Beauty Bee-haviors: MAC Style Warrior collection

| June 3, 2009 | 20 Comments

Welcome to another post from the Beauty Bee-haviors series. In this series we have open discussions about any and everything in the beauty world.

This time last year I was still obsessed with MAC Cosmetics. I would run to the store the minute collections were released. I would save all of my pennies to buy products just for packaging-sake. I have been showing love to other make-up brands in the past year or so MAC doesn’t get so much of my attention. But this new Style Warrior collection is absolutely beautiful!

Have you seen it?

Giiirl, I just want to grab every bit of it. But I haven’t yet. I’ve depleted my funds for the month AND I have similar colors, but I can’t deny how beautiful the packaging is.

So riddle me this….

Did you haul anything from MAC’s Style
Warriors Collection?

If so, what? Any must-haves? Tell me!

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  1. Miss Pretty says:

    I purchased the bright future eyeshadow. Its bright and beautiful!

  2. Tammy M says:

    As much as I LOVE the fabulous packaging, I learned a lesson not to let the packaging pull me in…with the Hello Kitty collection.
    The colors are nice, but I already have similar shades…

  3. Rai says:

    I just got the Tempting eyeshadow.
    I liked the packaging. lol

  4. ...ALLmEYEne... says:

    I'm not a brand specific person and I give other brands a shot but I'm just addicted to make-up. Here my list:

    - Lustre Drops, Lustre Drops, Lustre Drops…I bought 3 of 'em.
    - Style Warrior l/g
    - Vibrant Grape

    Everything else I was able to walk away from b/c i either have it or have somethign similar.

  5. Miss Yaya says:

    i'm trying to keep myself from doing it BUT the solar flecks are amazing and i love the shadows… we'll see

  6. Chanel says:

    I got all of the lipsticks…I heard the luster drops are great, but they were out :-(

  7. Preya says:

    It definitley is a very Women of Colour friendly collection! I want to try out Brave New Bronze, the Luster drops, and maybe Gold Rebel Lipglass.

  8. Mama Mish Mash says:

    My must-haves for the collection were Bright Future e/s, On A Mission blush, Purple Rite lipstick, and the Sun Rush lustre drops…I love the Mercenary nail polish, but don't want to shell out the dinero…


    i didn't love anything but bright future e/s which i didn't even get. i have eversun bpb and its beautiful! i bought it when the beauty powder blushes came out last year.

  10. Kimboo says:

    I got 2 lipsticks, 3 lipglass, 2 eyeshadow, 2 nail polish and a bronze. Might get On a Mission blush and 1 of the drops. Purple Rite is a must have lip stick.

  11. Kimboo says:

    Do anyone know where I can buy those earrings the model have on in the ad?

  12. Dwana says:

    Vibrant Grape & Bright Future had a horrible payoff. If you want those colors as they look in the package you're better off sticking to L'Oreal HIP Flamboyant.

    The lipglasses are pretty good.

    @Kimboo these earrings are pretty dope. Good taste, Diva.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I got the solar bits. There is a bronze color that is amazing. It's so bright and it stays on for ages. I really like the collection because I feel like it is good for all, but exceptional on women of color.

  14. Patty says:

    I was GOING to get Brave New Bronze lipstick, but it made me look dead. Oh well, that's money I didn't spend!

  15. Danyelle says:

    I bought the lustre drops in Bronze Hero, which I think is the only must have because healthy glowing/bronzy skin is always a good look.

  16. SchalaKid says:

    I had to cop the Bright Future es and the Gold Rebel lg. ALLLMOST scooped up the Vibrant Grape, but I decided not to at the last moment so that I could save pennies for the Naked Honey collection coming out next week. Pollinator es and Queen Bee lg will be MINE!!!!!!!

  17. Dark And Lovely says:

    I bought one of the solar bits (can't remember the name offhand). It's very glittery and have to apply with your finger. I also bought a lipglass (the purple looking one which I luv and I also bought my first lipstick from MAC (chintz) which goes perfect with the lipglass. I plan on buying the lustre drops and bright future (lolz the only name I can remember). I couldn't wait for the collection to come out and so far sooo good :)

  18. Anonymous says:

    I bought the e/s in tempting, although I must own a zillion other colors just like it. I also picked up the solar bits in impassioned. I thought this was going to be a nice sheer wash of bronze, but to my (delighted) surprise, the texture is really quite unique! There's these tiny pearl-like pieces that seem to "pop" when applying, giving awesome color payoff. Dark And Lovely is right – this is best applied with a finger.
    The e/s I could probably have done without, but I'm really glad i picked up the solar bits.

  19. yummy411 says:

    i got a couple of things, but i want more even though i have a few similar items already. the packaging isn't as striking to me anymore. i still love the solid color compacts in its pearly goodness!

  20. Anonymous says:

    those earrings are made by Melody Eshani

    heres a link to her myspace..and a pic of someone wearing them…

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