a wickedly awesome blog, she has an amazing personality. I’ve never met someone who was willing to help you- even if she didn’t know you personally. I’m honored I can call her a friend.” Eileen Misswhoeveryouare.com

I love Brittany. She was my very first blogger friend and helped me a lot. She had words of wisdom about jealous beauty bloggers and she let me be a guest editor for a post when I was just starting out. She’s so funny and caring and I’m glad she is a friend of mine. – Jaimie, Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

Brittany has such a beautiful spirit and it shows in her blog as well as the emails we have been exchanging these past few months. As a fellow beauty blogger, she wants everyone to shine and Clumps of Mascara to be a place of love, compassion and friendship.
I have learned so much from her and mostly Clumps of Mascara has taught me that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but within ourselves. Thank you Brittany!
Amina S.

Now what do you love about Brittany? What tips or tricks have you learned by reading ClumpsOfMascara? Leave a comment and let Brittany know!

By the way to everyone that participated I want to say thank you so much for taking the time out to give some kind words and make this surprise a success!

  • Miss Yaya

    I love Miss B, and though I couldn't get my love in on time, that doesn't mean I don't have it! :) happy 2yrs brit!

  • Caramel Diva

    I love that Brit really loves what she does.I like her consistency, she updates her blog all week. I like that she incorporates her family into her posts. I like that she is a college graduate. I like that she is a good role model for girls.

  • Her Royal Poshness

    The love I received from B when I was alone in unfamiliar territory at the make-up show is beyond words. She had never met me but made me her personal responsibility. I wish the world were full of more Bees!
    I love COM, I read it every day. It's very absorbing and is one of the few blogs that will make you proud to be you, in your own skin. Happy 2 years to COM!

    Stay beautiful…

  • Connie De Alwis

    This is a wonderfully sweet post

    Gotta love a girl who isn't afraid of colors! I love B for all the colors that she so daringly yet so spectacularly wear.

    She's sweet, fun and makes green smoothies sound oh-so-delicious.

    Happy Anniversary, Clumps of Mascara!

  • Tammy M

    Omigoodness, where do you start??? Sorry I couldn't get an email out on time…but my love for Brit is endless…
    Her blog was one of the first I ever read and really inspired me to start my own blog… she is fearless and honest and I love her to pieces!!!

  • Anonymous

    I came across COM by complete accident one day and sent her an email re: how to become a blogger. Her response was " I could write a book; however, we should sit down." She took time out of her day to meet me at the MAKEUP Show and shared her advise. She was so amazing to meet in person. So helpful, with a good spirit. I am blessed to have met her, and wish her all the success she wants..

    Congratulations on your 2 year Anniversary. Here's wishing you many more.

    Shawntae – SMILESMUA

  • adorepink

    Happy Anniversary! All that was said about B was absolutely true. She is so friendly and helpful. She was my first blogger friend. When I started my blog and sent out emails for help, she was among the few who responded and definelty the one who felt the most geninue in her helpful response. The website is amazing and I can feel/see her passion for beauty all over the place. I wish her much more success with COM and her life journey.

  • Amina

    happy anniversary!! I see COM going far in the near future, magazines, radio shows,sky is the limit.much love!

  • trofie

    I also would like to take a moment to say congratulations to Ms. Brit on having a fantastic website! i had the honor or meeting Brittany last month during her stay into NYC. She is a great girl with a great personality. I discovered Clumps a few months ago while surfing across the net. Chile, i had no idea we girls were sharing so much information on the net regarding makeup for women of color. I was too busy online shopping for fashion. Brittany's site was my "first" and I am so pleased that modern technology has assisted us with loving each other on a DAILY basis. I would have never met Brittany if it had not been for this technology. Sidebar, i lost my cat since meeting Brittany. My cat Joe Black was practically my child and it tore me to the core. Brittany wrote me every day to see how i was doing without fail.

    sidebar: brittany had previously told me she did not like cats but this did not stop her from helping me get through the rough time of grief.

    I wish Brittany the best in all she does as she has not even begun to tap into all the beautiful things life has in store for her. It is my hope that our eyes lock years from now when i visit the "superstar" making an appearance in NYC. I hope she remembers me…you know how our head can get big right?

    lots of love…jasmin


    Yay B! I'm so excited for your two year anniversary! Congratulations on keeping this blog strong!

    I love B's blog. She is the first person to ever convince me to start a blog and youtube channel. I asked her for advice and she gave me quick and helpful advice. I've known her since the day I started all this and I have her to thank for pushing me.

    So thanks B for always accepting everyone into the blog family, especially me.

    My favorite series on this blog is probably sista-show off and mascara Mondays. Like her, I too have been inspired to start series on my blog.

    Congrats again B!

  • Beauté Noire

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    I'll resist the urge to sing "Anniversary" by Tony Toni Tone, but I do want to say congrats on reaching such a milestone!

    I appreciate your warm response to my email query a month or so ago. There aren't too many bloggers out there who are willing to help a newbie, but you didn't hesitate!

    I wish you much continued success and many more anniversaries to come!!


  • Afrobella

    It takes stamina and determination and creativity to make a blog successful, and Brittany has all that and then some! Clumps of Mascara is one of my favorite beauty blogs, I always know I can click here for informed, funny, intelligent insight on beauty. Brittany is also a generous spirit and a supportive, great person to know online. Congrats on your 2nd bloggerversary, and here's to continued success for Clumps of Mascara!!

    Big hugs and respect!

  • Pumps and Gloss

    I love your blog! Great mascara reviews and other beauty reviews. You have a wonderful personality which really is apparent in your writing. You are an intelligent and fabulous young woman. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I know all your dreams will come true!

  • Danielle

    I've never personally met B, nor am I a blogger, but I visit this site several times a day because I enjoy reading it so much! The posts are always so happy, fun, informative, and inspiring. It is also particularly interesting to me to read because I am Chinese American and I enjoy reading the empowering stories of a woman of color. I also really enjoy her Loc Rocker blog! You can just tell that Brittany is a wonderfully secure and confident woman who serves as a great role model for other women. She's also always been kind enough to answer every email that I've sent. Keep up the good work!

  • Ms. Aja B.

    Brittany is a young woman whose creativity & passion I admire so much! I learn so much from coming to her blog all the time, and she has truly helped me perfect both my "everyday" look and my "going out on the town Diva" look!

    I see so many wonderful things ahead for Clumps of Mascara, and I look forward to reading Brittany's name in some big time publication in the future as Beauty Editor (or…maybe even Editor in Chief of her own glossy beauty mag!)Where Brittany goes is only limited by what Brittany wants for herself–and I don't see her not stepping up to any challenge given to her.

    Congrats on 2 years, and blessings for many more, B!

    Peace & Love,
    Ms. Aja B.
    Belle-Noir Mag

  • adriene

    WooHoo!!! Party like it's 1999! (ok maybe I'm the only one who likes ol' skool Prince.)

    Happy 2 years (and many more)!

    When I started reading COM, I was very impressed with the fact that Brit is very down to Earth. From the post I read, I felt like I'd known her for quite sometime. I also love the fact that she is soo comfortable with COM readers that she'll even show us some of the mistakes she's made from time to time (smokey eye attempts). Now, who do you know that will post photos of some of their (makeup) mistakes? …I gotta thank her though, cause I (too) can now "rock" a smokey eye!

    Thanks B :-)
    congrats on 2 years!
    Keep doing watcha do Beautiful!

  • eyesoarr

    you are beyond rad-fab, and so stunning!

    Miss B, i can honestly say youve helped me to appreciate makeup a little more.

    may whatever deity you believe in bless you (L)


  • Laura

    B, you are an incredible soul. You are so uplifting and you're the type of person who smiles when it rains and laughs during thunderstorms. I love watching your vids, girl!

  • BVB

    Hey Brittany!

    I just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate everything that you have done for me and still continue to do for me! I know that if I need some advice or if I have questions, I can turn to you! So happy 2 year anniversary! I hope COM continues to take the beauty blogging world by storm! :)

  • Mia

    Congrats on hitting the 2 year mark! Keep up the fantastic work!
    I'm so glad that when I was googling for information on urban decay's primer potion and I landed on your blog. I've been a regular reader from then on :)

  • izumi

    i love how SPUNKY and FULL OF LIFE she is.. i had a chance to win one of her giveaways and it was pretty fabulous, definitely stuff i'd use over and over. i emailed her to thank her and she was just SO much FUN! i ended up sending her a thank you love pack just for being so awesome.

  • Witty

    I am not a blogger but I read COM multiple times a day. I find B's take on cosmetics and the life around cosmetics very refreshing and down to earth. Many congratulations on COM's 2nd birthday! I can't wait to see where it goes next. B, you are truly an inspiration to all of us. Best of luck and thank you for all you do for all of us. I, we, truly appreciate it!

  • Danyelle

    Well even though Brittany and I go waaaayyyy back, lol, I did not realize what a beautiful young lady she had become, until about a year ago! I love her encouragement, hospitality, tenacity, and sense of humor. Clumps of Mascara has taught me that it is okay to make mistakes, because thats the only way we can grow, make progress, and become better…self proclaimed MUA's, in this case, lol.

    Happy Anniversary Clumps! And congrats B, I expect many more great things from you

  • Lish

    I love B!

    she is so sweet and down to earth. What I love the most is that she spends alot of time keeping in contact with the clumps family. I email her a few times a month.

    She also gives real testimonials on the products that she is showcasing. B will tell it like it is. So what if it's MAC if it sucks B will tell you so lol.


  • B

    Ya'll are wrong for makin' me cry like this. And I'm not even wearing waterproof mascara.


    No really, I'm not.

    I hope ya'll know that the Clumps of Mascara family and beyond is truly my sanity. Without this blog and the people associated with….I don't know what I would do. And I truly mean that. Thank you all for giving me purpose. If I don't do any thing else in life, I want to have a purpose. A reason to wake up. A reason to smile. And a reason to keep doing what I'm doing. Clumps has been that for me. I thank God for each and every one of you. Personal thank you's via phone, email, text, Blackberry Messenger and video coming soon.


  • Lavendar

    Congratulations Brittany and COM! I have been an avid reader since I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and I enjoy every post. Your lovely spirit and creativity definitely shines through every entry. Thanks for making the world a better place for Brown Beauties. Many Blessings!

  • ShanSoPink

    Brit is definitely like a big sister to me, she is always there to help when I have a question or need any help. I love her attitude about everything she is so real! There no fake or fluff about her gotta love that! CoM has become soo popular and she still keeps her down to earth attitude. I wish her much success! I love you sis!

  • Shari

    Congratulations on mantaining a phenomenal blog Ms. Brittany! You are truly amazing and genuinely care about your readers. Thank you for all your hard work & I wish you much success in the future.

  • Toya

    I'm sorry that I didn't manage to participate in this anniversary showing of love, but I can sure comment here!

    What I love is Brittany's enthusiasm for all things makeup, but most of all, her enthusiasm for us brown girls! I love that she wears the bright, fabulous colors that look so wonderful on our brown skin. I love that she is unashamed to try something new, to experiment with makeup, that she understands that makeup is FUN and not to be taken seriously!

    Brittany, girl – you rock, Mama! Congratulations!