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Time to introduce you to different brand of nail polish! One of the joys of being a blogger is discovering companies that I would have never known about had I not been a blogger. Seriously….the average consumer knows only what is in stores or what is talked about. BB Couture for Nails may not be familiar to all nail polish fans YET….but honey, they should be. This is one brand of polishes that has my heart. And my money!

BB Couture for Nails (like most if not ALL of the nail polishes I wear) do not contain toluene,formaldehyde and DBP free.They are also 4-in-1 polishes.

“Uh? What?..please explain, B”

Okay, lemme break it down. While the average polish would usually need a base and top coat, BB Couture for Nails polishes have the base coat, top coat, nail color AND nail strengthener in one. Ain’t that fly?

I played around with a few of the colors…

Tangerine Scream

I reallllly love orange polishes. But I ohmigoodness wow-oh-wow REALLY love orange cream polishes. How stunning is that? It’s perfect. It’s loud. It’s for summer and it looks like a tangerine and 40 watt bulb had a baby. And named her Tangerine Scream.


You know what I mean….hehehe.

Poison Ivy

This is hands down the BEST green that I own. No, I’m serious….and I own some good greens. See?

Poison Ivy is just…perfection. It is pleasing to the eye and compliments my nails something serious. If the Wicked Witch of the West wore nail polish….she would probably rock this.

Dragon’s Breath

You have to enlarge this picture to see the dimensions of this color. Without the red/purple/blue sparkles it would be a boring berry with no personality. BUT, the sparkles make it pop and gives it a serious attitude. The only thing that I don’t like about this polish is that it is pretty tough to remove. But what do you expect from glitters?

Sea of Cortez

This color is in my Top 5 favorite blues stash. How beautiful is it? It reminds me of the waters of Oahu, Hawaii. The silver flecks are just….I mean, wow. Look at them! I have never seen a bue like this before. It is truly one of a kind!

Application of BB Couture for Nails polishes are good. I find that they are a little on the thick side. I had to add some thinner to most. Each are two coats except Dragon’s Breath which was a little streaky. I can not WAIT to order some more BB Couture polishes. They have so many! And for all polish people. For the conservative work go-er (that’s me) and the rockstar on the weekends (that’s me too!). I do wish that they were a little cheaper. $9.95 a polish is a little rich for me. Also, I wish their website was a little more detailed with HOW the polishes look. Blocks of color? Not so much!

Still a brand worth checking out. Click here to visit the site!

Have you tried any polishes from BB Couture for Nails?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

ETA: BB Couture for Nails are also available at Some are even discounted. Click here to visit. Thanks Lucy!

  • Girlfriend

    I am a total green lover so I love the Poison Ivy of course but I really love the Tangerine Scream and I can't forget about the Sea of Cortez..btw I love the names of each color very creative

  • Miss Yaya

    I love tangerine scream and poison ivy. I have never true this brand either and mostly it has to do with the price. I like more quantity with quality for my worked to death dollar dollar bills lol.

    And it's ok B… I was into that bulb… Baby making theory :)

  • Miss Yaya

    P.s you haven't found a site that sells themfor cheaper like they have for essie and OPI have you?

  • Askmewhats

    the shades are out of this world!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!! Tangerine scream is my fave!!!

  • Missy

    Ohhhh….I LOVE the Sea of Cortez and Tangerine Scream!!!

  • Lucy

    I love BB Couture Polish. It is the best. I really think the price isn't that bad for this reason: You don't have to apply a basecoat or a topcoat. That saves you money right there. They are very glossy polishes. The shades are amazing. I own every green they make. Poison Ivy is hands down my favorite green. The good part is that you should order from They carry many other products but they have all the BB Couture Polishes. They have some on sale for $7.00. There are also $8 and $9 polishes. Kim who is the owner is a wonderful person. She has excellent customer service. She emails you back personally. The orders ship out fast also. I don't work for the company. I just love the polish and They also have some fabulous sales. I will definitely have to order Tangerine Scream. Love that!

  • B

    Girlfriend—> I forgot to mention that in the post. The names are super creative. I love that!

    Miss Yaya—> Here here! *clinks wine glass of water* And I knew you'd be there with me on that joke.

    Nikki—> And they ship International, as well!!

    Missy—> I knowww, aren't they beautiful?

    Lucy—> Thank you so much for the info. I have added it to the post. And you're right….when you consider that you're kidding a 4-in-1, you ARE indeed saving money.

  • Andrea

    WOW!! I love the Tangerine Scream & Poison Ivy..The colors are stunning!! 4-in-1 is ALWAYS flyyy!!
    –Great post(as always B.)!

  • Kim @ The HLMN

    I LOVE discovering new brands! That orange creme color is to die for! Your polish posts are incredible!

  • Brooke

    I just recently tried some of these and I was impressed with them. They really have some interesting colors too.

    They are also a company that actually listens to nail polish freaks like myself – which is hard to find these days.

    Gotta say you rocked the hell outta the orange one though!

  • kukaberry

    Awww So cute! I still don't have a orange! …or green lol.

  • yummy411

    i love them all esp the orange =)

  • Tysh

    That orange is just lovely, and your nails you know what I always tell you. LOL

  • NaturallyAlise

    That Tangerine dream is giving me life,ya hear me? LIFE!!! Orange polishes make me happy too, i do some sort of orange in some kind of way every week… (i am a polish diva too!)

  • I absolutely love my BB Couture “Grenade”, from their men’s line. This was actually the second bottle of polish I ever bought, back when I was still feeling a little insecure about wearing polish, and I wanted to be able to say “This ones OK, it says “For Men” right on the bottle!”

    If you ladies have men who – like me – have to wear steel-toe boots for work, and whose toenails are destroyed by marinating in the boots all day…. remind them that cars are painted MAINLY for protection from a hostile environment. (DeLoreans.. stainless steel.. needed no protection.. were sold without paint…) Get a bottle of “Grenade” or “Dinner Jacket”, and suggest that a “Men’s polish” would protect their toes, helping prevent fungus and decay while making their feet much less repulsive to you!

    Nail polish is JUST PAINT – it’s as “feminine” as tattoos are “masculine” (I mean, not at all…) – and there’s no reason for anyone to avoid it.