Beauty….and the Male: African Heritage Products for Men review


By popular demand, I will be doing some product reviews of items that I have sampled. As a former teacher, I will be handing out grades and giving you the reason for the grade. Without further ado, let’s get it started HA…let’s get it started in here….

Company: Ikhala
Products: Face and Body products designed for men of African heritage
Price: $12-$18 per tube
How to get it:

Body Wash: F
Not a great smell, didn’t make me even feel clean. Definitely not for anyone who wants that all over feeling of clean. I felt like I needed to keep showering! As you can see from the photo, I didn’t even use the whole tube…can I GIVE this stuff away?

Face Wash: C
Nothing special about this; bottle leaked in my shower; not something that I would use daily. Very watery which means more ends up on your shower floor than on your face.

Shave Cream: D
Nothing special here either; kinda messy and watery and dries out quickly if you let it sit for 5 seconds. Seemed to work just fine with my razor but didn’t live up to the hype. I still prefer a heavy cream when shaving my head. Shaving your face for Black men is a whole column in itself. Coming soon!

Moisturizing Cream: B
Now this is what I am talking about! I was impressed with the lightness of this cream. It was not oily and left my skin still feeling clean but also moisturized my face. I actually put down my normal cream and began using this regularly.

Face Scrub: B+
Finally! They hit it on the head with this scrub for your face. Really felt like it was exfoliating my skin but also moisturizing it. Even felt great on my head after shaving it. This product along with the moisturizing cream are the two things that I ran out of. I would actually purchase these products again.

Summary: C-
Love the concept of a product for men of African Heritage. I wanted to like this product! I really did! Men of African heritage certainly have special challenges with razor bumps and dry skin and other issues. This product could have been improved with two things–a better marketing plan and Also, this might have been more attractive in better containers that don’t leak! All in all, love the concept but the Ikahla is not the answer to what you’ve been waiting for! I’ll let you know when I’m ready to drop “PRODUCT BY PRATT”!!

KP’s says, “BOOKMARK IT”!

Check out this site for a LOT of great information on products and what works. I found the community forum particularly great because you get responses from real guys, just like you and me, discussing male grooming. BOOKMARK IT!!

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  • Miss Yaya

    I'm still laughing over "I felt like I needed to keep showering."

    I don't know if I've ever found a line that all together as a line consistently worked for a male…

    Great review!

  • Her Royal Poshness

    lol! you are so funny. Its good to get some male input. Nice review

    HRP loves it :)

  • Michelle

    Great review!!! It's nice to see a black man reviewing products for a change…

  • Anonymous

    I'm gonna start bullying my brother into behaving more like you 😉
    he could do with the shaving post too, he keeps getting bumps!

  • Connie De Alwis

    very good review! Keep it up 😀 I like your approach