Amor de Lacquer: Man Glaze polishes

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Guess what’s in the hoooouse?

Matte polishes, yo!! They are poppin’ up everywhere. Seriously…..brands like Nubar, Zoya, Essie, and O.P.I. are all launching matte nail polish collections this year. I’m excited!!

And here’s the thing about matte nail polishes: you either like them or you don’t. It’s that simple. That have ZERO shine and are great for a nice edgy look. While they do have their issues, I find that the look is well worth it.

Matte nail polishes aren’t THAT innovative. I remember Maybelline launching them back when I was in middle school circa 1997. It was a super sheer purple that dried to a matte finish. I LOVED it.

Man Glaze polishes are big free polishes that were created for—men. Yep, guys. Fellas. Dudes. But who says us ladies can’t rock them?

The names are so man-ly. LOL!!

Death Tar-(my description)-a matte black with hidden silver shimmer
Fuggen Ugly-(my description)-dark concrete with a silver shimmer

First up is Death Tar with flash…

I kinda dig it! But look how it looks without flash.

I think my tweeted photo shows the matte-ness in all of its matte-y essence!

I REALLY love The Death Tar. I have always been a fan of black polish but I love it even more without the shine. Application was a bit tricky though. If you zoom in on the photos, you’ll see a few specks that popped up under the polish. But it didn’t bother me simply because The Death Tar dries in a minute flat. 2 coats is good!

Now for Fuggen Ugly WITH flash….

….and without:

I love how this color looks on but I HATED the application. And I hated how it chipped within an hour of me wearing it. No bueno. The application was streaky and around the second coat, I found that it would drag….making for unevenness. But I still love the color nonetheless. I’m just too lazy to tweak it and make it work. I want it to already be perfect. LOL!

Sooooo, overall….I like Man Glaze. I am in love with The Death Tar and only “like” Fuggen Ugly. I think both are worth a buy if you are trying ease your way into matte polishes. They are $6.66 each and shipping was fast. You can get them here.

Whatcha think? A fan of matte polishes or not so much?

I will be reviewing a great deal of matte polishes in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • izumi

    huhhh i've been seeing lots of matte polishes. heard they eat at your nail though? or at least one brand did :< forget which one. wasn't man glaze though. and how can it chip w/in the hour.. guys definitely are less careful with their nails than we are! ahhaa. but then again i don't know about guys who would wear nailpolish.. maybe more careful..

  • Askmewhats

    wow matte black! never seen them down here, but girl girl girl! Looks fierce on you!!!! Fuggin' Ugly looks great too bad it chipped so fast!!

  • Crissy

    i really love the way The Death Tar looks!

  • Vicki

    Oh man, I would love Essie's neon collection, in perky purple – EXCEPT it flakes and chips off my nails immediately. I'm lucky if I can go 4 hours without it starting to come off. The color is great, but the formula is awful. Hopefully the other matte formulas you try are better!

  • Andrea

    Hey Clumps,thanks for the GREAT reviews!!
    I really like the 'Fuggen Ugly' on you. I think that I would like a matte finish only in certain colors(definately not the 'Death Tar'). In my opinion,darker colors seem to look better in high lacquer. I wear MAC's 'Nocturnelle'(black) & Chanel's 'Blue Satin' and the high gloss makes my nails look sleek & salon perfect.
    –Something about high gloss I guess ;->

  • ~J

    The new matte polishes from Zoya and OPI have very specific application instructions such as no base coat. Orly has a top coat that will matte polish that has been out forever. Essie is releasing a mattifying top coat soon as well. That way any polish you want cane be matte.

    ~Jenn the nailtech :-)

  • B

    Izumi—> They eat your nails? Giiiirl!! That sounds scary! I haven't heard that but best believe if I polish ever did that to me…TRASH! I tried to get Clumps' guy editor to try out Man Glaze and he wasn't havin' it. LOL!

    Nikki—> I would love to see you do some matte nail polish looks!

    Crissy—> Thanks darling!

    Vicki—> Oh yeah, I forgot that Perky Purple was a matte! I always through a top coat over it but it's not so bad matte either. And I co-sign on the staying power. For some reason I have that issue with a lot of Essie's polishes. :(

    Andrea—> You're a high shine girl, I'm a cream in any shade girl. We should run together in the sunset. Hahaaaa!

    J—> Oh my resident nail tech, how I love thee. Thanks for all of the informative info. I think I may get that Orly top coat!

  • glamazini

    OMG you're killing me over here! I so heart those colors but can't deal with the sucky application and potential of immediate chippage. waaaaaa :*(

  • Marc PaEZ

    Hey great pics! This is Marc from ManGlaze INK. A friend tipped me off to your blog. Thanks for the review! We've always gotten praise for our application and durability. I'm no expert 😀 but we've found that no base coat and letting it go on kinda thick (not squishing the brush) works best. Usually any brush strokes that seem to be there will disappear once the stuff settles down. Lemme know if this helps. Stay Klassy. E.Z.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I am leaning to the not, I love shinny nail polish so that it looks wet


  • Miss Yaya

    I'm excited about this matte top coat I am hearing about – and I love these matte colors. Don't remember any matte Maybellines but you know what? When I was younger I was rocking crazy colors then too.

  • Girlfriend

    I agree with Crissy The Death Tar would be my choice