Beauty Review: Ms. Pedicure’s The Foot Spahh!


Don’t tell me you don’t say this when you soak your tired feet.

Please tell me you soak your feet. Giiiirl, my feet not only love the pampering but they need it. My obsession with feet care has hit another level with this darling little Ms. Pedicure Foot Spahh set.

In this little set you get:
-a Pumice stone
-6 oz exfoliating foot scrub
-6 oz moisture-rich foot lotion
-2 oz invigorating foot and leg rub

And it all comes in reusable tote bag–which makes it easy to transport the feet goodies while traveling. I decided to give the set a little swirl one weekend.

First I soaked my feets in a Dr. Scholl’s foot spa.

Don’t have one of these? A tub of warm water works just fine.

I grabbed the pumice stone and foot scrub and hit the feets. Because I love y’all, I will spare pictures of zee toes. Don’t get me wrong, they are fly and all but um, yeahhh….lol.

The scrub feels good!!

It has a nice clean smell and instead of giving me a streaky clean, it left my feet nice and soft.

And then there is the lotion which is equally wonderful.

It slathers on nice and smooth with no stickiness or greasiness.

Now the leg rub…hmmm, not too sure about that.

It feels like a serum and takes forever to dry. It doesn’t smell as pretty as the scrub and lotion and I didn’t find much use for it.

And the massager, as cute as it is….is probably more fun if someone else was doing it for you.

Of course I had to pull out my tools and do the rest of the pedi-work.

Overall, I like The Foot Spahh! My feet really do feel revitalized and refreshed. Not bad for $12.99. A lot cheaper than going to a salon.

What do you think? Would you invest in a Ms. Pedicure Foot Spahh?

You can find them where-ever Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure products are sold.

Because yo feet need a break too,

  • Amina

    Where can I get the foot spa?
    I want one too!!

  • izumi

    sounds interesting.. traveling!! how fun :)

  • Lady C.

    this is a cute gift idea!

  • Askmewhats

    I love foot spa too! it’s very relaxing and it’s nice to come out with really soft and clean feet :)

  • Connie De Alwis

    such a cute kit! pedicurists will hate my feet. I neglect them and they look like it too. A complete mess

  • Product Junkie Diva

    you make me want to pull out my spa kit.
    Enjoy your vacay.

  • Miss Yaya

    i need that foot spa… now