Beauty Review: Q-Tips Vanity Packs

Okay fam….guess what this is,

Don’t scroll.

Not yet.

Not yeeeet

Did you guess what it was?

Giiiiirl, I bet you didn’t think it was this!

How cute is that? Q-tips are now housed in these darling little vanity packs. I loooove Q-Tips. I practically grew up on these things.

And I’m not even going to front…..I used them for my ears. BUT, you’re not supposed to. You can do some damage to the ear canal stuffing a Q-Tip up in there so….

Big no-no to that. But there are so many other wonderful things Q-tips can be used for.


Smudging the eyeliner….

-Cleaning up mascara mess-ups…

-Spot treating pimples. Unfortunately, I have to do this EVERY day.

Aaaand, this may just be me but I use Q-Tips dipped in Seabreeze to cleanse the itchy areas of my scalp in between washings.

Yep. I’m givin‘ you the “I should be embarrassed about doing this but I’m not” look. LOL!

So I do hope you have some Q-tips in your beauty arsenal. They are multi-purpose, efficient and uhh…cheap. This vanity pack is only going to cost you $3.19. And I will definitely be re-using that darling little box. The greenie in me wants to grow a plant in it.

Yeah mon!

You can sang these where-ever Q-tips products are sold.

What do you think?

A Q-Tips fan?

  • tamar

    I love these little things! They are my go to for almost EVERYTHING! I even clean off my phone screen with them.

  • Miss Pretty

    Oh yeah I'm guilty of using them yo clean out my ears too!

  • Natalie

    I just got a Q-tip container at the 99cent store. Its clear and has two levels the bottom for cotton balls/cotton rounds and top for Q-tips. This is way cuter tho!

  • Miss Yaya

    I use them to clear up makeup mistakes and to fix my uber thick liner mishaps. And to clear up booboos with nail polish. And to clean my Konad. And to clean my ears (look- there's just nothing that does it better!). And sometimes to clean the back of depotted shadows. And to swatch makeup. And …. you get it right?

    lol @ all the crazy photos – that sure is Brit for ya

  • Beautybooty

    Fabulous review!


  • LovelyBella73

    I love your funny photos and I love Q-tips!!

    Have a great day, sis!

  • Amina

    I had no idea you were not supposed to use them to clean your what do you use for that purpose?
    i am also a q tip gal!

  • Girlfriend

    I love the box (very cute)…I use Q-tips to clean my kids noses (sorry if this sounds gross) but they are little ones and they need help with that issue…

  • Dao

    Haha, you're so funny! Love this post!

  • Alicia @ Chronicles of a Busy Mind

    I pink fluffy heart Q-tips, I do use them for my ears and other things also. I have this ear thing. but these cute little packs are a must have for me! I don't get people that do not keep Q-tips in their homes. That is just CRAZY to me.

  • Milan Angel

    I Lurves me some q-tips. Cute new packaging! Can I just say that your locs are looking soooo pretty!

  • beautylogicblog

    Yes I clean out my ears with them and put alcohol on them as well when i do that. not good at all.

  • Andrea

    I'm not embarrassed to say that I CANNOT live w/o my darling little q-tips(LOL!) I definitely need a cute vanity pack to house them in. Great review!
    Clumps,you are hilarious!!
    –I'm still laughing:):):)
    **Cute locs!

  • D.B.

    I love Q-Tips! They're absolutely great, for anything. I find it absolutely weird that they aren't really used for ears, because that's all anyone really uses them for (cept me) XD Cute packaging.

    The locs are great too! Really starting to grow.

  • adorepink

    I've used them to fix makeup mistakes but I'm guilty of using them in my ears too. oops.

  • advicesister Alison

    Thatis a great review of a product we all take for granted!

  • B

    Thanks for the love, fam! *hugs* Q-tips make the world go 'round!

  • diskogal

    Oh I totally use them on my ears too, hehe. I just do it as carefully as I can! 'Cause I have heard a couple of ear-realted q-tip horror real life stories to be honest (you don't wanna know…) :/

  • Jean

    That is the best review I have seen in awhile! Thanks for all the info and a fun way to read it.

  • Hair On The Brain

    ha-ha! Wow. I had no idea how to review these. Very cute. Way to go! :)

  • Krista

    Very creative review. Love the pics. You are too cute!