Amor de Lacquer: What The Polish Addict Says…

Got another tip from one of my favorite nail polishes bloggers!!

Stephanie from The Polish Addict

“Different base coats work differently for different people but a good base coat makes a world of difference in terms of wear time, prevention of yellowing, and some even help to make difficult to apply polishes easier to apply. My personal favorites right now are Barielle Camouflage and Zoya.”

Visit Stephanie’s blog here. Stay tuned for nail care tips from the ladies in the nail blogosphere.

Polish Pretty,

  • Kiarah C. W.

    Stephanie's blog link doesn't work for me

  • Miss Yaya

    I find that no matter what company it is, so long as I apply a clear coat I am less likely to have my nails break or get an urge to slice and dice my nails with my other nails.